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Sometimes its great to get inspired.

So take a look of these 20 best ever succesfull social media campaignes.

Let me here if you like them. And let me hear if you have made some great campaignes too.

Give me a comment and show me you are alive.




Forbes list of the 20 best-ever social media campaigns:

  1. “The Blair Witch Project”
  2. Blendtec: ill It Blend?
  3. Old Spice: “Smell Like a Man, Man.”
  4. Burger King: “Subservient Chicken”
  5. Pepsi Refresh
  6. VW: “Fun Theory”
  7. OfficeMax: “Elf Yourself”
  8. Evian: “Roller Babies
  9. Ikea: “Facebook Showroom”
  10. Hotmail
  11. Whopper Sacrifice
  12. Target: “Bullseye Gives”
  13. Vitaminwater
  14. Smirnoff: “Tea Par-tay”
  15. The Dark Knight: Why So Serious?
  16. Quicksilver: “Dynamic Surfing”
  17. Cadbury: Gorilla
  18. BMW: “1 Series Graffit Contest”
  19. Bing/Farmville
  20. CareerBuilder: Monk-e-Mail

Yes its true. I will tell you everything about Social Media with a donut 🙂

Just take a look at this picture .. I will tell you about the difference between all theses social media –  Twitter, Facebook, Foursqure, Instagrain, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Last FM and Google+

What Social Media is all about













Source –

Awesome right? Have a great day out there.. All the best to you as always – I will go and get myself a donut now 🙂



facebook logo

People have asked me about Facebook. Almost every company has a Facebook page theses days. But how do you best use it for marketing? Well here is some guidelines for you all. Use them and it will work for you.


1. The name of the Facebook page title
It’s very important to get the right name of your Facebook page. If you choose a name like – cheap cars – some people would think of you as a spammer – and less people will want to share it with their friends. Also Facebook has recently been disabling updates for generically named pages. Therefor – use your company name as the name of the website. And stick to it


2. Select the best URL (Facebook username)
Facebook is showing your pages’s URL like this – You can select a username at This is a very important SEO opportunity on Facebook so use this.

So it here you will use your keyword – or combine your name and your keyword. If you are selling used cars – your Facebook address could be Facebook has blacklisted some generic user names but there are a lot of possibilities.

By the way – your Facebook username/URL cannot be changed ever. So be careful when you pick it. And – you will need at least 100 fans before you can select a username. Do you have less than 100 fans you will have to wait.


3. About text box
Use the about text box to write keyword dense text near the top of your page.
You have a 250 character limit, so choose your words wisely. Search engines love keywords close to the top of your page.


4. Info tab
You can use the info tab to write much more about your company. And of course remember to use your keywords, text and links. Address, city, State, and Zip code are important for local searches. Company overview, mission and products are important for product searches. Include your website address. Also remember to pick the right category of your business.


5. Create extra boxes and tabs
Facebook allows page owners to create extra boxes and tabs where you can write any kind of static content – text, images and links. This can be a great way to boost the content density score of your page. Use them 🙂

You can use the Static FBML application to create more boxes or tabs to your Wall. Look up Static FBML application on Facebook.


6. Status updates with links
Google loves pages that link to relevant sites. So when you post a link to your website in a Facebook update – Google will love that. And when Google loves it we all do … right?

Remember you can write the URL link in the text – or you can attach the link.


7. Add photos with captions, events with descriptions, and a discussion forum
When you add photos in your use verbose and keyword dense descriptions. So take your extra time (1 min. to include text and keywords in the description field that you want to rank for.

When you are making events – yes again – make a description of it using your keywords.
And make a discussion forum for your page.


8. Inbound links and more fans
Use your normal website to get more links to your Facebook page. You can try to use the – Find us on Facebook – badge.
It’s pretty simple right? The more fans or likes – the more links to your Facebook page. The more links the higher ranking. It all works together.

So yes – you have to take your SEO glasses on when you are working with Facebook.

All the best to you all…


twitterWell I will tell you about a strategy that works. A strategy that will give you traffic.

This is all about how to get Twitter followers and targeted traffic from Twitter.

It’s no good just to have a Twitter account and maybe post something from time to time. You will need this – A Twitter Strategy.

