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What Makes Facebook a Valuable Marketing Tool?

Every business needs a good marketing strategy to be at the top of the game in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. With strategy comes the proper tools and channels to execute the plan. One of the most popular tools for digital marketing today is Facebook, so let’s see why this social media platform has become so widely used. 

Launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his co-founders, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin, Facebook is a stroke of genius that has fast become a must-have in today’s digital world. It’s designed to appeal to every generation, and let’s face it—everyone’s on Facebook. 

The social media platform is available in 109 languages. It has more than 2.5 billion active users per month, more than any other social media platform. Due to the huge potential to reach a lot of people, it comes as no surprise that many businesses opt for Facebook to market their products or services. 

It’s no secret that many consumers surf the internet before making a decision to purchase anything. And with Facebook’s billions of users, the massive opportunity to acquire potential customers should be taken into account by every company out there. 

Unlike traditional advertising methods, running ads on Facebook doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. A business with a proper marketing strategy in place can make it work and expect to reap the rewards. Every minute, 400 users sign up on the platform. That’s like finding a gold mine if Facebook marketing is done properly.

Businesses can utilize demographic targeting, offering products and services through the Custom Audience feature. It works like magic, narrowing down the field, and weeding out those who do not fit. This is one aspect that gives digital marketing the edge over traditional advertising like television and radio—the ability to customize and personalize the customer experience.

Facebook is good for brand awareness

Facebook is good for brand awareness as it provides businesses with maximum visibility at a minimum cost. Ad campaigns can set a goal, depending on if a company wants to attract a certain target audience to like the page or direct them to a website or a landing page. It’s also a valuable tool to increase engagement and form a lasting relationship with customers. A business can address a problem and provide solutions right away when a customer leaves a review or a comment or sends a direct message.

Many brands have taken the lead like Samsung, for example, amassing 160 million page likes. Coca-Cola, Disney, Redbull, KFC, and even Microsoft Windows jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Facebook as a marketing tool

More and more marketers believe in the importance of Facebook as a marketing tool. More precisely, 67% of them refer to it as the most important social media platform. It is something that will not be changing anytime soon. Since 70% of consumers search for products they need to buy on Instagram and Facebook, we’d have to agree social commerce optimization is inevitable.

So if you’re already running a business or you’re planning to launch a business, it’s vital that you take these amazing facts about Facebook into account and use them to your advantage.

Tracking Social Media Followers And Performance With Different Tools For Conversions

You can increase the traffic to your site when you get more of your social media followers to visit it. However, in order to do so, you will need to track your social followers as well as the performance of your site and posts. This will enable you to find whether you need to make any changes in your posts to attract more new followers to your social accounts and site.

The best way to track your social media performance is by using Google Analytics. 

  • This tool will enable you to know a lot of things about your social site and website visitors. 
  • With this knowledge, you will be able to couple the data from your social media and website. 
  • This will, in turn, enable you to create the most productive traffic-driving machine to your site.

With the help of Google Analytics, you will be able to know the exact types of content people want from you and like to respond. You will also come to know about a significant fact: the particular type of social networks your audience prefers. 

All these facts and knowledge will eventually help you to drive more traffic and leads to your website. In addition to that, it will provide a high ROI of social media efforts.

Watch out for the Competition

In any field of business, there is a lot of competition. You will need to watch out for this and study your competitors as well. Once again, these analytical tools will help you a great deal in that. With the help of these tools, you can do different things, such as:

  • Research on social media
  • Implement new strategies 
  • Know different unknown and uncovered data
  • Formulate a better plan for your marketing to be foolproof and in the process 
  • Save time and earn more.

Studying your competition is an excellent way to know about the strategies that are working and incorporate these into your social media marketing campaigns.

Therefore, make the best out of the competitor analysis section that these social media tools usually come with. You will get a complete breakdown of :

  • Their content
  • Click-through rates 
  • The content that is getting more views and 
  • The contents that are converting to more click-throughs.

Your competitors are just like the research and development team. You can make their success your template and consider their failures as a warning sign. This will help you to gain more social traffic and followers for Instagram, whom you can then drive towards your website. 

Focus on specific analytical tools

When it comes to analyzing your social media followers and determining the ways to increase traffic to your site, you will need to focus on specific analytical tools to use for that matter. 

