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301 Redirects and SEOI am sure you all know the “404 message” or the “Page Not Find” page. You will see this a lot of the times. You can read a lot more about 404 messages here.

Typical you will get the “page not find” when

  • Maybe you have moved a page, that can still be found in the search engines.
  • Maybe your visitor have typed in a wrong URL
  • Maybe they have clicked on a broken link within your website (you can do something about that right)

And I wrote to you that you should optimize your 404 page.


So what is a 301 page?

When you are changing your website or blog. Your page will change adresse. And suddenly your customers and the search engines can’t find your page. Normally you will get a 404 page. But with a 301 redirect instruction you can send the customers to the right page – or an alternative page. If the orginale page was deleted.

Maybe you are selling used cars. And the car on the page has been sold – so you have deleted the page. But the reference with the link is still out in the search engines. So you need to make a redirect.

So when you redesign or moved pages remember to use the 301 permanent redirects so you don’t have to get started all over. You will keep your ranking in the search engines. Awesome right?


So when to use a 301 permanent redirect

  1. If you have only website. If you 2 address but only 1 website. Like me I have but also I will need to fix this so there is only one website available. I think I will pick and make a redirect of the other one.
  2. Get more link juice (Duplicate Content). If half the incoming links are linking to and the other half is linking to each page will only get half the juice. So I am spreading out my links. I need all the links to only one page. And get the double juice.
  3. Domain change. If I decided to change my domain name to all the work I have been doing to get my links out has been wasted. So if I did that I would surely need a redirect. It will tell the search engines that my pages are still out there and I will keep my ranking.
  4. Multiple Domain Names. A lot of companies buy other domain names to protect their product or brand. So instead of just lead the people to a dead end, its much better to redirect them to your active website.


Enjoy your day out there… take care



eyeYou only have 3 seconds to show most of the visitors what your site is all about. So if you are loosing the customer when they get to your website – all our great SEO isn’t worth anything right?

So don’t confuse them. Is your website credible and trustworthy? Does it look professional?  The visitor will think of your company the way your website is looking. So how do you want to sell to a customer if your website looks unprofessional.

And the people today have no patience. So if they can’t find the information they are looking for they will Google another website. So when you are doing your design remember that – Don’t let the visitors think. Make it easy for your customers. Use a common sense approach to web usability.

Be serious about your design. Here are some few general guidelines for you.


Guiding the Eye – don’t let the visitors think

Remember your visitors are not interested in your design, colors and so on. They are interested in your information. Your design and colors will help them when they are visiting you. But don’t make it the main thing. The main thing is your information.

Normally the logo is placed on the top left corner. So unless you have a very special design and got a very unique idea, give the people what they want. Let’s say you place it in the lower right corner. Your visitors don’t know who you are, they can’t find the logo (well it will take them 1 min.), they will have to scroll down. And suddenly the visitors have used 1 or 2 min. on the website without concentrating on the information. And remember often 1/3 of the visitors will leave your site if they are confused after 5 or 10 seconds. So unless you have a great plan for it… Don’t let the visitors think.

Think precedence. You should help the visitors’ eyes. Guide them. Use a stop color if you want the people to pay attention to something special. You are in control of the user’s eyes. So be sure what you are doing.

  • Position — if you want the visitors to see something place it on the upper part of the page. We read from top – left to right (not the whole world I know).
  • Color — Use bold if you want to draw attention to a text. A special typography will also tell the visitors what kind of text they are looking at. So let a quote look the same around your site and so on.
  • Contrast – contrast makes things stand out. But remember that also make the other things fade out a little – right?
  • Size — big draws attention.
  • Elements – maybe you are using a special kind of graphic element that can draw attention from the visitors.


Sweetie187 /Free Photos

Don’t be afraid of space. Spacing can make things look more exclusive.

  • Line Spacing. Line spacing can make it easier to read your text.
  • Padding. Padding is the space between text and elements like images. They should never touch each other.
  • White Space. Don’t be afraid of white spaces on your website. White spaces can help you to make other things stand out and make your site look more exclusive.


Maybe you have heard the new buzzword. Usability. Well navigation is king of the usability. Lol – no it’s not. But it’s very important.
You will probably have a top navigation bar. But you can also have navigation on your pages. A link to another page on your site is also a navigation.

The main thing is that people should know when its a navigation link. Normally when you can click on a navigation link you will have it underlined. Again don’t let the people think. Make it easy to find and use your navigation.