Okay …. I will stop writing about what I am going to write about … and get to the point…. Are you ready? Okay here we go…


First of all.. Why do you need Twitter?

First of all it can give you maybe the largest referral traffic source.

Your competitors – I am sure – are already using it. So if you are not using it you are behind already.

But it can also potentially help you to get higher ranking in Google and Bing for the regular organic searches – yes its true 🙂


First thing first… How to get followers

You will need to get not only traffic – but you also need to get the right kind of traffic. Relevant traffic.

The best way to get followers is to follow the same kind of people. So type in your keywords and check out the people and start to follow them.

Take another keyword and do the same again.

After you have done this with some of your interest and keywords – check out your competitors. Who do they follow? Then start to follow your competitors followers too.

Very easy right?


But but but but ….

There’s always a but – lol. The maximum amount of followers you can follow is 2000.When you get to 2000. You will have to wait until your followers also reaches 2000.

After that you can get 10 percent higher . That’s it 2200 – and then wait again until your followers reach 2200.

There is no limit of maximum number of Twitter followers, who can follow you.

So when you reach 2000 you will have to unfollow the people that don’t follow you back !! This way you get the relevant traffic.


So here is a working plan for you

One of the most important things in the Twitter strategy is to do it the professional way. So… The first week you will add about 300-400 every day. But in the weekend you will remove those people that don’t follow you back.

Just to add people is easy – but it’s important you remove the people that don’t follow you back.

There are some tools you can use – check out TweetAdder. With this program you can use to unfollow, but you can also use to schedule your tweets, search for potential followers and a lot more. Try it 🙂


Next step in your Twitter strategy is to get more accounts

This way you can get 5 times as many followers then just with one account. So do it.

If you are selling used cars – you can have an account about used cars, one about cars, one about ford cars, one about Toyota etc..

Now its time to tweet

If you have been on Twitter you know the problem – how to get noticed. There are so so so many tweets out there right?

Okay a good strategy is to tweet in blocks. So every time you are going to tweet make 4 tweets. Your first 3 tweets can be quotes from experts, ideas, news – but in the last of the 4 tweets you make a link to your own blog.

Because its the last one – its the one that people will see first.

Do yourself a favour – dont just do a tweet – have a twitter strategy – and you will get your traffic.



We spend more and more time on the internet. If you have a business you also know that its important what people are saying about you. In the “good old days” we should care about the words of mouth.

Today the words of mouth is must more important. The words of mouth is now online. With the social media – people can start a rumor about you or your business. The rumor can be both good or bad.

So the bottom line is that we have to check what people are saying about us – right?  Let me take you on a trip on the internet – and show you 10 free tools that can help you to monitor your online reputation… Here are 6 free software you can use. Enjoy.


Google Alert
The Google Alert will automatically notifies you when there are new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches your set of search terms. The notification can be sent to you by email, as a web feed or to be displayed on your iGoogle page.
You decide the frequency of checks for new results. You can choose between “once a day”, “once a week” or “as it happens”.
Great Tool – I just made an alert for “SeoCustomer”.


googlealert e










This is one of the most popular search engines of blogs. The conversation can be monitored because millions of blogs are indexed on a real time basis. So go to Technorati and subscibe to a RSS feed and check out if somebody its talking negative about you or your company.


technorati e



















Do forget Twitter. One of the biggest social networks on the internet. Twitter is a must like Facebook and Google+. You can search this site or subscribe their RSS feed to monitor what people are saying about you or your company.

twitter e


















Here you can check what people are saying about you on a real time basis. You really have to check this tool out. Awesome. Its also has a RSS feed. I love this one.


socialmention e


















SamePoint analyses millions of conversation in the social media, and it will let you know if the tone of the conversation is either negative or positive. Its headquartered in New York, NY. The social media sources includes Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and internet Forum.

The awesome part it is that it includes sentiment, and analyzing if the comment is positive or negative based on natural language processing.
Samepoint is an early mover in the real/time data and metrics. And yes its free.


samepoint e















If you ever had been to a website with great content but for some reason lacked something very basic like an RSS feed? Well I have. Page2Rss is a Chrome extension that will allow you to monitor web pages without a RSS feed.


















Social media is getting more and more important. And the word of mouth out there is important for your business. So get you free software and check it out.