You will get a comprehensive and extensive list of some of the best social media tools, so much so that you will be overwhelmed to make a choice. However, when you choose, you must make sure that you look into a few specific factors, such as:

  • The platform the tool exclusively works best for
  • The depth and usefulness of the analytical reports that it provides
  • How useful it is for your business needs
  • Whether you can use it to analyze and optimize your social media audience
  • Whether it allows for simple and affordable solutions and help in your social media management
  • Whether or not it has the necessary analytics and scheduling features, and more.

Remember, it is only an excellent analytical tool that will not only help you to formulate your marketing strategy but will also enable you to know when and how to run quizzes, contests, and promotions to stack up against your social media marketing campaign against your competitors. 

Tools to track social traffic

In addition to the general analytical tools, you will also need to consider using specific tools that will tell you about and monitor your social media traffic. This will ensure that you not only know what your opponents are doing and publishing on social media but will also help you to find the opportunities to recommend your support and even use social listening, this will ensure that you avoid any potential nightmare when it comes to PR.

There are some of the best social media tracking tools available on the market that will help you to track your followers, your brand, your competitors, lead generation as well as react to the reputation issues quickly. Some of these tools that have made social listening simple and easy are:

  • TweetDeck
  • TweetStats
  • HubSpot
  • TubeBuddy
  • HootsuiteTweetDeck and 
  • MavSocial. 

This is not an exclusive list. There are several others that you can consider using as well. However, the best and most preferred analytical tool by the marketers and advertisers happen to be Google Analytics as it tracks the social traffic in the best way possible.

Using Google Analytics

If you are a beginner, you may need some help to use Google Analytics. However, this is not a task that will need a lot of time and effort from your side. All you have to do is:

  • Set up a social media marketing dashboard in Google Analytics. This will provide you with relevant and more quantitative data that will help you to know which particular social media channel is driving the maximum, qualified, and targeted traffic to your website. You will also understand how they are interacting with your website.
  • Also, set up a Google Analytics dashboard in addition to that. This will help you to monitor and analyze your social media efforts to determine the ROI.

Most importantly, you must identify your social media goals and objectives using S.M.A.R.T. technique. This means our goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely, in short SMART.

Summing it up

With the help of the new Google Analytics social reports, you will be able to scale your business with an increase in your social media followers. Drive them top your site with virtually no up-front investment. 

This report provides everything at a glance, making it a lot easier to track social media traffic and performance.

Author bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues. 

The dynamics of Influencer authenticity on Instagram to drive social media marketing: A brand’s perspective 

It’s not an uphill task to acquire massive follower base if you really have the intent to do that. As things turn out, followers are generally insufficient and there’s paucity of audience, regardless of your brand or image. 

When interacting or working on a deal with influencers, corporate needs to pay minute attention to their authenticity. It starts with their very approach to influencer marketing and the messaging process. 

  • PianoHunters, one of the most professional and esteemed influencers in the industry have real followers and fans, who have genuine interest in their work/content.
  • It’s crucial to understand that a true and professional influencer will have a pervading influence over their target audience and followers. 
  • Taking social media’s growing needs into account, you need to take some time to research on the influencer you choose to rope in. 
  • You need to know more about their social media clout and influence. Following the total number of likes on their posts or their fan-following is not enough.
  • The objective is to see whether these people are fetching your desired engagement level or not.

The audience’s feedback on the influencer’s opinions is also important. As a brand, study the other companies the influencer has worked with before. Try to know the output of their marketing campaigns. Your general focus should be to establish the ingenuity and propriety of that influencer, or debunk it. 

Authenticity is the way forward

With sites like Stormlikes to get you real likes in no time, boosting the reach of an Instagram handle is a cakewalk these days. 

  • Authenticity and engagement matter more than likes and numbers. If these two are substandard, you are risking losing fans and wasting your budget. 
  • You think that the biggest asset to being an esteemed name is not to be timely, accurate or glitzy, but just to have a large fan base or/and the bandwidth to influence and lead? It’s not so. 
  • Authenticity is a very pivotal aspect of any social media marketing campaign, especially when it has an influencer in the loop. 
  • If consumers feel an obscure celebrity endorsement is duping them, your campaign will lose steam and drain your resources.

Technologically savvy consumers know the ball game of influencer marketing. They know that their beloved celeb is out there to pocket a few dollars by just uttering about a product or service on social media.

Credential checking is a must

The concept of social media marketing vis-à-vis influencer marketing is nothing new. As a brand, you need to evaluate certain attributes to get the right influencers on board. Engagement should be your main yardstick to know the reach of a celeb. 

