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How to use Google Trends as a Keyword Selection Tool

When you are looking for a way to find your keywords for your SEO or for your PPC - you have a lot of free tools you can use for your research. If you are searching for “used cars” you can get information about how many people are conducting a search for that special word or words. Use free tools like Google Keyword Tool. Or you can use WordTracker.

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Traffic with Google Analytic

Are you using Google Analytic – well if you are not - you should start using it. It’s free and it will give you tons of information about your website.
Google Algorithme, Google Ranking

How You Can Build Trust and Authority to Your Website and Get Higher Ranking

Do you know that almost 25% of the Google Ranking Algorithm is calculated by the trust and authority of your domain. So your next question would be – can I do something about this? And yes you can. So are you ready? It's much more than just the age of your domain.

Why a high bounce rate doesn’t have to be bad

We all like to keep the visitors on our site or blog (yes so do I – so please STAY :)) There is an awesome tool that can help us keep track on the visitors. Some of you might know it already – it's called “Bounce Rate”. If you are have been working with Google Analytic you probably know it. And if you haven’t Google Analytic on your site – go and get it as fast as you can.

How to Use YouTube for SEO

Do you know that YouTube is second most popular search engine in the world? It's true – Google is the first and Bing is number 3.

The Latest Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines

I have just learned that the Google Qulity Rating Guidelines handbook has been leaked. Last time that happened was over 3,5 years ago.

How To Use "Call To Action" For Your SEO

I think 80 percent of all the websites forget about the "call to action". If you are working with SEO - you are trying hard every day to get visitors to the website. You make great content, working hard to get backlinks, working for hours with Social Media to get awareness. All this to get traffic to your site.

Would you like some juice – yes link juice

Links are very important for your ranking on Google. So you have to know about link juice. Link juice will make you beat your competitors. Because you dont what your competitor to beat you right?

Top 25 SEO Blogs

I want to share this article with you. It's the 25 top SEO blogs. Yes I know – there is one mistake in it. is not on the list. Well my blog is still very new lol. Maybe I should call it the top24 so I can put my blog in it. No I better be good.

Subdomains vs Subdirectories strategy

What should you use sub-domains or sub-directories? Sometimes it's almost like a religion when people are talking about it. But maybe it's not a question about choosing but a question about the combination.