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Okay I admit it – I should have learned about social bookmarking a long time ago. But well.. better late then never right? Okay if you don’t know anything about Social Bookmarking take some coffee and get ready.


What is this social bookmarking
Well in short – social bookmarking is the exercise of saving your favorites of public websites  and tagging them with keywords. When we talk about bookmarking on the other hand, it is the exercise of keeping the address of a website you wanna visit later on – on your computer.

When you create a collection of social bookmarks, you register with a community bookmarking website, which lets you store your favorites sites and you can add add your tags. Some of the social bookmarking websites will check regulary if your favorites websites are still working, and they will inform you when/if a URL is no longer working.

Visitors to social bookmarking websites can search for resources by keyword, persons, or popularity and see the community favorites and tags that other people have created and saved.

I am sure you see my point already – right? We have to registre our blog or websites to all theses social bookmarking websites.


Who is doing social bookmarking?
Social bookmarking goes many years back (sorry I just learned about it a few weeks back), when websites like Furl, Simpy, and began operating. Other public bookmarking websites include, an free version of, and citeulike, a social bookmark submitting site for academic documents. Anyone can engage in social bookmark.

Using a folksonomy-based software for research let us take benefits of the information from other people to find information relevant to the tropic you are looking for, even in places that are not obviously attached to the major matter. If you are looking for details about cars, for example, you might find that other people saw a association between cars and camping, taking you in new, possibly useful guidelines. These types of resources also motivate people to keep returning because the folksonomy and the selections of resources are never stand still. It’s easy to think about determining a value for individual resources, creating a ranking system that features as a collaborative filter.


Where is social bookmarking going?
The technological innovation behind social bookmark is not complicated, which means the limit to sign up is low, both for websites providing such services and for people. The thoughts that social bookmarking is designed on are working their way into other applications; the exercise of adding details is being prolonged to other kinds of resources, such as multimedia files and e-mail. This switch away from professional taxonomies may have essential effects for how customer areas are blessed and how they operate.


The top 15 most popular social bookmarking websites
Let me show you the 15 most popular social bookmarking websites. They are derived from eBizMBA Rank, Alexa Global Traffic Rank and U.S. Traffic Rank from Compete and Quantcast.

1) Twitter
2) digg
3) StumbleUpon
4) reddit
5) delicious
6) tweetmeme
8) Slashdot
9) friendfeed
10) clipmarks
11) newsvine
12) diigo
13) Hacker News
14) blinklist
15) Faves


Later I will tell you excatly how you can work practically with Social Bookmarking – so stay in touch 🙂

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