  • A person who engages a large number of followers, propelling them to like, and comment and share posts is definitely commercially viable. 
  • To gain the followers’ trust, influencers have to be authentic. The content must showcase their true passions and forte, highlighting their niche. 

Their sponsored content shouldn’t be a sales promotion. Expertise, leadership and activity are three other crucial attributes to check in this regard.

Capture Your Instagram Audience And Engage With Them Through Gleam

If you want to organize powerful and pervading Instagram giveaways and contests, you know you’re on the right track of engaging your audience. Gleam helps you run syncopated campaigns that attract viewers, engage them and grow your brand. 

  • There are 10 ways to enter the groove. These are logging in or entering using Instagram, telling them about your idea of IG contest, see over 40 gleam tips and tricks for your next contest, and visiting Nike on IG and viewing the photo on Instagram.
  • You can also view the same video on the platform, select video or image from Instagram, see or set an example from UGC Instagram Gallery, and refer pals for additional entries and signup to build a similar campaign. 
  • So, why should you use Gleam for your IG contests? The app has been around since its very advent. 
  • It has been working closely with a large following to bring the best features.
  • It has powerful and pro-active Instagram options. By building exposure, you can reward your followers, invariably growing your base with compelling IG-entry actions.
  • You can track entries and select the winners. You can run smooth campaigns with an automated process of entry selection and validation.
  • It has a manual or random winner assortment. You can collect entries devoid of friction. 
  • Collect them from comments, mentions and hashtags sans users having to leave the section.
  • You can also present your submissions by using the stylish and compact galleries, and displaying a variety of contest entries. 

The business growth engine

Gleam provides a more engaging and robust content. The app features sweepstakes, which you will not find in Rafflecopter. 

  • Gleam ensures each customer that in every contest you participate in, it will result in the growth and cultivation of your prospects. 
  • You can launch a contest with this tool to achieve your objectives, regardless of it having anything to do with your social media followers or email list. Many users pay for Instagram views by registering as active members in sites like stormlikes.
  • It’s easy to add entry methods. The method is quick and simple. The drag-to-drop functionality is very quick. 
  • You can select the type of entries you seek. They offer an assortment of entry modalities. You can then order them as your preference.
  • One of its unique features is that, unlike most other platforms, Gleam entails a verification for each action. The app tracks you on the basis of your completion of giveaway actions.
  • It helps you obtain qualified and real data, saving you time. You don’t need to dig through the avalanche of entries that are yet to fulfill their requirements.
  • If you want, you can set certain entry actions as repeatable stuff each day. You can reward your active viewers by allowing them to share or tweet on FB regularly for more points.
  • Gleam also helps you to embed or mark a YouTube video to develop its interactive features. It shows your visitors what they can clinch or how they can step into your giveaway.

Entering Gleam giveaways

If you have seen numerous online competitions, you probably know about Gleam tools and widgets. You use them on websites, blogs, and FB pages. 

  • Gleam giveaways entail 1-20 entry tasks, which can be both optional and mandatory.
  • When a giveaway ends, it randomly chooses a winner from its entries. The concerned promoter connects the person via email. 
  • The promoter can also display the name and picture of the winner on Gleam widget.
  • Gleam giveaways are comparatively a lot quicker because you can perform tweeting tasks with just one click. 
  • You don’t need to copy and paste links for that matter. 
  • As an entrant, although it’s for you, it also makes things harder for the concerned promoter to evaluate entries after the procedure.
  • That’s precisely why bloggers who want to run multi-tasking giveaways, generally prefer Rafflecopter. 
  • However, the majority of promoters and compers prefer the feel and look of Gleam. 

Know the viability

You can find many marketers using giveaways as a primetime tool for building their lists. Although it’s good and reliable strategy, it doesn’t guarantee high ROI because these lists also comprise individuals with zero interest in your product/niche.

They only participated because of the free nature of the giveaway. Considering this backdrop, experts ask you to use Gleam contests to grow and sustain your social media following. 

  • If your contest is getting sponsors, you can also use it as an incentive to give more social media space and exposure to those sponsors.
  • In addition to creating an email list, Gleam also provides you with an option to expand your social media engagement or/and following. 
  • It supports every major social networking domain, which include Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, and others.
  • You need to remember that Bleam is not just a blogging tool. It’s the perfect choice for internet marketers and entrepreneurs, who are either promoting a product (SaaS) or launching a tool/product.
  • The best part is it has numerous sample contests that can give you a good idea of possible components for your next and first giveaway.
  • With the superb Gleam features, you have endless possibilities. 
  • A contest starts by creating a Gleam account. After entering the dashboard, you can start giving a giveaway in two main ways.
  • You can copy a proper giveaway idea from underlying competitions. You can also create a brand-new contest from scratch. 

