Embed a Game in Your Facebook Fanpage Design to Make Your Brand Popular

GamesSocial media gaming is very popular these days and you should embed a game on your Facebook fan page to grab your target audience’s attention.
Games help you build a community and add value to your brand. You should hire a designer cum developer for custom game development and Facebook fan page design.


Embed a Game in Your Facebook Fanpage Design to Make Your Brand Popular

Many companies think that if they have a website and a Facebook fan page, people will notice their brand. However, in reality, brand building is not that easy. Brand building is all about connecting with the audience and adding value to your products/services. There are thousands of websites and fan pages out there, then why should your target consumers notice you?

A brand can’t be successful if it does not establish a loyal fan following, and to do that successfully, you should use social media games. You can always hire a graphic designer for an attractive Facebook fan page design, but only a beautiful fan page won’t grab the social media audience’s attention.

Social media games help you bond with your fans and create brand awareness among the target audience. When people play games, they feel that they are somehow interacting with the page owner.

Social gaming is so popular that companies like Zynga makes millions of dollars from Facebook games. Facebook users invest both financially and emotionally in popular games and visit the fan pages regularly to play games. From competing with Facebook friends to building an empire, game lovers do everything for mental satisfaction.

You should utilize this addiction and develop a customized game for your fan page. Hire a game developer for fan page customization and game installation process. With the help of a game, you can promote your brand and encourage your customers to interact with each other. Here are some of the usages and benefits of Facebook games.


1. Develop a Community – When you offer an interesting game in your fan page, people start visiting your page more often and spend lots of time on your page. This way, they get to know about products/services and start noticing your wall updates. This community building exercise may not give you immediate profit, but it makes your brand popular and valuable.

Web users start recognizing your fan page and ask their friends to join your fan page. After a couple of months, you can easily convert your loyal fans into loyal customers. For instance, if you start selling a t-shirt with your popular game characters’ face on it, most of the gamers would love to buy it.


facebookpic2. Give Them a Reason to Play – You can provide some free items to top gamers or let them unlock some exclusive features of the game. Doing this, you will be able to engage the visitors in the game and create a buzz in the social media network.

3. Give in-game Ads – People don’t like to hear marketing messages, but when you give an in-game ad, web users pay more attention to it. Include your brand in the game and offer either virtual or real products to the players. This way you will be able to increase your profit margin. While real product sales boost your business, virtual products related to the game help you earn money without offering anything in reality.

For instance, you can ask the gamers to unlock the highest levels by paying $1. The amount may seem small, but if one hundred gamers unlock the levels every day, then annually, you can earn $36500.


4. Build Reputation for Philanthropy – You can participate in fund-raising activities through Facebook gaming. Ask visitors to donate some money after playing your game. You can send the donation money to UNESCO or Red Cross and help them build a better future for mankind. This may not make you rich, but it will add immense value to your brand.

Social media gaming is a growing trend and you should take advantage of this trend. Add an interactive game in your Facebook fanpage design to increase your fan base. Following these guidelines you can build goodwill in the industry and grab your target consumers’ attention.


Author Bio: Jayati Bhattacharjee is a social media author of widely-recognized web design company Quality Web Solutions. Follow Quality Web Solutions on Twitter or Facebook.


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