If you have many sub-pages a good idea is to use drop-down menu. If you have a large website (a website with many pages) a good idea is often to use a bread crumb trails. So people always know where they are on your site.

typography class
sincretic /Free Photos

When you are choosing your typography – there are some things that are important to consider.

  • Font choices – be consciously about your choice. Do you want a modern slim look, retro look. If you are selling hot fashion will probably not have an old fashion typography
  • Font sizes – Remember that people have to be able to read your text. Get your grandparents to read your text. 🙂
  • Line length – Don’t make your lines too long. The longer the lines are the harder they are to read.
  • Color – Don’t make your text in a color that have to low contrast to your background.
  • Paragraphing – Maybe you should use spacing around your paragraph. There is no general rule about this. But do a test or two.


Many people are saying content is king – but I heard more and more people saying – Usability is king. And even though they might be wrong – it’s still a very very very important element.

Take a step away from your computer. And imagine what people want to do on your site. Let’s say you have a website with used cars. So a visitor on your site is maybe looking for a used car.

But how will the visitor search for it. The type of car, the size of car, the color of the car or…

Really the best thing you can do is to make some usability test. Invite people over. And give them a test. Like to find a black Toyota from 2008. How long time did it take them to find the information. If you had 10 people over was it only one person who could find it in 5 min. What can you do to help people?

You can also get ideas from other websites about used cars. Check them out. Write down the good elements, the bad elements. Take your visitors seriously.


Consistency is very important for your website. Make sure you are using the same font, headline, subtitle font, colors, navigation. Using consistency means that you are making it easier to visit your site.

The easiest way is to use a template. Then you know it will stay the same.


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Optimizing your 404 error page is one of the most overlooked SEO techniques. With an optimized 404 error page you can keep the customers on your page a longer time. And keep them on your website.

Okay grab your cup of coffee – ready?


First what is a 404 error page?
Well there can be several reasons why a visitor might get a 404 error page from you?

  • Maybe you have moved a page, that can still be found in the search engines.
  • Maybe your visitor have typed in a wrong URL
  • Maybe they have clicked on a broken link within your website (you can do something about that right)

So you see – often you can’t ready stop visitors getting a 404 error page. But you can write to the customer on the error page and make them come back to your site. So let me show you what you can do.


How does this error 404 page looks like?

Typical a error 404 looks like this:


Maybe your customers have been searching for something interesting and they have thought they had found it at your website. And now they are just getting a error 404 page. So give them something great. Your customer is frustrated and they will most likely leave your website.











Now how do you optimize your error 404 page?

There are a lot of great content you can give your visitor.

  • First of all – you have to let the visitor know that the page can’t be found. That’s the most important content.
  • Put a link to your site map. This can sometime help the frustrated customer
  • Put a link to you FAQ page
  • Why not show the most recent post or the most popular posts.
  • Include your search bar. This will allow the visitor to find the page that he or she is missing.

So you can aword dead end with broken links or URLs that is leading nowhere from the search engines, or misspelling from the visitors – but try to keep the potential customer on your page.

So go and fill your error page with great content and great usability 🙂


Ready for some inspiration?

Let me show you some few examples of how you can do great content on your error 404 page – from New York Times, Apple and Dell.





















































I hope this can make you feel inspired 🙂

Time for another cup of coffee?


Keyword Research OriginalWell…. So many potential keywords. Where to start… Well if I was Columbus (do you know that TV show?) I would follow the money.

Let me go step by step in showing you what to do in getting the right keywords for your website. Okay did you get your coffee? If yes.. Let’s start…


1. First of all find the most relevant keywords for your business. If you are in the business of selling cars. Your relevant keyword is a car. But if you can make it more clear – it will work much better for you. Maybe your real business is Used Cars. So be as precise as possible.

One way to to find keywords and get ideas is to go to the Google Keywords Tool. Try it now. Type in the words Used Cars – and suddenly you will get over 100 new ideas. Easy right?

Now take away all the keywords that is not relevant for your business. Google doesn’t know everything (wow did I  write that – lol).


2. Second be sure that your SEO keywords get enough traffic. Maybe you have found your perfect SEO keyword but nobody is really looking for that. You could have found “Used hybrid cars for families with dogs” (yes I know its long – but I had to come up with something).

The traffic for that phase is just to small. So how do you check the traffic? Well the Google Keywords Tool is helping you here too. You can check how much traffic there is on the internet.