It only takes a few steps to set up a giveaway. Use the locations and language bar to confine your giveaway to a specific area or geo-location. It can really be useful for you in certain scenarios.

Accelerating interactions on social media

If you do a market survey, you’ll find that Gleam is the most common software for budding entrepreneurs on Instagram. The thriving giveaway platform engages your current followers, propelling them to post about your giveaway. 

It also causes new followers and customers to interact with the process and share the product. It’s share entry option is truly viral. It’s an option that drives your followers or customers to invite their pals to join in on your giveaway. 

Author bio

Karen Anthony is an Instagram and social media marketing analyst having years of experience and knowledge. She is passionate about new gadgets & technology.

Are you ignoring online reputation management? Ways to course correct

As a start-up business owner or successful entrepreneur, are you guilty of overlooking your brand’s online reputation management (ORM)? If yes, then you must consider it at the earliest. Most customers research a brand today before making a purchase. Hence, if the search engine has too little information or harmful information about your brand, your sales will take a bad hit.

You can conjecture several scenarios here, such as:

  • The online users might come across very little to zero data about your brand. Here the users can depend on your brand’s sales writing skills along with the guarantee you provide. Else, they also have the chance to search for any other brand that provides, what you offer. This brand might have an online reputation and presence that commands more confidence. 
  • If you have good reviews, your potential customers might conclude your brand of having an excellent reputation. 
  • The customers can come across any negative reviews from past users.

These are all the pros and cons that you need to consider. Ignoring ORM will ultimately affect your business negatively. You need to join hands with an agency to implement a productive ORM strategy. To know more, you can get in touch with an online reputation management company New York. Some of the best steps to go about it also include:

1. Leverage both negative and positive reviews

Count on the productive discussions to highlight your best services and instill more confidence in people. When it comes to the negative reviews, take them as checkpoints for improvement. When a customer writes a negative comment on social media, don’t defend it. Instead, address it and understand if there’s a scope to improve. Even the one who wrote the comment will have a positive take away from the entire experience. 

2. Leverage your favorable reputation

Do you have customers saying good things about your brand? If yes, you need to acknowledge the same publicly and express your gratitude as well. It will make the customers who share their positive feedback feel counted.  And once the customers are happy, they will promote your brand through word of mouth publicity. Hence, you will add more to your favorable ORM and customer good-will.

The ideal way to go about it is not to get fearful of asking for feedback and reviews. Your customers might have good things to share about you. Until you request and provide them a platform to share, you wouldn’t know. You can list the reviews on your social media page or website.

3. Address online complaints, low stars and bad reviews at the earliest

Don’t get complacent with low stars, bad reviews, and online complaints. Even if the ratio of complaints is less than appreciation! That will come across as a sign of over-confidence, and it might go well with your audience at large. You can ask the customer who complained as to what went wrong for him/her in the customer journey. Take note of the valid points and assure him/her of better service. 

Forgetting to pay attention to your ORM strategy will go against your brand name. Online users must have a positive image of your company and contribute to more sales.

8 Tips to Build a Passionate Social Media Community

For a business, social media is a great tool for marketing their services and promoting their products. It gives them a platform to make an identity for their brand and reach the audience globally. There is another major advantage that a brand gets with social media, and that is interacting with their customers and building a community with them.

For a brand, having a social media community is crucial as it provides a lot of benefits like more engagement, loyalty, customer experience, and so on. Also, having a community means that you have the chance to increase your fan base and get more loyal customers.

If you have no idea how to successfully build a community on social media, then don’t fret. Here are some amazing tips that will help you achieve this goal for your brand.

Let’s explore these tips…

1. Make your brand recognizable

If you want to build a community surrounding your social media platforms, you need to ensure that people recognize your business and can connect with them. You need to make sure that the audience recognizes your brand easily and for that, you need to follow some tips:

  • Make sure there are social sharing buttons on your blogs or websites
  • Include your social media handles and website’s URL on your visiting card
  • Make sure if your customers have some queries, you reply to them personally and promptly 

2. Be honest and transparent with your business

A customer will only become a loyal consumer if they trust your services and has faith in your brand. To do that you need to ensure that you are always honest and transparent with the audience. If you make some mistakes, which is inevitable when you are running a business, owe it and move forward. Don’t lie about it, showing your humane side is important if you want your customers to have your back.