Enjoy your day




TwitterBirdIs your business on Twitter? Well if not you better get started. Write 140 characters in a tweet and you are going. Last time I read about it Twitter had 500 million members – sending around 65 million tweets every day. So yes your business should get started now and get in touch with all theses people.

But remember – there are a lot of differences between the social media platforms. You cannot establish or engage people the same way on Twitter as you do on Facebook or LinkedIn. Let me tell you about some of the unique aspects of Twitter. And yes – also how you manage it and make effectively communicating to your potential customers.

Are you ready? Okay coffee in your cup right? Music on? (Yes yes yes play some Sting or Paul McCartney)


How to get followers

If you only have 1 follower (your mother) or 10 or even maybe 100 your marketing communication will not work. You need followers. Your readers can search your content – they are all public searchable. Your followers is your community, and they are the people you want to engages.

If you are very popular like – Charlie Sheen or Lady Gaga, you don’t have to do much. You will have millions of followers instantly. But if you are like me (well okay I admit it – I am not Charlie Sheen lol) – you will have to do a little work first.

The normal way to get followers on Twitter is to follow somebody and then many of them will follow you back. Also click on the “who to follow” link suggestions. You can also do some marketing for your twitter account on your normal website or blog. Remember also to use your e-mail distribution list. When you write an email put your Twitter address just under your name. Make sure everybody knows you have this twitter account.

There is a free tool called TweetDeck which is a very powerful tool for twitter. It can help you to organize and schedule your tweets. With TweetDeck will let you view and manage a lot of your different social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google buzz and Foursquare.



















So its a great tool to post updates to various connected social networks. You can also manage several Twitter accounts and monitor them all at once. You definitely have to try this tool.

A tool like Tweet Adder software could help you a lot. Well I do have some more tricks to get many more customers. Read my article here about how to get followers – You have a Twitter account but no traffic from Twitter?


How to engage your audience

You will have to know the basic of Twitter to get it going. Get to know the best practices – like direct messaging, “@”, replies, and “retweeting”. You can send a direct message to a follower of yours.

You can just type in the letter “d” in front of their user name in your tweet. Then its only your receiver that can read it. You can also use “@” when you replies to somebody. Maybe when you make a comment to a tweet. If you really love a tweet, you can choose “retweet” just by including the letters RT at the beginning of your tweet.

All these different kind of tweets makes your audience noticing you. When you are retweeting something, remember to add something to the tweet. Keep the conversation going. After this you can make a Group Tweet which will enable you to communicate with a lot of people in a group.


Don’t use slogans 

Maybe the biggest mistake business are making when they start communicating on Twitter is to use their normal old-fashioned marketing. Maybe using their slogans like some kind of a billboard, or maybe the headlines from a printed ad.

But you have to engage your audience with your thoughts and make a conversation with your audience. Social media is all about engaging in the conversation. Its not the old-fashioned marketing !! Social media is all about conversation right? And a conversation is a 2-way talk. Not 1-way talk.

So make sure your tweets provide value to keep your audience interested in you and your business. Make retweets to keep the conversation going. Try to make your tweets entertaining, witty, original. You must position yourself as an expert in your field. Be sure the audience and see your personality.



















Only 140 characters

You only have 140 characters in a tweet. So if you have a long webpage address you can say much right? The solution is to use services like or Here you can put in your long address and you will get a shorter one back (amazing right).

I use for my tweets.
















If you are using you will get some additional value by gathering some valuable metrics which you can use to monitor the success of your tweets. You can check how many clicks any of your shortened links get, and also some information about where in the world you get the most action (this can give you some good information for your business. Where are the people most interested in your business – right?)


Software that can help you

I will tell you a secret about Twitter. Did you know you can do much more with Twitter than just type in 140 characters? What about pictures? Well you can start trying out software like TwitPic  or Yfrog. Then you can send photos or video clips via Twitter. That will engage your audience I promise you. Now you don’t have to tell people what is happening around you – you can show it in a video 🙂

I want to do pictures on my Twitter account too now… Wow I get inspired myself now… Love it.

Well that was all about pictures. Another great thing you can do is polls. Try to use a service like twtpool. Or you can use chat rooms like Nurph. If you are standing out from the crowed, you will get much more attention. And your audience will start to put more attention to your tweets.

