Do more with your business emails than sending newsletters

Mention “email marketing” in a meeting with your colleagues, and you will find a section of people claiming that it’s dead. It is far away from the truth! Email marketing still has its worth. Used smartly and wisely, it can help your online business to gain more customers and make better online sales.

However, before you bank all your business hopes on email marketing, you need to know this! Gone are the days, when you could send a single mail to your database and expect rapid profits. It is 2019, and online customers are much savvier than before. Hence, when you are opting in for email marketing, you need to offer ample value to your customers. Don’t swing between sending a single mail and spamming a customer’s inbox. It is essential to attain a balanced approach.

Only an ace SEO service provider can help you attain a steady business perspective. To know more, you can get in touch with a Birmingham based SEO Company, if that’s where you stay. A professional service provider will enable you to know about the email marketing trends and how to put it all into good use.

One of the main reasons why email marketing still works is because business houses, companies, and start-up entrepreneurs use emails for daily business communications. Also, online users check their emails twice on an average daily. So, if you design your email marketing message with all the relevant information and not make it sound promotional chances are it will work wonders for you.

Majority of business houses, start-ups, and small business firms, look upon email marketing strategy as a sign-up medium that will lead the users to their website. Also, they will be able to share their monthly newsletter with their customers. However, there are more ways in which you can use email marketing. The four smart tactics are discussed below:

You can set your user base for a paid campaign

You can use your email list for online ads, in two ways! First, you can upload the present list of your email subscribes to Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager. You can do this to set up a custom use base that can retarget the one that receives your newsletter, in addition to online ads. Second, you can make use of the email list for developing a “lookalike” user base. Google and Facebook are equipped with potent AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. It can assess all your lists and develop a user base who have the same demographic qualities and interests, like your present users. According to SEO experts, the email marketing campaigns that use lookalike audience can get the best leads.

Magnify the social following

You need to know one crucial fact about your email subscribers! They are your greatest fans. These customers have signed up for getting promotions, updates as well as dates about the business as they are interested in getting important news about your brand. Hence, for all the important reasons, they respond to all the content you send them very fast.

For instance, you could make a “how-to-video” post in your YouTube account. You might want some initial views and likes before you share the same on your social media account. When you share this video to your email list, you can share your content effectively with a set audience, who might find that helpful. It will help you to get an increased organic reach right from the moment that it gets shared or posted. And gradually it will appear at the top of the news feed.

You can also make use of social media to develop your email list! You can organize for a contest in your social media account and add relevant CTA (Call to Action), asking the audience to sign-up for your newsletter. This way, you can increase your monthly newsletter subscriber list as well.

Generate website traffic and online conversions

Every email that has a high conversion ratio has one common aspect – A compelling and smart CTA. Irrespective of whether you resort to an email marketing platform, or send all your emails via inbox, make sure to add backlinks to the website. Even though it might appear apparent, sometimes this step gets overlooked.

Just sharing about your new service feature or product, isn’t sufficient! You need to encourage them to land on your website. You can offer a link to them that will reveal the data they are searching for instantly. That will generate online traffic and maximize the conversions as well.

Generate high-end drip campaigns

Drip campaigns, or creating an automated sequence of emails, is an essential way for nurturing quality leads and also motivate them for conversion. Generally, drip campaigns work in the following ways:

  • A user will sign up for a newsletter
  • They will get a welcome email in a few days
  • They will also get one more email that has all the relevant data about your organization, services, and products

Every email needs to link back to the social channels and website, depending on how explicit the CTA is. All the successful drip campaigns usually reward their email subscribers by offering inside data, restricted offers as well as special events. This strategy allows you to develop customer loyalty. It also generates brand ambassadors who positively talk about your brand and encourage others to sign up for your brand. Hence, you can expect the brand ambassadors to provide you with word of mouth publicity. It will increase your brand awareness and recall.

These four tactics are smart ways in which you can make the most of your email campaigns. Once you have understood the potential these tactics carry for you, you can start to optimize your email list. You will find that all these guidelines will fit easily to your entire email marketing strategy. The idea is that you keep on developing the email subscribers list. However, it is essential that you join hands with an ace SEO provider and get professional assistance on this. That way, you will not make mistakes and can also leverage the best email marketing trends that align with the SEO developments.