Does Google+ really help in your search ranking?



Yes we have all heard about Google+ right? Some of you have a Google+ account already right? I have a Google+ account. But is it really helping you in your search ranking at all?

The short answer is yes it does 🙂


Google has confirmed that the number of your +1 clicks really influences your position of your website in the search results.
So if you go above this article you can see a Google+1 button. So if you click it – well you have to have a Google+ account to make it work – you will help me in my ranking here. Its really that simple. You treat it the same way as with your Facebook like. Same thing. But yes – of course Google like Google+ in the ranking right.

A webpage that has many Google+ tells Google that people like that site. And so Google will show that webpage higher then the avarage ranking it would have had.


So what will this mean for your site?

If you haven’t got the Google+ like on your page GET IT NOW. Many websites don’t use it right now. So you will get an advantage if you add the button before your competitors.

So get the Google+ on your site NOW and get some better ranking 🙂

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PS .. remember to like me on the Google+ botton above ..

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