You can also integrate your Twitter account with other software location-based services like Foursquare. Then people will know where you are. People in that area will get curious and you will have their attention to.

No no no no I am not done yet… Much more to come. Still ready? The coffee is still hot?

Have you ever heard about Klout. I really love this. How good are you doing with your tweets – do you know? Are you good at engaging people? How much influence do you have on your audience? Well with Klout you will find out.



















I know my score is 33.. But well I am not Charlie Sheen – I just told you right?

A fantastic tool is Timely. It will take all your past tweets and it will estimate what time of day your audience favored them most. And with this knowledge it will auto-schedules your future tweets according to this (I am amazed).


Hash tags
Do you know about hash tags?

Well its the # symbol followed by a keyword. This hash tag makes it much easier to search for your tweets. Again you can use TweetDeck but also a tool like

A very common hash tag on Twitter is the #FF which you can include on Fridays together with the name of the account you are following. A golden rule is to reply back to say thank you when somebody is writing #FF to one of your tweets. This is a great way to get the attention of new potential new followers.

Another way to use hast tags is to tweet about a topic while it’s popular. So this is what you can do. First you will have to set up a Google Alert ( to your email Inbox. Then you will know what it’s going on, and what people are talking about, and writing about regarding your topic. So make a tweet about an upcoming event, or what is hot in your topic. So if you are in the business of cars you can put in the hash tag @cars in your tweets. (I will start putting SEO into my tweets from now on).


Many people are like-minded

You know many of the people that will follow you are like-minded. They have a blog or a website or a small business and want followers like you. So remember that not everybody is hanging around just waiting for your golden tweets.

Well I am sure they are all waiting for my tweets of course lol.

A great way to check your followers is using Klout  or PeerIndex. Then you will have an idea of how many of your followers are actively engaged.

When you have enough followers you will have to change your strategy – and not just following back. Then it’s time to let your Twitter account speak for itself. Then it’s time to let the word of mouth build quality followers. But you still have to post great engaging tweets 🙂
Twitter is not a miracle

Unless you are Lady Gaga or Charlie Sheen don’t expect Twitter to be a miracle for your business. Twitter is a great tool for your marketing. For engaging your audience. To get into conversation. So you can say it’s a little miracle. But it will not give you 2 million dollars from day one… Lol…

You will have to get to know Twitter. How can it help you. How do you want to use it.

But I tell you – all your competitors are here.. So if you are not you are already loosing future market shares. Do it right and Twitter is a very very very powerful tool

Okay.. I know the music has stopped already. I am going to put some Stevie Wonder in my CD player now. Was that 8 golden rules. I am not sure if I wrote 12. Hmm next time I will make the article a little shorter. Lol.


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Get the FREE Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011. In this guide you can get all the articles from 2011 in one PDF. Most of the articles from 2011 is no more online here on this blog, but you can still use the articles to get higher ranking and more traffic to your website 🙂

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All the best to you all

MenWorldMost of traffic to e-commerce sites comes from search engines like Google. So the SEO is becoming very important for the e-commerce site.

Most of the big website do an amazing job, but there is one thing that a lot of them are totally forgetting – and its the user-generated content.


Why you have to take User-Generated Content (UGC) seriously

  • Your customers will leave you additionally information about your product. Maybe you have forgotten to say that your product weights 20 kg.
  • You will get some extra valuable keywords. Your customers will maybe say “cheap black car” a word phrase you are not using in your text, but now your page will be found. (Remember to say thx to the customer)
  • The customers will give you a higher keyword density for the keywords you already have. Maybe you are driving your traffic to your site using the word phrase “cheap cars”. And if all your UGC are talking about “cheap cars” it will help your ranking.
  • With the Google Panda and other updates from Google, it’s now more and more important to have fresh, relevant and always new content. With the UGC you will get this.
  • It’s not only product reviews. Remember the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube, Questions and Answers, discussion forums and much more..

You can use the UGC on a lot of your pages, but the most valuable inputs are the ones that are shown on your product page where people can actually buy your product. If the UCG leads the customers to another page first (like your Facebook page) you will loose a lot of people for every click they have to do.