3. Collaborate with an influencer

You must collaborate with an influencer as they have a huge following on social media platforms. They can help you get more face time with new customers and get you more access. You need to hire an influencer to promote your product and this is the best way to work with them to get more benefits. But you can work on some other tips like:

  • Interview with an influencer
  • Tag them after writing about them or promote their brand
  • Promote each other’s post 

4. Make sure communication lines are good and always open

You need to make sure that your communication lines are always open, otherwise, you will lose customers. If your consumers are calling you again and again for solving a problem or fixing an issue, and are getting put on hold, it will not work for you.

You need to stay engaged with your community and find a way to do that, which is easy and open and transparent.

5. Have passion and lead with it

You must have a passion for your business and lead your social media community with a passion too. You need to make your community a part of your business and include them in your plans. It will help build trust within them, and they will love being part of a business that involves them in the decision process.

6. Customer service is important

You need to make sure that you pay importance to customer service too. You need to make sure that you increase the customer base not through just sales, but also after-sales. You need to make sure that your customer service is on point so that you answer all queries and fix people’s issues promptly.

If your customer service is top-notch, you will increase your user base more and have customers that are trusted and respect you more.

7. Narrate your story so that people can connect with you

If you want more people to connect with you, you need to tell them your story. Through words or images or other visuals make sure to tell people how your brand came into being and what the story behind the same is.

When you tell people about your story and use it as your campaign, a lot more people will be able to connect with it and will be invested in your brand.

8. Don’t commit to building a community if you cannot keep up

Building a community is a big commitment, and if you want to see results, you will have to work on it. You cannot start your campaign to build a community and then stop it mid-way, you have to see it through and work on it continuously to make it better.

With everything getting automated these days, it is important that you keep the conversation with your customer. Having a loyal social media community can help grow your business and these tips can help you grow and build your social media community.



DIY Reputation Management Tips for Small Businesses

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Do you want your customers to love, respect, and adore your small business? Then you should probably work towards a sound reputation strategy. Many potential customers rely on reviews and comments to build the perception of your business.

Since micro-enterprises and small businesses are relatively new in the market, they have to focus on building customer trust. That is where reputation management enters the picture. Before making a purchase decision, consumers consider the information that they hear about a service-provider. Therefore, improving customer service and managing reviews should be a top business priority.
Here are a few tips that you can implement for effective reputation management.

Provide brilliant customer service

You need to ensure your customer gets the best.

Regardless of whether it is before the purchase or after the purchase, the customer service your business offers should be brilliant. Research conducted by McKinsey shows that 70 percent of the customer journey depends on how the customer feels he is treated. Therefore, you should ensure that every interaction with the customer is pleasing.

Engage your audience

You should know how to engage your audience.

Your small business should not have a dull online presence. If you post loads of content but have a low response rate, there is a lot of work to do. Perhaps, you do not understand your target audience well enough. Before you attempt to woo the target audience again, build an ideal buyer persona. Then use this persona to figure out what content would be meaningful to them. When you post helpful content, you will find your posts and blogs getting more reactions than before.

Make your website mobile-ready

Optimizing the website speed across different devices is crucial.

More than half of the world’s online traffic happens due to mobile phones. Therefore, there is a significant emphasis on making websites mobile-ready.

Naturally, most people would bail on a site that fails to load in time. Think from a customer’s perspective and imagine how they would feel when they see a shabby mobile website that takes ages to load.

Wouldn’t it be frustrating? You can do your reputation a big favor by optimizing your website for different screens, especially mobiles.

Build your business profile

Look for business directories where you can list yourself.

As a small business, you need to craft your identity on the internet. When people can search for you and find credible information across websites, they will feel more confident in dealing with you. Otherwise, how would anyone know who you are? Therefore, you should build your business profile and get yourself listed on different services. Maybe you can consider using Google My Business to attract more customers to your website.

Leverage the power of social media

Create a social media presence wherever it makes sense.

Over 4.33 billion people are avid social media users as of July 2019. Understandably, this is a massive chunk of people scrolling on networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. If your audience is roaming these platforms, how can your business stay away from them? The best thing about having a social media presence is that it gives people exposure to you. Through targeted ads, you can find yourself the right sort of attention needed to generate leads.

