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MenWorldMost of traffic to e-commerce sites comes from search engines like Google. So the SEO is becoming very important for the e-commerce site.

Most of the big website do an amazing job, but there is one thing that a lot of them are totally forgetting – and its the user-generated content.


Why you have to take User-Generated Content (UGC) seriously

  • Your customers will leave you additionally information about your product. Maybe you have forgotten to say that your product weights 20 kg.
  • You will get some extra valuable keywords. Your customers will maybe say “cheap black car” a word phrase you are not using in your text, but now your page will be found. (Remember to say thx to the customer)
  • The customers will give you a higher keyword density for the keywords you already have. Maybe you are driving your traffic to your site using the word phrase “cheap cars”. And if all your UGC are talking about “cheap cars” it will help your ranking.
  • With the Google Panda and other updates from Google, it’s now more and more important to have fresh, relevant and always new content. With the UGC you will get this.
  • It’s not only product reviews. Remember the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube, Questions and Answers, discussion forums and much more..

You can use the UGC on a lot of your pages, but the most valuable inputs are the ones that are shown on your product page where people can actually buy your product. If the UCG leads the customers to another page first (like your Facebook page) you will loose a lot of people for every click they have to do.

So put your product reviews on your product page! Don’t say you are going to do this later.. DO IT NOW.


How to let your customers work for you

Here is how it’s going to be done. Take a look at
















But there are also a lot of top e-commerce site that doesn’t use the UGC on their sites. A big site like Dell..
















Even Best Buy is not having their product reviews indexed directly on the product page from Google.
















Do your own SEO Self-test

Okay the key to all this is that you need your UGC on your product page AND you will have to know if Google is indexing it. And as you could see Best Buy did have customer reviews on their page. But the point is that it’s not indexed – and then its no good.

So this is what you are going to do

  1. Find a page on your website that has customer reviews on it
  2. Search for the product in Google
  3. Find the product link on google. It should look like this
  4. Click on the cache version

I can’t find the cache version of Google Chrome or Explorer. But you can find it on Firefox. If your Firefox doesn’t show the cache version. Do this:

Here is the Firefox fix:

1. Go up to the Tools drop-down menu
2. Select Add-ons
3. Search for “greasemonkey”
4. Click Install next to the greasemonkey add-on
5. After installing and restarting Firefox to complete the installation, the ‘greasespot’ home page will come up (if it doesn’t, go to this URL:
6. Click on the link “Find Scripts”
7. Look for “Google Cleanup Script” – it should be about the fourth one down on the list.
8. The current version, 1.7f, includes the restoration of the Cache. Just click on the green “Install” button in the upper right hand corner.
9. Once installed, just go to google and search for something – CACHE is back!
10. The annoying preview pane is still available which takes up a third of the page, but there are ways to disable this.

(yes I know a lot of trouble to get the cache back – but its worth it)


Now do your SEO for your UGC

1 Do you have UGC on your site
2 If yes.. Check if the UGC is indexed in Google
3 If not… Do the technical thing you have to do. You will have to make it work
4 If you don’t have any UGC on your site get it. Use at least one like product reviews or Q&A
5 Get ready to get much higher in search
6 Send me a comment and say thx to me. LOL

Okay that’s enough for today.. Time for coffee and football


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GooglePlusRead here about “Search Plus Your World”.


Google is now introducing a brand new search too called “Search Plus Your World”. This new tool will be fully launched this week. Right now its only used if you sign in to and searching in English. This tool combines content that you shared with the user privately together with the normal publick web in one single body of results.

Suddenly all our SEO is being mixed with privately shared content – which is content from friends and families. The user also get the option to shift between searching their personalized information and searching the public web. So the user will be able to see post, photos from their friends, profiles of friends and conversations from Google+ when they search people’s name – according to “The New York Times”.

The personalized results means that is wanna find “Henrik Sandberg Jensen” (me) and if you knew me in private it would boost your search ranking. And this is very very important for us in SEO. Now we have to tage Google+ much more serious. If you take Google+ just as serious as Facebook likes and Twitter followers you absolut need some google friends in your circles. If you have a lot of people in your circles you search ranking will tage a boost.

So now I am going to start doing Google+ much more then I thought I would. So in a couple of days you will see my icon for Google+ on theses pages for

There are some concerns about the privacy issues here. Suddenly Google makes the private content more public. Google may also get some criticism that they will favour their own content rather then the content from Twitter and Facebook and other Social Media.

Its not a new thing that Google use personalized results in the search ranking. It started in June 2005 where the web content was giving a higher ranking based on interestes, habits or behavior of the online user. This personalized results was expanded in February 2007 and in the December 2009, where the personalized results were enable also for not signed-in users to Google.