So put your product reviews on your product page! Don’t say you are going to do this later.. DO IT NOW.


How to let your customers work for you

Here is how it’s going to be done. Take a look at
















But there are also a lot of top e-commerce site that doesn’t use the UGC on their sites. A big site like Dell..
















Even Best Buy is not having their product reviews indexed directly on the product page from Google.
















Do your own SEO Self-test

Okay the key to all this is that you need your UGC on your product page AND you will have to know if Google is indexing it. And as you could see Best Buy did have customer reviews on their page. But the point is that it’s not indexed – and then its no good.

So this is what you are going to do

  1. Find a page on your website that has customer reviews on it
  2. Search for the product in Google
  3. Find the product link on google. It should look like this
  4. Click on the cache version

I can’t find the cache version of Google Chrome or Explorer. But you can find it on Firefox. If your Firefox doesn’t show the cache version. Do this:

Here is the Firefox fix:

1. Go up to the Tools drop-down menu
2. Select Add-ons
3. Search for “greasemonkey”
4. Click Install next to the greasemonkey add-on
5. After installing and restarting Firefox to complete the installation, the ‘greasespot’ home page will come up (if it doesn’t, go to this URL:
6. Click on the link “Find Scripts”
7. Look for “Google Cleanup Script” – it should be about the fourth one down on the list.
8. The current version, 1.7f, includes the restoration of the Cache. Just click on the green “Install” button in the upper right hand corner.
9. Once installed, just go to google and search for something – CACHE is back!
10. The annoying preview pane is still available which takes up a third of the page, but there are ways to disable this.

(yes I know a lot of trouble to get the cache back – but its worth it)


Now do your SEO for your UGC

1 Do you have UGC on your site
2 If yes.. Check if the UGC is indexed in Google
3 If not… Do the technical thing you have to do. You will have to make it work
4 If you don’t have any UGC on your site get it. Use at least one like product reviews or Q&A
5 Get ready to get much higher in search
6 Send me a comment and say thx to me. LOL

Okay that’s enough for today.. Time for coffee and football


Free for you

Free SeoCustomer Guide 2011 – just go and grab it …


All the best to you guys






mailIf you read my article about “How To Get 10.000 Visitors To Your Website Or Blog” you know that its important to get your email letter started.


So now you gotta know something about emails. Your email must have one or two desired actions. Maybe its to click on a link to get to your website, or maybe its a retweet button.

Here in this article I am going to tell you something about

  1. How to get the email opened
  2. How to get your email read
  3. How to get the desired action

So are you ready? Go and get your coffee and put your favorite music on.


Getting the email opened

I have found 2 reasons why a recipient wanna open your email.

  1. If they know you already and they know that they will get some value using their time. Your email will be opened.
  2. Or if your subject line is so exciting and so compelling that they just can’t help opening it to listen to what you have to say. (OMG when I am going to make a email about this article I am going to work hard on the subject)

There is no magic formula, what you are going to write in the subject, but there is a methodology that you can use to test your subject lines before sending your email:

1 make a list of all the subjects which your reader may be thinking already. It could be aobut the economy, if he or she is completely stressed, maybe worried about how he is keeping his job.. and so on
2 Now you are going to write some positive and negative subject lines about it. So you can address what’s already on your readers mind.
3 Now speak out loud the subject line. Does it work you think?

Hopefully it will strikes a emotional chord like envy, greed, lust, fear, curiosity… If your reader doesn’t even open your mail .. well you will not get any desire action from him right?


How to get it read

Now the reader has hopefully opened your mail. So now the question is …. should you make the email long or short? Maybe the whole article or just a teaser.

I have found some different examples.

  1. Informational or How-To email. When you are writing informational or How-To related emails, I have found that you should keep it to about 500-700 words in length and include the entire article in your email.
  2. Offer emails. If you are offering something. Like I did when wrote about the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011, you should keep it short. Like a teaser. The click should lead the reader directly to a longer sales page (landingpage).
  3. News updates. This could be a summery of what has happened on your blog or website the past week. Make sure your first text address the topic from your subject line.


How to get the desired action – Increasing Email Click Rates

Whatever you wanna tell in your email you gotta have a call to action. So let me tell use the 3 examples again.