Actively collect and monitor feedback

Customer feedback is a goldmine if you know how to use it.

You must actively try to collect feedback as it will help you improve your processes over time. Potential customers love to look at existing reviews before finalizing a purchase. A lack of reviews on your website can make customers feel uneasy. Don’t worry, as there are plenty of ways to garner more online reviews. It may seem overwhelming to keep track of whatever people say about you. That is why many small businesses use an online reputation management software to monitor reviews.

Appreciate positive feedback and tactfully handle negative feedback

Being responsive will never hurt.

Consumers are 1.7 times more likely to consider a business as more trustworthy if they acknowledge and respond to reviews.

Transparency is king. If you have positive feedback, properly appreciating them might create brand loyalty. You never know! When it comes to negative feedback, making up to the customer and showing them respect will go a long way. Always remember that an effort to please your customers is a long-term investment. While criticism about your business can damage the reputation, the way you handle the scene can build it.

Produce fresh and engaging content

Respect the audience and their time.

Let’s say you have a corporate blog. Do not post mundane content that is not adding value. In fact, try to do the opposite. Post fresh and engaging content that is meaningful. Many small businesses believe in using a blog to bring traffic to their website. The eventual goal is to generate leads, but if the content is of inferior quality, the sales will not happen. Your content needs to be impressive; otherwise, there is no use of posting it.

Attract traffic through SEO efforts

According to, “Thirty-three percent of small business owners cite ‘lack of capital’ as the top challenge they face.” However, this doesn’t mean that a business should compromise on SEO. When you generate meaningful organic traffic to your website, you move a step closer to a higher conversion rate. Use keyword research and figure out what the customer is searching for on Google. Try to work on those keywords to rank higher in search engines. Your business will be perceived as superior if it ranks higher on the list. Eventually, the right traffic will come, and the sales will follow.

Final Thoughts

There are several things a small business can do to build a positive and healthy reputation. Understanding the customer mindset and creating meaningful content is a must. Apart from that, the website is a crucial touchpoint that should be optimized across channels. The customer deserves the best. Your efforts to bring organic traffic to the website should be relentless. If you find monitoring reviews overwhelming, consider using a reputation management software. In the end, you should have loyal customers who love what you do.

How is newsletter important in content marketing?

A newsletter is another form of sending email to your potential customers. A company publicizes and releases its relevant information, news, articles to its clients. It is cost-effective and is also a great way of spreading your message to your audience.

Some tips for creating an email newsletter

Here are a few tips for creating the best newsletter for your business and organization.

Figure out your newsletter’s goal

Try to figure out what purpose you want to achieve through your newsletter. Your newsletter should generate leads? Or want to achieve more email contacts of your customers? Or create traffic on your website? Then only the rest of the decisions will flow on its own. Keep in mind that your newsletter should be more closely tied to your business goals rather than focusing on how many numbers of people viewed it.

Collect all your content

Once your goal is set, and then you will be able to find the content too. Try not to waste time before your next release. While researching or browsing, you may think the content would fit your requirement when suddenly you stumble upon some content start implementing. However, always remember that you can gather content by following your company’s profile. Such as in social networking sites, company blog, lead-generation content, internal newsletter, and also through training documents.

Template design

Try to get an idea and ensure how your template will look before writing content. In that way, you will be able to figure out how much space is required for your content. This factor is crucial as either you have to squeeze in with your content to fit into limited space.

Try to make your template attractive with minimal content and color formatting. Avoid flashy designs; it should be very easy and simple reading for your customers. According to data, it shows that more than 50% of users open their email through mobile, so your template should also be very mobile-friendly. Very few people open through the desktop. 

Newsletter size

Most people open their emails though various devices. Try to fit your newsletter in the universal standard size 600px wide, with an email body in 30 px wide. If you are not so familiar with designs, you can visit Designmodo newsletter template builder. You can also set a standard height as per the needs. Try to limit your users to scroll the template for not more than five seconds.

Personalize your newsletter

You can personalize with your customers by adding personal notes and smart content. You can segment your content to the group of people who you are close to. You can have quick conversion rates of your personalization notes are supported by marketing software.

Choose wisely your subject line

If your customers’ receives email from a real person, it signifies more. In that way, your recipients will not be confused as to why they have received such emails.

Make sure that your newsletter opens up in all browsers. So you need to do a testing phase in all browsers and email providers.