Now in January 2012 with the Search Plus World you will have personal results based on online habits and interests with social results and public search. But here it is folks – it only cover Google+ (and Picasa) not Facebook, twitter, flickr and other Social Media networks.

Check it out here in a video from Google.



Take care out there … Henrik

(yes yes yes yes… remember to add me to your Google+ Circles)

reviewsSo what is this SEO all about? To get high ranking? To get traffic? No it’s not its all about getting more sales without paying for online or offline advertising.


So I want to tell you how you can get higher ranking and get more sale. Sounds sweet right? The trick is to encourage customer reviews is what it’s all about.


Often the websites are great.

The companies are trying to stand out from the competition. Often they have easy navigation and a great platform, they give good customer service and offer a great range of products. Often the problem is the webshop. The actual product pages.

I see a lot of websites with a standardized product description and only a couple of images. The product is standardized and could be sold in many hundreds of other websites. And because it’s a duplicate content you will have an issue with the search engines. They don’t like duplicate content – and so they don’t like your website. And you you will not get the higher ranking you deserve.

So as we know – content is king right? So first make some high-quality, unique content for your products. This will be the backbone of your SEO campaign. One way to create high-quality content is to encourage customer reviews on your products. This will not only boost your SEO rating – it will also boost your sale.

Reports from shows that customer reviews can boost your online sale with an average of 18%. So with customer reviews you will get unique content, higher ranking in SEO, more sale from your existing customers. Sweet right?


You benefits
With this customer reviews you will earn trust and reliability which are very important factor to Google. You will get unique content without spending a lot of time and money making it.

But there are much more benefits. The customers will share the information with their friends on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social media sites. So remember to have a lot of visible share buttons.

According to reports from Hitwise (an online retailer) each of their Facebook fan is worth 20 additional visits over the course of a year. So remember to make sure your Facebook like/fan is visible. So use Facebook in your marketing strategy.

We all know that our friends on Facebook – are very much like ourselves. So if we like a product its very possible that our friends will like it too. You get my point right?


How to encourage customers’ reviews?

Customers like incentives. So a good way to encourage customers is to offer a discount or maybe a special offer coupon that they can use next time they are shopping on your site. You can also give the 5 percent discount (but we want SEO without paying for the add right?). You can also do free shipping.

Another way to get your customers’ reviews is to do like Amazon and others. A week after the purchase (they must have received the product before you can ask them) you got to send them an autoresponder (email) where they can click and quickly give you a feedback that will show up on the product webpage.

Ask people to leave a constructive feedback to you about your product. If the review is bad but constructive, you can respond to the bad review and change the bold experiment to a better one. If somebody tells you that your red product wasn’t red at all. You can write back – saying that you have now been in contact with your supplier to make sure it’s red from now on.

You will have control over the reviews – and no – if the comment is factually incorrect, harmful or defamatory you should not publish theses reviews. You can write on your page that those kind of comments will not be published.


The conclusion

Remember to take your actual product pages seriously. Write a unique content about the products and let people help you make them unique. This will help you to boost your sale and boost your ranking.


Okay time for some coffee now… Take care out there…







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Yes we have all heard about Google+ right? Some of you have a Google+ account already right? I have a Google+ account. But is it really helping you in your search ranking at all?

The short answer is yes it does 🙂


Google has confirmed that the number of your +1 clicks really influences your position of your website in the search results.
So if you go above this article you can see a Google+1 button. So if you click it – well you have to have a Google+ account to make it work – you will help me in my ranking here. Its really that simple. You treat it the same way as with your Facebook like. Same thing. But yes – of course Google like Google+ in the ranking right.

A webpage that has many Google+ tells Google that people like that site. And so Google will show that webpage higher then the avarage ranking it would have had.


So what will this mean for your site?

If you haven’t got the Google+ like on your page GET IT NOW. Many websites don’t use it right now. So you will get an advantage if you add the button before your competitors.

So get the Google+ on your site NOW and get some better ranking 🙂

Best regards

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When you are searching on Google you might have seen that you can also find PDF documents. We all know that Google is really good ranking webpages. But Google (and other search engines) is also awesome reading PDFs. In fact it can do more than just rank the PDF documents. It can also index and rank them in the search engine results. And that’s why we have to do some SEO of our PDF documents.

Pinch yourself in the arm. I have been looking for something like this for years lol. Imagine putting your link building on autopilot. And now your dream (or mine at least) is going to come through. And one more dream… Its free 🙂 So if I can show you a free social bookmarking tool wouldn’t you just love it.

There have been a lot of talk about the differences and benefits of do-follow links and no-follow links for search engine optimization. Of course it’s good to do-follow because you will get the link juice from one site to the other site and also because of the anchor text for keywords relevance. But what about no-follow links. The no-follow links were created by Google. The idea was that Google would not follow the link to crawl its content.