  1. Informational or How-To emails. Here you are going to tell your reader something helpful, maybe a tip, trick or idea, suggestion or how-to something. You would like the reader to spread the word, so remember to include social link tags in your mail (I do that too.. please spread the word). Encourage your reader to Re-tweet your email, use Like or bookmark.
  2. Offer emails. Keep it short. Lure them to your landingpage, where you can show them more items. Don’t try to sell anything in your mail. Make them curious and sale whatever you are selling on your landingpage.
  3. News updates. Again you wanna tell your reader to go to your website or blog and read the whole article or articles. So keep it short and make it impossible for your readers not to hit the links to your website or blog.

Remember that more and more people are now using mobil devices. So be sure your website or blog can be read on a smart-phone. If you are using WordPress for your blog you can get a free plugin for this.


Remember to add me to your Google+ circles 🙂


alfaYou have a blog or a website and now you are thinking of starting making a newsletter. But what do you do?


Newsletters are old school ?

So you might be thinking that making a newsletter is old school. But think again.

  1. It complements your Web site like a cup for your coffee. The coffee is not good without the cup right?
  2. Email newsletters are more cost-effective than print newsletters. I don’t have to say anything about this. We all low something that is free or almost free. Of course we do 🙂 If you print a newsletter you have costs for printing and then for mailing them.
  3. E-newsletters are interactive so you will of course send a link to your website. So you will get experience about the opening click rate and with the link click rate in the mail. So lets say that you have 100 people in your database. Maybe 50 percent will open the mail. And maybe half of the people that open the mail will click the link inside of it – right? Well then you will get 25 people on your website. Well what if you build up a database with 40.000 people than 10.000 people will click to your website. (That’s not old school – that’s a lot of clicks).
  4. You can test its effectiveness. Which headlines are working. Is it better to show pictures – and which pictures. In most email programs  you can do A/B tests.
  5. E-newsletters encourage word-of-mouth advertising. It’s easy to forward a newsletter. So your friends can tell other friends about your amazing article 🙂
  6. You subscribers love you. Your best customers are the ones that sign up for your newsletter. They love your tropic and they love your website so much that they want to hear more. So be sure to send them a mail when you got news for them. Don’t wait so long that they will forget you. And of course don’t send a mail every day or several times a day. Treat them like great customers.
  7. Get started now and you will have your backbone. Don’t wait for something. Start today – Start now. Start building up your email database and you will get your backbone in your marketing.


Now which Email program should you use

The heart in every email newsletter is the database is the software. So take a trip around and search for a great software program.  The reason why I chose Aweber was that ..

  1. I received many emails from experts that I could see was using Aweber
  2. They had great forums with support
  3. It was affordable
  4. When I was searching for auto responder it seems that it was the standard that all the other programs wanted to beat


It’s still new to me but it’s very easy to set up. I think I used 10 minutes from the time I signed up until I could start to collect emails. I was checking out a single video about it.


Why Aweber

Let me admit it – I love my Aweber already (and yes I am still new to the program). Here are some of the reasons why I love it.

  • Tons of Email Templates (remember to make your own – but that’s easy too)
  • Email Blog Updates Automatically
  • Track Who Opens Your Emails
  • Twitter & Facebook Integration
  • Publish Your Emails Online
  • Hundreds Of Sign-up Form Templates
  • Create Awesome Signup Forms
  • Unlimited Subscriber Campaigns (you can make a lot of lists without paying more)
  • Segment To Send Target Emails
  • Immediately Engage Subscribers
  • Track and Improve Performance
  • Set Your Own Delivery Hours
  • Live Support
  • Knowledge Base


I have an affiliate with Aweber. So if you check it out. And check other programs too and you finally want to use Aweber please click my affiliate link here – then I can get some of your link love 🙂

Try AWeber’s Email Marketing Tool Risk-Free



Wishing you a great day


I came across this on the internet (source) and I wanted to share it with you. Do you know what happen on the internet every 60 sec?


Let me tell you just a few things..

98.000+ tweets
370.000 minutes voice calls on skype
13.000 iPhones applications downloaded
81 iPad sold
75.000 dollars added to Google revenues
168 million emails are sent

Check much more here…


















Great and fun info – right?
















Wishing you all a happy new year..