How to Do Facebook SEO

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People have asked me about Facebook. Almost every company has a Facebook page theses days. But how do you best use it for marketing? Well here is some guidelines for you all. Use them and it will work for you.


1. The name of the Facebook page title
It’s very important to get the right name of your Facebook page. If you choose a name like – cheap cars – some people would think of you as a spammer – and less people will want to share it with their friends. Also Facebook has recently been disabling updates for generically named pages. Therefor – use your company name as the name of the website. And stick to it


2. Select the best URL (Facebook username)
Facebook is showing your pages’s URL like this – You can select a username at This is a very important SEO opportunity on Facebook so use this.

So it here you will use your keyword – or combine your name and your keyword. If you are selling used cars – your Facebook address could be Facebook has blacklisted some generic user names but there are a lot of possibilities.

By the way – your Facebook username/URL cannot be changed ever. So be careful when you pick it. And – you will need at least 100 fans before you can select a username. Do you have less than 100 fans you will have to wait.


3. About text box
Use the about text box to write keyword dense text near the top of your page.
You have a 250 character limit, so choose your words wisely. Search engines love keywords close to the top of your page.


4. Info tab
You can use the info tab to write much more about your company. And of course remember to use your keywords, text and links. Address, city, State, and Zip code are important for local searches. Company overview, mission and products are important for product searches. Include your website address. Also remember to pick the right category of your business.


5. Create extra boxes and tabs
Facebook allows page owners to create extra boxes and tabs where you can write any kind of static content – text, images and links. This can be a great way to boost the content density score of your page. Use them 🙂

You can use the Static FBML application to create more boxes or tabs to your Wall. Look up Static FBML application on Facebook.


6. Status updates with links
Google loves pages that link to relevant sites. So when you post a link to your website in a Facebook update – Google will love that. And when Google loves it we all do … right?

Remember you can write the URL link in the text – or you can attach the link.


7. Add photos with captions, events with descriptions, and a discussion forum
When you add photos in your use verbose and keyword dense descriptions. So take your extra time (1 min. to include text and keywords in the description field that you want to rank for.

When you are making events – yes again – make a description of it using your keywords.
And make a discussion forum for your page.


8. Inbound links and more fans
Use your normal website to get more links to your Facebook page. You can try to use the – Find us on Facebook – badge.
It’s pretty simple right? The more fans or likes – the more links to your Facebook page. The more links the higher ranking. It all works together.

So yes – you have to take your SEO glasses on when you are working with Facebook.

All the best to you all…


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