6 reasons you need professional to grow your YouTube channel

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. 

Millions of videos are watched on it regularly. So if you possess any kind of talent, you should make a YouTube channel without much ado. It will not only make you famous but also help you to earn a decent fortune. 

However, the competition on YouTube is getting furious with every passing day. 

Of course, good content is essential but there are other things that add value to your video. Long story short, you can only become successful on YouTube if you seek professional help. 

Here are the top six reasons why professional help is going to be crucial to the growth of your channel: 

Attracting traffic

Alright, you have got the potential to charm the public. But how the public is going to admire your talent if it does not see your work in the first place? 

Imagine you spend weeks to create a video, and it goes down unnoticed. That’s where you will need professional assistance to spread your work in every nook of YouTube. 

You might be able to write a catchy title for your video, but it needs to be optimized as well. Even if you have some idea about keywords, you could stuff keywords unnecessarily and spoil the whole title. An SEO expert will make things a lot easier for you by adding an appropriate and sufficient number of keywords in the description, tags, and headline.  

The total number of daily active users on YouTube is staggering 30 million, yet you will have to put some effort into getting the required attention. Every recognized YouTuber must have taken help from a first-rate SEO company at some point.

Improves video quality

Once you have managed to pull in the audience, your next challenge would be to retain it. Valuable content is one reason why everyone would stay glued to your video, but video quality will also have a huge role to play in the retention. If visuals are unclear and people have to put effort into seeing the pictures, you have lost the public then and there. 

It is mistakenly assumed that having a superior camera will look after this issue. It can’t be any further from the truth. As a non-professional, you would not know how much brightness viewers would be comfortable with. Contrast, hue, and saturation are among the other things which can only be dealt with by an expert.      

There are tons of other complicated things which you might have to undertake to improve the watching experience. For example, you are shooting, and some noise (from your pet may be) has spoiled the whole video. If you have a professional by your side, you will not have to share that video expecting that nobody would notice that annoying noise. He will look after such tiny issues and save you from embarrassment.   

Quantifying video performance

Marketing experts say that what can be measured can be improved. In order to know more about how your videos are performing, you will have to get into in-depth analytics. It will help you to know so many things. 

For example, it will dawn upon you that whether or not you are targeting the right audience. Or, on average, at which point viewers discontinue watching your video and so on. Perhaps now you can evaluate the importance of this quantifying. 

Again, measuring all this data is a specialized area. Reading the analytics reports can be tough to break down for an outsider. So much so, many YouTubers have fright for YouTube Analytics. But avoiding this activity will not serve your purpose. A professional will be very useful to make life easier for you.  

Social media marketing

There is no doubt that social media can give a lot of exposure to your YouTube channel. Primarily, because of the number of social media users is overwhelming. Likes, shares, and comments are capable of taking your channel a long way. 

However, merely having an account on all social media sites is not enough. Without following a proper procedure, your videos will not reach out to the sizeable audience. You will have to take the help of a professional who is aware of its mechanics. 

For example, if your content revolves around fashion, the professional guy will let you know about the latest trends of the industry so that you can adjust hashtags accordingly and expand the reach of your video. Or he will schedule your posts to the optimal timings.   

If you are already present on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In but not accumulating the desired results, a misguided and flawed social media strategy is probably the reason. The solution lies in being hooked up with an expert on this field.  

Video editing

Done shooting a video? It’s time to edit. It includes things like releasing teasers to generate interest among your followers, adding accurate and compelling thumbnails, embedding YouTube cards and much more.

From the above features, it is not difficult to conclude that video editing is vast and diverse. There is no way you can rely on your “makeshift” editing skills. I would even venture to say that video editor is perhaps the first person you should take on board as soon as you get on with your YouTube channel.  

Growing channel through ads

We have talked about promotions to get organic traffic, but paid ads are another option that you can exploit to get quick results. There are three types of paid promotions on YouTube – True View Ads, Video Discovery Ads, and In-Stream Ads. If you are a total newbie, a professional can guide you the best regarding which type of ad is more likely to do well for you. 

Moreover, if you are running short on budget, he will assist you to accommodate ads in limited resources. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t assume that famous YouTubers are running their channels all by themselves. They might be in charge of the channels, but recipe to success for the majority of the YouTube lies in their team of solid professionals. That’s the quickest way to stand out from the millions of YouTubers out there.  

ashrosaAbout Ashley Rosa: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2.

