Choose the right Social Network

If your goal is to sell on internet, you will know that selling is much more then just getting backlinks. Selling is much more then just getting visitors.


You will have to engage your customers. So its not enough “just” to do SEO. Think about it – if you build a community on a social media platform – like Facebook or Twitter – you can engage your community, will it not help you to persuade a visitor to buy your product? It will help to engage your visitor, to get a response from your visitor and  yes – get your product sold.

















So get into the social media network. Try some different once and see which ones that is working for you. Remember that social media is not one thing – is a whole variaty of medias. Its like saying in the old days – if an add doesn’t work in one paper choose another paper right? (source)

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I stubble across the information made… Its really awesome. What is your goal being in the social network and can a specific netowork help you. I just love this and wanna share it with you guys. (source)

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