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facebookpic-300x225The average conversion rate from Facebook to websites is roughly 8%, which goes up to 12% if you include the effect of mobile Internet.

That is it and that is all, so you need to stop believing online statistics that tell you otherwise because they have a vested interest in you thinking Facebook is a gold mine for getting traffic to your website when it is not. Here are a few tips to help you get traffic onto your website from Facebook.


Tell stories on Facebook

Yes, it is a tip that makes you want to vomit through your nose, and even though it is what seems like a cheap trick and a silly thing to try, the fact is that there is an audience out there for this type of stuff. Just like how there is an audience out there for movies about misogynistic vampires that wear too much makeup and sparkle in the sun light.


Publish engaging content

This is a common tip that means nothing. It is like telling people not to smash their palms against the keyboard when they write their blog posts.


Facebook affiliate advertising still works

You can go for the direct sell method or you can just pump it for more traffic, but the fact remains that with Facebook affiliate advertising you are able to draw more targeted traffic to your website quite easily.


Share other peoples content on your social media profiles

This is the gaping hole in social media that cannot really be plugged whilst cannot really be allowed to continue. You can post other peoples content on your social media profile, which means you can take TV shows, put them on your social media profile and enjoy the traffic that comes as a result.

This is a bad thing because if the companies do not retain control over the property then their next effort will be an even cheaper version. On the other hand, if you start restricting what people can and cannot put on their social media profiles then you may as well move to China and shackle your hands to a fence post.


Show a weekly look at the things you have posted

Create a blog post showing a snippet of each thing you have posted this week, and do it at the end of the month too. You can also provide links to the places you posted and have people look at what you did. With some hope they are going to look at your posts and convert to looking at your web page.


Write how-to articles and host contests

It is a good idea to do this in context. There is little point of doing this sort of thing if you are not attracting the right type of consumer. If you are looking to attract young men, then articles on how to drop stitch may not work as well as how to articles on how to attract beautiful women.


Drop quotes from your own website

There are powerful titles that you can use that are good enough to make people want to look at your website and are going to attract people like a moth to the flame. It is your job to drop quotes so that people come to your website and look at your content. Drop these quotes on your Facebook page so that people become naturally curious about them.


Create short updates

This is not something that you have to do every time, but it is handy and it does have the Twitter effect of dipping under the annoyance radar. Long posts everyday are going to annoy your viewers, so if you are itching to make yet another post this week then why not make it a short one? A shorter message will help you get your message across, will remind people of you and will not annoy them. They also take less time for you to cook up.


Add more images

The same applies to your blog. Stop being so scared to put images on your blog. Just do it because people like images. You do not have to make your blog posts into some sort of child’s book, but why does it also have to look like War and Peace too. Intellectuals go online, but they don’t do it to read reams and reams of digital text (unless they cannot afford an e-reader).


Target your adverts

This is another non-tip that you read on articles. You can target your audience on Facebook, or you can target Internet savvy squirrels, especially if you are selling shares in nut companies.


Author bio – Sonia Jis an author of this post. She’s also in a team of that helps students to find the most reliable and professional writing service.


Java PrintingOne of the best way to sell a service or a product is opening a website or a blog so customers can reach you online. This is a fresh and effective marketing tool, which is more effective when paired with a good SEO strategy.

Selling through websites or blogs, becomes easy if you learn to write contents for your advantage. Words are powerful and they are very effective in connecting to people and letting them know how good your company is in providing solution to their problems.

To help you double your sales and increase number of potential clients, here are a few tips in selling through written words:


Selling and Creativity Don’t Go Together (Almost)

You create a goal before writing a sales copy. That goal is to sell. Mix creativity in your copy and your original goal is gone into the void.

It is natural for writers to play with words when writing. They love creating imagery and style in their articles to attract readers. But as a writer for a sales copy, remember that your goal is to entice people to buy not to entertain. Andy Malsen, writer of “Write to Sell” said,  throw away an article if after reading it, you start to smile. No. It doesn’t mean sales copies should be boring. It only means what you wrote is entertaining not informative, or persuasive. This does not convert to sales.

After reading your work, a reader must realize a solution to the problems he experience because they can run to you for help. Your company or service is better than others so they should not look for any other options.

To say creativity is not seen in sales pitch is an overstatement. You still need to be creative in writing  to keep them reading. After all, people have short attention span when it comes to reading online contents. You just need to focus on your goals.


The Power of Call to Action

In marketing call to action can be a banner,  button, or an image to attract readers to click and order. Call to action is spread around a site, to remind people that ordering is “one click away.”

But call to action can be within your contents. Writers can include “visit our online store” or “order here” within the write-up to encourage them to act and buy. In writing this persuasive phrases, it is important to be firm. Don’t keep audience second-guessing on what they should do.

Avoid phrases like, “You can place your order here,” or “If you are interested.” You have to command them to act, not think about acting. They might not act fast, but at least they know what you want them to do.


Emotions Conveyed in Word Choice

Touching the heart instead of the mind is another effective tool to persuade people. The only problem is  if you use it carelessly, you might forget about your goal to sell. According to Brian Clark of Copy Blogger, choosing the right words in your copy initiate emotions. Here are few trigger words you can use:

Powerlessness. To be powerless is a driving force towards action. You feel powerless and you seek ways to help yourself. As a business, you empathize with your customers and offer them help. Use these words when writing your articles:

  • Weak
  • Surrender
  • Hesitate

Passion. Wants and passion drive people to get a service. Your articles should take those as leverage to encourage them to get your help. Try these words to drive them:

  • Rave
  • Thrilled
  • Delightful

Urgency. Make readers feel the urgency  to order, or lost the opportunity of getting a good product. Add these words to cut the decision making time.

