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What is Google Display Network

Google Display Network is a very very large group of websites, email programs, blogs, who has partnered with Google to show Adwords ads. In the Google Display Network you can show text, image, video or rich media ads that are targeted based on your keywords list. You can target websites such as YouTube or other specific Google websites along with Google display partners.

In the old days we all used to say – don’t you ever use it –  But now the Google Display Network (GDN) has become one of the world’s largest ad network, reaching more than 80% of the internet users worldwide. So yes you have to check it out. The question is when you should use this opportunity. Give the GDN another go?

In general its a good tool if your goal is branding – awareness of your brand.

I have read about Jordan – a division of Nike – who did an innovative campaign targeting the niche basketball audience. This result in 188 millions impressions and 296,000 clicks. Great awareness right?

Another example is American Laser Centers. They used GDN to start a chain reaction of leads and conversions. With the GDN text and images ads their conversion increased with 365%, while cutting impressions in half. Again to create awareness of a brand/chain.


3 reasons why you should consider GDN

1) Below the fold filter out. Google launched a new feature to filter out “below the fold” ads. When people need to scroll down a page to see your ads, this placement is considered below the fold. If ads are visible immediately when someone visits a page, those ads are above the fold.

You can use the “Below the fold” category exclusion in AdWords for your brand campaigns to show ads only when users will be able to see them as the page loads, and exclude placements that may appear in a lower section of a website.

People use different web browsers, monitor sizes, and screen resolutions, and these factors generally determine if an ad appears above or below the fold. Google considers that ads are above the fold only if they’re 100% on-screen when the browser window loads.

2) Re-marketing. This is a feature that not so many have heard about. If you have had visitors that previously did visit your website but didn’t convert – you can now re-market to those user and show them different messages. So if the customer thought that your site or product was worth visiting they are interested in your product. So showing them another messages – like “did you know we have 3 years buy back guarantee” you might get them to convert 🙂

I tell you this is awesome 🙂

3) Campaign Insights Tool. This campaign Insights tools gives some reliable data about how your campaign has raised the brand awareness or active user interest in your product or service. This tool can is only available for US and UK advertisers.


How to get the most out of your marketing budget using 

Google’s display Network Revenue increased by 28 percent, and the CPC’s increase by 5 percent from 2010 to 2011. So its a marketing channel that needs to be run effectively so you can maximize your ROAS.

ROAS stands for Return On Advertising Spending and represents the dollars earned per dollars spent on the corresponding advertising. To determine ROAS, divide revenue derived from the ad source by the cost of that ad source. If companies are taking this marketing channel so serious that the percent can increased with 28 percent we need to get more insight about using this Network.

Display Network requires a totally different frame of mind. Now we are no longer talking about the Quality Score. Now you have to understand who your customers really are. Is it male or female, how old are they, where are they living, when do they buy, why do they buy. You will have to do a lot more segmentation of the customers then you do in your normal Google Adwords campaign.

Theses days we are all living in a digital age and all kind of people are online and searching online. So like in the printed ads you will need to target your audience. If you are selling female running shoes you messages should be very different if you are talking to a 18 years old woman or to a 52 years old woman.


So how do you choosing your sites

You might have noticed Network Partner Sites that is not showing up in the Adwords Placement Tool. So first you will have to identify all the potential Network Partner Sites. A good strategy is to create a separate campaign, where you can create multiple adgroups for very different keywords themes and let them run for maybe 2 weeks.

Soon you will see Network Partner Sites that wasn’t on the Adwords Placement Tool. This way you can identify sites that could be very relevant to your audience.


Branding your message

Always test your banner ads and use different messages for your different audiences. You can also use different banner ads for people that have visit your site but they didn’t buy anything from your website.

So a different message could show another benefit of your product. In the end you will find the different messages that will target your different audiences.


Use Facebook to learn about your audiences
Facebook ads is a great way to test your ads. With Facebook ads you get a lot of information about who is interested in your ads. Who is clicking on your ads. Theses information you can use when targeting your Display Networks Partner Sites.

It gives you a change to learn fast Who, what, Where and When your audience is clicking on your ads.

So Google Display Network Partner Sites might a good way for you to promote your product. But use it with all the insights you have about your customers. Use it the right way before you just throw in a lot of money.


And now the Google Display Network secret

The Display Network will provide you much cheaper traffic then Google’s Search Network. This is a fact. I have been doing campaignes for large companies using GDN. And yes you get your click much cheaper.  Many people are worried if they run their ad in the display Network that they might get a lot of unqualified trafic and ends up with a big bill to Google.

But in my experience this is not true at all. Google Display Network has improved a lot doing the last couple of years and you can get tons of great traffic, and it might as well convert better for you then the Search network.

The important thing is to do a little test before running the big campaign.


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