3. Competition is important. Many you have found that the best keyword is “Used Cars” – very very relevant and tons of traffic. But I am afraid you will get a problem. There are a lot of companies selling used cars – and a lot of them already have a lot of traffic, backlinks and so on. So it will be very hard for you to get on the first page when people are searching for used cars. So you will have to check out the top 10 companies using that word phrase.

There are different programs on the internet that can tell you about the competition. I use a program called Market Samurai. Here you can quickly check out if there are companies on the market that are relative new, who has few backlinks, low page rank and so on. In other words – can you make it to the first page on Google (or other search engines).

Another could be SEO Power Suite. (Please write back to me if you know other programs and the best are FREE programs of course).

How to check competition in Market Samurai

Check competition, market samurai


Try the Market Samurai for free by clicking on the banner below here 🙂

x v



Now we are almost there. We only need to check one more thing. Do you still have coffee in the cup?


4. The last good thing to check is Commerciality. And why? Well maybe you have found a perfect relevant keyword with a ton of traffic and you can see that you can make it to the first page – BUT … (Yes yes I know there’s always a BUT also in this world lol).

Is the word worth anything. What are companies paying to get high on Google Adwords. If you have found a word that people would pay a lot of money for you have found you Gold. And why is this important. Because companies will never pay for a word then they can sell and make money for. So if people are buying a word for … Hmm…. 10 dollars (yes I know that was high) they must make more money then 10 dollars for a click right?

I wasn’t going to write this much… I hope I didn’t lose you … Lol….. Yes yes I know your coffee is cold – sorry for that.





Did you know that you can get a FREE advertising on Google. Yes you can. But many small business owners and shop owners are not aware of the possibilities. Get traffic, leads and customers in your shop NOW and FREE.

Google has been trying to increase their value of their local searches and their mapping application. Thats why they have made a very simple way for you – if you have a local shop – to tell them about your information about your business. And the really cool thing for you is – that they are putting some of this information into their main search engine. So what is this all about then? In short – you get free advertizing on Google – yes yes yes yes. This can help you to get more traffic, get leads and customers in your shop… so go and sign up for it NOW.

According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you with Google Places for business – a free local platform from Google. So let me tell you a little about how it works and why you should use it TODAY. Don’t miss out the business opportunities. So you have a little shop on Manhatten selling coffee.

Go to and write “coffee manhatten new york” in the searchbar. You will see this…

















Amazing right?  The customers can you see where your shop is placed. They can see a short text about your shop.

If you click on the shop to the left. You will see a popup with the shop on the map.
















But the customers don’t have to go to Google Maps to check out the local business or shops. The results are included in the general search results.

Let me show you the generel result for the search “Coffee Manhattan New York” in

















So you see your local searches are very very visible for the customers even in the general searches.


Claim you listing NOW

If you have been in business for awhile or if you have had different shops, you might be listing in more then one list. Multiple adress and different phone numbers can lower your rank in the local listing. So sign into your Google account and claim the listing. You will need to require verification  by phone and you can fix wrong information.

And remember to add all your great text that will make your listing stand out 🙂



After your have claimed your local listing – you will have to make sure that it will show for the keywords that make sense for your shop. So select the appropriated categories or make your own. This is a huge part of SEO for your local listing.

You will have to pick one category that is provided by Google. But you are in control of the rest. So if you are selling coffee on Manhattan. Make a categories like “coffee for sale” or “Irish coffee”


Use of keywords

When you are writing the business description – it should contain your keywords as well as your marketing text. Make your description unique and use your keywords in a natural way.


PS PS… I was just told that in order to effectively optimize for local buisness – you have to add your place/lacation along with your keywords in the description as well as in the categories..  well I still learn too 🙂

So if your shop or local shop is not on Google local listing – you gotta do that now. Get the traffic going, the leads and the customers to your shop. Today. Good luck.




secretSo you wonder how Google calculates its ranking right?

Well here it is – it’s for you – and the best part is that it’s FREE.

Well I have to be honest to you – I don’t have it from Google. The percent is taken from a 72 SEOs surveyed for SEO moz’s biennial search ranking factors. But it’s getting very close to the real thing.

So lets run through the algorithm because it’s so very important to everything we are going to do with SEO.

First of all did you see that “Link Popularity of the specific page” and “Anchor Text of External Links to the Page” together makes up for around 42 percent of the ranking. Yes you read it right. That’s why link building is so important.

That’s why all the SEO people keep running around shouting about getting links to your page. And that’s why we will pay high attention on links and getting those backlinks. I will tell you much more about what to do later on.