  • Order Before
  • Deadline
  • Limited

Emotions are driving force in decision making. This is why retail therapy always makes people end up broke. There is nothing wrong with tapping it to improve sales.


Powerful and Weak Words

There are powerful words and there are weak words. These words tap into people’s curiosity and encourage them to move a little closer, listen to you, and buy. Choosing the right words in your copy is the hardest part in writing. To help, here are examples of weak and powerful words:

Weak Words. These words don’t have the spark to gain people’s attention. They may convey the message but they lack drive and energy.

  • Cost-effective
  • Nice
  • Upgrade

Powerful Words. These words convey action. People who read these words are driven into action.

  • Cheap
  • Striking
  • Boost

Free is another power word but most online writers and marketing firms abuse this word. People think it is another marketing strategy to fool them.

Choosing the right words has a huge impact in the effect of your sales copy. But this is not a magic spell to compensate to your bad writing. Improve your writing and choose the right words to expect a great boost in sales.


Author’s Bio: Diana Walls is busy taking her MA in communication. While studying she is taking a part time job as a writer, blogger, and researcher. She also works as essay writer for au essay on time.



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Optimization is a must for anybody in the online business otherwise you will lose out on tough competition. Digital asset optimization will help you in optimizing your content to engage your customer and make them respond to your content and ultimately convert them as a follower.

With proper optimization your revenues will definitely increase and give a boost to your business. The digital assets that we are talking about include web pages, press release, blogs, social media sites, feeds, podcasts, articles, etc.

You must know what your consumer wants and then design the optimization process that way. You also need to make sure that you are available on all kinds of search funnel. People nowadays use more of mobile apps and various other widgets to access various sites and contents so you must create your site in a way which will appear in all types of apps without any problem. Your site must customize itself to fit into the screen of an android phone, a tab or a desktop without compromising on quality.

Here are some of the options which you can try to optimize your digital assets in order to better you ranking and also helps your brand –


Video Optimization

It has been a proven fact that video has more impact on people compared to anything else because it is an audio visual media. But planning a video is not an easy job as it requires a lot of research and hard work. There are loads of videos out in the market and if you want your video to stand out in the crowd then you really have to come up with some creative ideas. Here are some tips for optimization of your video –

  1. Include a good amount of humor; the content should be original so that it caters to your target audience completely.
  2. It is also important where you are uploading your video, if you do it on your website then it will get noticed much more than public forum like YouTube.
  3. You can include social share buttons (Like and Share) which will enable easy sharing.
  4. After you have launched the video in your site go ahead and use other platforms too. You can upload the video in different social media sites, video PR, email, etc.
  5. Title tags, specific keywords and full video transcript are some of the best SEO practices that you can use to highlight your video.


Mobile App Optimization

Within a short period of time the use of mobile has increased in leaps and bounds. Now we cannot imagine our life without the handset. The world is in our hand when we have the device. Everything can be accessed through it and now with so many apps dong the rounds it is even more useful for personal use and for business too. Therefore optimizing the App is very important.

  1. Give a prominent title to the app you are launching so that it carries both your brand name and also the function that the app performs. This way the users will be able to locate you r app even if they are not aware of the brand’s name
  2. Choose the category which has the least number of competitors and also defines the purpose of the app very closely
  3. Description should include relevant keyword


Are you still in a fix then consult the SEO India Agency and they will be able to help with their innovative ideas.

Annual TrendsOnline marketing is not a fad. Contrary to what most critics would have us believe about virtual media being a passing storm, it is very much here to stay. Stay and how? Social media marketing has entered the private life of the common man in such a way that it has revolutionized the creation of brands and identities.

The emergence of online marketing is based on one premise alone – that man is a social being. And it has flourished on the premise that every person is unique and that he or she should have the opportunity to express oneself however one wishes. Which is why today you can tweet, post, tag, Instagram, Pinterest or blog about whatever it is that makes you tick. You don’t need to have a vocabulary to make the most of e-business, all you need to have is an internet connection. Whether you use 140 characters or post a picture or video – you are constantly churning out content that is bound to capture the interest of someone else with the same tastes even across time zones.

Most organizations now understand the importance of having an e-marketing strategy. A holistic online strategy is vital not only to market your brand, but also to effectively manage your reputation, build a connect with your customers and employees, seek customer feedback and make your brand seen, heard and talked about all the time. E business managers and online media houses are being internalized by traditional advertising agencies that understand the kind of reach this medium has. Having a dedicated team to manage your identity is now a critical chunk of your media and PR spends.

A sound social media marketing strategy works on one mantra – out of sight is out of mind. Given the 24 by 7 churn of online content, it takes a smart digital marketer to identify focal areas and leverage every social media tool to its strength. The online media that you use to build a brand community may not be effective as a feedback mechanism. Similarly a B2B commercial strategy that uses the same platform to generate leads and to manage its online reputation may have flaws.

Several niche social platforms are emerging which are far more private and encourage conversations and feedback rather than just being mass broadcasting mechanisms. A savvy e-marketer needs to pick up these trends and align your online media strategy to be seen at the right place at the right time and by the right people.
Author –  Webmarketing123 is a California based social media agency that helps you integrate social media platforms into digital marketing strategies to increase your ROI.



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TeresaFrontGet inspiration from Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was a world-renowned Catholic nun known for his work among the poor in Kolkata in India, where she is buried. Mother Teresa was born in Skopje in Macedonia of Albanian parents and was educated as a teacher.

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