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Get a Free Personal Report for Your Website from SeoCustomer

Now you have a chance to win a personal FREE report for your website. I want to help you guys in your work for a top ranking.

The Secrets from AIDA You Need to Know to Boost Your Sale

A lot of web designers and marketers totally forget AIDA when they design a shop. I have seen a lot of company who has a shop in the real world (off-line) who have started an online shop. But suddenly in the online world they forget everything about AIDA.

How You Can Check Plagiarism In An Article?

Nowadays, Plagiarism has become very common. In order to save time and gain marks, people (students) do plagiarism. After doing plagiarism, for the time being students feel relax that their task has been done/submitted. But in a longer run, these students actually deceive themselves.

Spy on your competitor

Competitive & Marketing Intelligence. Do you really know your competitors? What are their keywords? Where are their customers coming from? There are a growing number of great tools which can help you discover a lot of useful information about your competitors.

Periodic Table of SEO

So you think that chemistry and SEO Ranking Factors have nothing to do with each other? Well - it doesn't... But again take a look at this Infographic from Search Engine Land. I have been wanting to show you this for a long time - so here you are. You will get a great overview of what you can do with your page. It is separated in 4 units - On page SEO, Off Page SEO, Violations and Blocking.

Google Algorithm Change Infographic

Every year Google changes its search algorithm up to 500-600 times. I came across this awesome infographic from Outrider and wanted to share it with you guys.

Find the right keywords - quick and easy

When I am talking to people about SEO, many people don't really know what to do to find the right keywords for their page. How do we find them? What do we do? So I have been telling them about this method here. It's a quick and easy - step by step. So are you ready? Coffee in your cup? Let's start.

How to use Google Trends as a Keyword Selection Tool

When you are looking for a way to find your keywords for your SEO or for your PPC - you have a lot of free tools you can use for your research. If you are searching for “used cars” you can get information about how many people are conducting a search for that special word or words. Use free tools like Google Keyword Tool. Or you can use WordTracker.

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Traffic with Google Analytic

Are you using Google Analytic – well if you are not - you should start using it. It’s free and it will give you tons of information about your website.
Google Algorithme, Google Ranking

How You Can Build Trust and Authority to Your Website and Get Higher Ranking

Do you know that almost 25% of the Google Ranking Algorithm is calculated by the trust and authority of your domain. So your next question would be – can I do something about this? And yes you can. So are you ready? It's much more than just the age of your domain.