E-commerce Marketing: Make customers your centre of attraction

The face of e-commerce marketing has taken leaps due to the advent of online marketing. It certainly has made it easier for the customers to shop online rather than peddling around the stores. Almost everything is taking a quantum leap on earth by going online. Why would you be far behind? If you own a physical store and still not earning maximum conversions out of it.

It’s time to shift your physical store to an online one. It gives you ample opportunities for sales growth. Also, if you strive harder, you can generate better traffic to your e-commerce online store.

Every marketer looks for achieving maximum results out of low-cost strategies. You can surely take on some cost-effective e-commerce marketing strategies to drive sales and conversions. But before discussing that, we must see what challenges you can face in e-commerce marketing:

What are the challenges of e-commerce marketing

1. Creating awareness

Evoking interests and creating awareness amongst your target audience is the prominent step one needs to take as an e-commerce marketer.

Enhancing the visibility for your products becomes essential for it.

2. Building brand trust

Building trust amongst customers is yet another challenge you might face while marketing your brand. Consumers usually muddle with questions such as the quality of the product, price rates, or originality.

3. Advertising budget

The main thread of e-commerce marketing is advertising. It’s the primary thing to create awareness and build trust amongst your customers.

These are some of the key challenges you can face. Now arises the question of the ways to drive sales in e-commerce marketing:

Traditional marketing was all about sellers and buyers. But when it comes to online marketing, driving sales refers to generating website traffic and achieving conversions.

  • Generate traffic : The main objective of e-commerce marketing is to generate website traffic and grow visitors.
  • Conversion :  Traffic is the number of visitors arriving at your website while conversions mean how many of them are converting out of it. It is not as simple as you do it in offline marketing but if you have marketing gabs you can surely go through it easily.

How to drive traffic to your e-commerce marketing website

When you are driving traffic to your website, remember that every potential visitor is different from the other. But like every problem, there is a solution to this one too. Below are some effective ways to reach your potential customers and generate traffic to your online store :

1. Create a sales campaign 

Creating a sales campaign is easy but making it catchy is a different thing altogether. Your potential customers must find it worthwhile to go ahead. You can start with a banner advertising campaign along with a catchy deal.

Let us look at some of the catchy campaign ideas:

  • Offer free rewards : The best way to catch people’s attention is to give them free rewards. But when you mean reward, you can ask the visitors to sign up for your mailing list. If they do that, they will get a reward on their first purchase.
  • Create urgency : Another key to generate traffic is to offer them a reward for a limited period of time. Creating urgency excites the customer and triggers him psychologically. Many e-commerce websites such as myntra creates a countdown or a timer to buzz the people out about the limited editions.
  • Create coupons : Coupons have always been a catchy tactic to offer discounts and offers on products. People adore them completely. Remember to restrict your coupon offers on your website only so as to generate more traffic

However, these steps would be incomplete if you do not have an exact promotional plan. Along with it, you require other power-packed promotional strategies .

2. Run facebook ads 

Create a Facebook page. Put out your website link, contact details, and other customer support details. You can share content via posts or blogs describing the unique features of your brand and why customer’s search must end at you. Put a link on your content so that people can click on it while reading the content. Sometimes catchy words drift the users’ minds immediately to look at the website. 

You can also take the advantages of pay per click advertisements. The major benefit is to reach through a larger audience.

3. Instagram stories

It’s 2020 and if you’re still not using Instagram to promote your brands. It’s high time to awaken yourself to some of the enchanting features of Instagram. Put out the new offers in your Instagram stories.

You can put links or add videos as well from where your potential customers can navigate to your sites. Add products and their descriptions to your Instagram feed. It enables customers to buy directly from Instagram.

4. Email campaigns

Email marketing has been and will always remain an integral part of your e-commerce marketing automation. It is a great way to generate traffic. There are some key elements in your email campaigns which you must not forget:

  •  Subject-line – The subject line of your email must depict your offer clearly, then only people will consider opening your emails.
  • Call-to-action : Add  CTA to your email content. In case you are sharing any images or videos in your emails, put a link of your website. So that your visitors can navigate at your website by all means.
  • Content :  Write a catchy content to nudge visitors to click on the CTA button immediately. Make sure to add visuals of your products so that people may have a look of what you are offering.