Social Media Strategy: 6 Easy Ways to Write Fresh Social Media Posts for a Single Blog Post

Creation of valuable and consistent content is no minor feat. It requires planning, proper use of SEO keywords and engaging terms to receive a generous amount of clicks and attention. 

People spend a large portion of their time on social media and it is predicted that by 2021, more than 3 billion people are expected to be using social media which is approximately 40 percent of the world’s population. 

Nowadays, social media isn’t just used for connecting with friends and family but also for promoting businesses and brands. Social media marketing has become a popular technique implemented by businesses to advertise their products or services and bring in swarms of traffic. Companies can share posts regarding blog posts on various social platforms to build a following. Such posts aren’t limited to recent or fresh content only but you can also share the same content repeatedly with fresh and gripping captions and descriptions. 

The point should be to share information that is still relevant to your industry, business, and audience so the more you post, the more it circulates amongst followers and potential clients. However, promoting the same piece of content repetitively can lead to a writer’s block or lack of inspiration to come up with an interesting post.

We’ll show you the ropes on how to market a timeless blog post nth numbers of times with these 6 social media tactics that can assist you in coming up with enthralling captions and updates. 

1. Add Questions in your Captions

Try switching up the usual straight-forward post to a question that grasps reader attention and prompts them to click on the blog link attached. Questions are usually known to stimulate conversations under a post, which drives in traffic and reader engagement. As users see more people interacting with a specific post, it would spike their interest and prod them to check out the post as well. 

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have algorithms that favor updates that retain a lot of engagement, which means whenever the page is refreshed it will appear with other top updates and drive more traffic the longer it stays. 

For instance, if your blog post lists some of the best free PDF converters then adding a caption like “What are some of the best pdf to doc converters that you know?” would stir others to respond with their favorites and read your post to learn about others. 

2. Switch up the Use of Twitter Cards

Twitter cards save you both, characters and time. They allow you to use plain text and turn it into something attention-grabbing and unique from other tweets, to increase user engagement and click-through rates.  

It works by automatically generating an image, title, and caption that fit into the tweet. They bring invalidation to your site and add some extra content to your basic post while requiring zero effort. Also, they offer you the chance to switch things up and try different types of cards so your posts never go boring. 

Here are a few basic types of Twitter Cards you can use for your posts:

  • Summary Card: Default card which consists of a caption, description, thumbnail image and link to the blog post. 
  • Photo Card: Consists of an image only with a link to the original post.
  • Summary card with large image: Similar features to the summary card but with a longer description and larger image. 

3. Include Important Hashtags in Updates

Using hashtags is a quick and clever way of attaching your post to a larger audience. Especially after you’ve done a little research and observed the hashtags commonly used by other organizations in your industry. Examining the use of these hashtags allows you to carve your updates around those keywords and helps you get noticed by more readers. 

Most social media platforms allow users to follow and keep track of hashtags on a regular basis. Instagram allows you to post as many as 30 hashtags on one post so it can help interested people reach out to your post and engage with the content attached. Although Twitter has a word limit, if you use your chance wisely and add one to two track-worthy hashtags, there is a higher probability of your post to get noticed. 

4. Pull from your Post

Social media allows you to get creative with your posts to drive in followers from different corners of the world. Posting a quote from your article can be a great way to catch wandering eyes and attract organic traffic. Similarly, adding a short video clip or a sneak peek with a short but concise caption can gain user interest and have them click through links to arrive at the full-length video.

It is simple and effective to grab valuable pieces from your original post during promoting to give people a taste of what’s in store.

5. Focus on One Thing at a Time

Never make the mistake of discussing too many things at once in a single social media update as it can confuse or drive readers away. Sometimes, a certain aspect of a caption appeals to the reader but upon further browsing could cause them to lose interest before reaching the end. It’s important to focus on the main piece while constructing a promotional status update as to not puzzle the readers once they click on the actual link. 

6. Practice the Art of the Tease

A smart way to bring people to click on your links is to create a slight air of mystery regarding your posts. This means not giving away the content in your story but generating enough curiosity for users to click on the link. Be sure what you’re writing is not clickbait as such statements users and social networks know to be manipulative. 


Implementing the above tricks to come up with immaculate promotional status updates for evergreen content comes easy. Regardless of the social network, switching up your writing style or technique can help bring in fresh traffic and boost your click-through rate. 

Author Bio:

Arslan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Classic PDF Editor.