Google Algorithme, Google Ranking

How Google calculates the ranking of websites

And did you also see the growing importance of social media. The links coming from social media are very important for the ranking. Here its over 5 percent. And that is also links. So over half of the ranking on Google is about links


On page keywords usages

Another interesting thing is the onpage keywords usages are only 15 percent of the ranking. So no matter how much effort you are doing to write your keywords into the text, make the picture tag making extra pages with the keyword – it only counts for 15 percent.

Of course 15 percent is a lot too – and if your keywords is not on the page you will have a problem. So we still have to work with the on page keywords.


Traffic and CTR data

And yes – traffic is important. Websites with a lot of traffic must be more important than websites without or with less traffic.

And the CTR (click through rate) it’s important. How many times are your website shown in searches compared to how many time people are clicking on your link.

That’s why you have to work with the meta description even though its not really important in the ranking – but make people curious so they just have to click on your link.

Well.. Now its time for some coffee..


MonkeyYou got an ide for a business on the website but you are not sure what to call it?

Well the name of your homepage is very importent for Google and the other seach engines. You wanna get a high ranking on your main keywords and the name of the website tells Google and the other seach engines what is importent to you.

In other words – if you wanna get high on the word “SEO” you better be sure that this word is in your name too. But I tell you there is a big competecen for that word. So another way to find your name for your business and your website is to choose 2 or 3 main words.

Then go to Add your 2 or 3 keywords and check out the different combinations that are available :)… Yes I know… its REALLY AWESOME. Try it.

I got my name for this website this way. Let me know if it works for you too.



toolsHere I will collect the most awesome tools you can use to optimize your webesite.

So PLEASE HELP.. tell about the tools in your comments and I will slowly build this page better and better.







Page checker (Free) – Search engine optimization tool for checking the current PageRank from (multiple) sites. (Free) – also a PageRank checker, fast and easy

Do you wanna check if Google has indexed your pages – well here is the tool


Keywords (Free) Keyword Density Checker – really awesome tool

Google Keywords Tools (Free )If you only wanna use one tool. Then its this one. Write a keyword, get ideas, check traffic estimates. There are 2 kind of people in this world – those who love Google Keywords Tools and those who are lying. (Free) Really cool site with an awesome Keyword Density analyzer. Great tool. Try it…. (Free) Extract keywords from any website and create a list of single, double, and triple word keyphrases. (Free) Check a website’s search engine position for multiple keywords.


Links (Free) Wanna check your backlinks, their PR, the score.Great tool (Free) How popular are your site and you can also compare it with 2 other sites.


Social Media (Free) Amazingly fast tool. Analyzes everything from Alexa to Technorati to Compete. (Free) This tool finds you all the backlinks from Twitter to your site. Amazingly quick. (Free) Where are your site mentioned in the social media. Information is gathered from Google blog search, Twitter, Friend Feed, Youtube, Myspace, Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Digg, Delicious, Furl and Reddit.


SEO reports – this program will give tell you excatly what to do to get on the first page on a seach engine. Awesome report (but not free).


googlelogoGoogle is constantly making changes and evolving its algorithm. So a challenge for all working with SEO is to keep up with Google. Let me tell you what happened in January. The biggest change was the “search plus your world” so you will have to take Google+ much more serious now.

But there have been other changes too that will affect your search ranking on Google. Let me give you a short summaries of the other changes here.

Improve detection of recurrent event pages
. Google made several improvement to how they determine the date of a document. Google wanna show fresher and more timely results, specially for pages discussing recurring events.Fresher results – Google made several adjustments to the freshness algorithm that was first released in November. Google want to show the user the freshest, most relevant results.

Auto-complete spelling corrections and better spelling full-page replacement. Google are trying to improve its corrections used in auto-complete. So when I am searching for SeoCustomer Google will show me the results for “Seo Customer”, because Google is sure I am spelling it wrong. Most of the time its a great thing. So Google will automatic show the results for what Google things is the right search.

High-quality sites algorithm improvements with Panda updates. Google is still trying to improve its Panda update that is launched in 2011. So again this is a way to show fresher content.

Cross-language refinements. Google will do a better attempt to auto-detect the language of the original display language. If a user is typing a query in Danish he or she might see Danish query refinements, even if the user language is set to Danish.

English on Google Saudi Arabia. Now the users in Saudi Arabia can more easily choose an English interface to search on


Ready for more ? I will just get me another cup of coffee here.

Okay back..