5. Start a blog

Start a blog to attract your potential customers instantly. If you do blogging with most searched keywords, it will not only enhance your website’s rankings. It will attract potential customers who are looking for a similar product or product you are offering. The best way to write a blog is not to exaggerate what you are selling but to show some of the essential features which lie around it. For example – You are selling 

Kids wear. You can create topics such as “ten tips for busy moms for keeping kids stylish”.

These were some of the ways to generate traffic to your e-commerce website. Let’s see how to turn your visitors into paying customers and optimize your conversion rate :

What are the best e-commerce marketing practices to deploy in 2020

Every marketer aims for raising their sales and conversions but what differentiates one from the other is their top-notch customer experience.

Here are some of the best practices to keep your customers happy and satisfied:

1. Are you a well-established brand

Online means have enhanced on one hand, but on the other hand fraudulent practices are also increasing. To avoid all of this and building trust between customers and you are to have some tangible features:

  • Authenticity : Many instagram and facebook accounts now have “ blue tick signs” to ensure that a real person is handling it. It assures people that they are communicating with the right one and not a fraudulent one.
  • Press coverage : Many brands promote their brands through media. Also, any unique thing captures the media’s attention promptly. Make sure you have that uniqueness to surpass people’s expectations.
  • Reviews : Many e-commerce sites have a section of reviews and testimonials just below the products section. You must have noticed while buying the product. You can read the reviews for the same product below.  Good reviews satisfy customers quickly and add a boost to their purchasing capacity.

2. Eye catching images

An e-commerce website separates itself from the normal website in its functionalities. You have to be very careful about the images you are loading as people are going to buy on the basis of the same. Sometimes people buy a product and get the product of lower quality. This way you are lowering your standards. So, make sure you can only build trust when you deliver good quality products in all senses.

3. Create FAQs on your website

Delivering a product means a customer must be aware of each and every minute detail of the product. Right from the shipping dates to the delivery dates. Along with it, post your return policies and frequently asked questions so that people could be crystal clear while buying any of your products.

4. Solve their queries

When a customer decides to buy a product, he has a list of questions in his head. Many are related to price, quality, and return of the product. Create live chat support over the website so that customers won’t feel neglected by you.

5. Create urgency and scarcity

We have already discussed above that people take quick decisions when they see that the offer might slip away from their hands. For example- Covid -19 has banned almost all the vendors and vegetable sellers around the market.

The situation has enabled e-commerce sites to take advantage of such situations. They are showing products in limited quantities and people are pulling towards the offers even at higher prices because they have to buy the necessities and essentials.

6. Great product descriptions

Write SEO optimized product descriptions so that people can search for your products easily. Many times brands just copy-paste the descriptions rather than making them stand out from the competitors. This is your perfect chance to capture customer’s attention by aligning the images and descriptions of the products perfectly.

Examples of e-commerce marketing companies

1. Flipkart

It is one of the most trending e-commerce websites in India. It is famous for offering books, electronic gadgets, and clothes at discounted prices. What distinguishes it from other sites is its huge collection of products and filtering options.

These options enable customers to search for the products quickly. It has an online music store. You can download music by paying some subscription amount.

2. Ebay

It is one of the biggest brands in the international market. You can find everything right from electronic gadgets to household items. Whatever you are searching for is right there in front of you. It also has an option of Global easy buy which enables you to buy international products in your local currency.

3. Home shop 18

It is the only e-commerce site which has a t.v. channel too. You can find a wide variety of home appliances and gadgets at reasonable prices. These appliances have already made a mark in millions of homes with their fast and effective solutions. Each and every category on the page has a unique featured deal.


These were the examples of some power packed e-commerce websites who have already established their names in the market. Follow the above tips to be one of them and avoid E-commerce marketing mistakes!