Facebook Cheatsheet Infographic

Facebook Cheat Sheet UPDATEDFacebook is a powerful platform for engaging your audience with highly-targeted posts. The platform allows you to get creative in your profile, company page, videos, ads and more.

However, in order to create a truly successful social media presence, you’ll need to abide by the image dimensions and specs outlined by Facebook. Many of those who work with the platform have difficulty keeping up with the latest updates.

Thankfully, TechWyse created the below cheat sheet on Facebook image sizes and dimensions to help designers and social media experts, among other professionals, create high quality images for Facebook.

Some of the most recent updates by Facebook include changes to the design of company pages and dimensions for Event Response ads. Previously, Facebook updated the maximum upload size to 4GB.

The Facebook image sizes cheat sheet can be downloaded and printed for quick reference whenever needed. Throughout the infographic you can also expect to find tips and information about Facebook’s policies. For example, Facebook will automatically render an image as a thumbnail if it is smaller than 470×246 and will disapprove promoted posts with more than 20% text.

Neglecting to ensure your image is the recommended dimensions will cause Facebook to choose the center of your image. This could cause images that you’ve created for posts and ads to be cut off. Using the right dimensions for images will prevent clumsy image text and distorted or pixilated images.

The infographic highlights every image you’ll need to know about Facebook, including thumbnails, mobile ads, videos, profile photos, cover photos and more.

Your ability to engage your audience on Facebook relies on the quality of your visual assets. Check out the below infographic to learn more about the recommended dimensions for Facebook image sizes, and prevent your images from being ignored by your target audience.