Imporved image search quality. This is a smaller improvement to Google’s image search ranking algorithm. This improvement will help high-quality landing pages to get higher in images searches.
So remember to tag your pictures with your relevant keywords – right?

More relevant related searches. When you are making a search on Google you will see a section called “Searches related to” at the bottom of the screen. Google has now updates its algorithm for showing more relevant website to the user.


So as you can see Google is focusing a lot of its attention on freshness. So why not make sure you get comments on your page and remember the product reviews from your customer.

And you did read my post about Google+… maybe the biggest change in the history of Google?

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One of the most important things to do when you do SEO is to get a higher ranking right?


But if you want to get a higher ranking you have to check your ranking to see if all your efforts are working. Yes yes yes I know.. Also if you want to keep your boss happy. So lately I have been looking out for a great ranking checker program or tool.

Let me show you just a few of them – so you can get inspired. And yes I want to start with a free one. One I just discovered here a couple of days ago.


FreeMonitorForGoogleFree Monitor for Google
I am so amazed. I just wish I knew this tool way back. Very easy to use. And one thing I really love is that you can put the setting to your country. Free Monitor for Google supports about 50 regional Google data centers. Google web rankings may vary significantly depending on data centers. If your site is on top in one country, it may rank lower in other countries. So if you (like me) want to check (from Denmark) you can do that too. And yes – of course – you can also check

Currently supported countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA.

Free Monitor for Google is a free search engine position software designed for SEO specialists and webmasters. But if you are working in marketing you can (of course) use it too. Free Monitor for Google sends a query to Google and shows you a position of your site by your target keywords and also how well your competitors are doing. It keeps statistics for several URLs and several lists of keywords.

Try it now, it is free! Just add your keywords and you are going 🙂 Love it guys.

You can download it for FREE here


Rank Checker

Let me show you this video about Rank Checker.


Rank checker is another free tool. This tool is an add-on for Firefox. You can check two Google domains in one report but you can also check the search engines Bing and Yahoo.

Another ranking checker where you don’t have to install anything, and where you can check your local Google ranking is You can get 30 days for free. So go and try it now. But remember it will cost you some money if you want to use it after 30 days.







Advanced Web Ranking

I am using the Advanced Web Ranking. It has over 800 search engines and is very quickly to find out if you are moving up or down in ranking, or if your site is listed at all.

You can save your positions and compare the positions in reports. It will track your progress of your ranking over time.

You can use the scheduled updates ability so when you are starting to work in the morning your reports will be ready for you in your Inbox. Awesome. Let me list some of the key features of Advanced Web Ranking.

  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • Unlimited number of URLs and keywords in a project.
  • More than 300 international and local search engines.
  • Uses Google API to search on Google.
  • Uses Google Suggest to help you find relevant keywords on Google.
  • Generate keywords for your projects.
  • Friendly to Search Engines and their resources.
  • Safe to use for users: no URL data being sent to search engines.
  • Stop the update if the URL is found.
  • Search engine auto-updates within 48 hours when page or query format changes.
  • Automated checks and updates when new search engines definitions are released.
  • Operation indistinguishable from that of a regular web browser.
  • Tracking of the progress of your rankings over time.
  • Powerful, highly customizable graphical ranking reports (charts).
  • Powerful, highly customizable tabular ranking reports.
  • Custom URL colors for quick identification of the competition.
  • Apply Page Markers to your graphical charts.
  • Function from behind a firewall, gathering data through a proxy server.
  • Optimized bandwidth usage with simultaneous multithreaded searches.
  • Backup and Restore functionality for project data.
  • Custom search for localized Search Engines for both language and country.
  • Import keywords from a file and from the META tag of a website.
  • Export keywords from projects to local files.
  • Import URLs from either files or web pages.
  • Export URLs from projects to local files.
  • Import historical data from Web Position Gold projects.
  • Schedule project updates at the time and date of your choice.
  • Localization: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
  • 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • 12 months free maintenance plan (product and search engine updates).
  • Free email support.

Check here how to set up a new project


You see – very easy to use.

It’s not free. So check out the prices. There are different plans you can buy. Check it out here.

PS… Just be a little careful – don’t run the program every day… Maybe ones a week or once a month. If you  ask to check much below the first page of Google then you are at risk of your IP address being temporarily blocked by Google !

This is also why the program has some time delay between the checks 🙂


Please give me a comment – which software are you using – and do you like it ?

Well that’s all from now. I better make my coffee and check my rankings 🙂