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Bumper Ads: The  Perfect Tact for Your YOUTUBE Ad Campaign

When it comes to video content, Youtube is the mothership. Around one-third of the internet opt Youtube for video content every day. It is estimated that over billions of hours of video are watched every day. This makes it no wonder for the advertisers to Youtube their prime outlet.

A successful Ad means you need to engage the audience with creative content which they are interested in and which could grab their attention. We are filled with so much information every day that it is difficult to digest every content or Ads appear on the internet; This makes it essential for advertisers to see the big picture with a less and catchy content. However, most of the Advertisers spend more time on lengthy advertisement videos for youtube which viewers skip in the 5 seconds.

We might think image Ads can serve the purpose of getting the information through within a short period, but video Ads attract viewers more than anything and results in better engagement or clicks.

This is why Bumper Ads were introduced by Youtube to serve the purpose of many marketers as they look to engage the viewers with their Ads in a short time.

What is a bumper Ad?

Bumper ads are short six-second videos designed around your viewing habits to reach potential customers and increase awareness about your brand with brief, memorable messages.

Can Bumper Ads help in Improving Effective Marketing?

People tend to lose their patience within seconds as many things are going around in the head, so it is essential to make sure that your six-second ad is brief and on point!

Bumper ads, if executed properly, has the potential to create brand awareness. Brands like Samsung and Amazon use Bumper Ads to promote their product launch or services. Bumper Ad makes it easy to convey messages quick and concise without confusing things with too many selling points in one Ad.

Steps to implement a successful Youtube Bumper Ad campaign

  • Know your audience

For any campaign, it is essential to know your audience. Bumper ads can drive brand reach, and so it is essential to keep it on point by focusing on the purpose and advertising it!

  • Keep it Simple.

A striking visual, a celebrity or few funny moments is a great way to capture viewers attention. But try to keep it as simple as possible. Too many visuals or messages in a six-second Ad could be distracting and hard to follow for the viewers.

  • Research is important

To reach your target audience always do a proper research. With this infographic developed by TechWyse, an SEO agency in toronto, you can be clear of all your doubts. The infographic is a complete guide to Youtube ad campaign.

Getting your message through in 6 seconds might look impossible,  But a series of bumper ads with a sense of suspense at the end of each six-second  telling a bigger story is a great way to experiment your objective for your campaign.

Do more with your business emails than sending newsletters

Mention “email marketing” in a meeting with your colleagues, and you will find a section of people claiming that it’s dead. It is far away from the truth! Email marketing still has its worth. Used smartly and wisely, it can help your online business to gain more customers and make better online sales.

However, before you bank all your business hopes on email marketing, you need to know this! Gone are the days, when you could send a single mail to your database and expect rapid profits. It is 2019, and online customers are much savvier than before. Hence, when you are opting in for email marketing, you need to offer ample value to your customers. Don’t swing between sending a single mail and spamming a customer’s inbox. It is essential to attain a balanced approach.

Only an ace SEO service provider can help you attain a steady business perspective. To know more, you can get in touch with a Birmingham based SEO Company, if that’s where you stay. A professional service provider will enable you to know about the email marketing trends and how to put it all into good use.

One of the main reasons why email marketing still works is because business houses, companies, and start-up entrepreneurs use emails for daily business communications. Also, online users check their emails twice on an average daily. So, if you design your email marketing message with all the relevant information and not make it sound promotional chances are it will work wonders for you.

Majority of business houses, start-ups, and small business firms, look upon email marketing strategy as a sign-up medium that will lead the users to their website. Also, they will be able to share their monthly newsletter with their customers. However, there are more ways in which you can use email marketing. The four smart tactics are discussed below:

You can set your user base for a paid campaign

You can use your email list for online ads, in two ways! First, you can upload the present list of your email subscribes to Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager. You can do this to set up a custom use base that can retarget the one that receives your newsletter, in addition to online ads. Second, you can make use of the email list for developing a “lookalike” user base. Google and Facebook are equipped with potent AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. It can assess all your lists and develop a user base who have the same demographic qualities and interests, like your present users. According to SEO experts, the email marketing campaigns that use lookalike audience can get the best leads.

Magnify the social following

You need to know one crucial fact about your email subscribers! They are your greatest fans. These customers have signed up for getting promotions, updates as well as dates about the business as they are interested in getting important news about your brand. Hence, for all the important reasons, they respond to all the content you send them very fast.

For instance, you could make a “how-to-video” post in your YouTube account. You might want some initial views and likes before you share the same on your social media account. When you share this video to your email list, you can share your content effectively with a set audience, who might find that helpful. It will help you to get an increased organic reach right from the moment that it gets shared or posted. And gradually it will appear at the top of the news feed.

You can also make use of social media to develop your email list! You can organize for a contest in your social media account and add relevant CTA (Call to Action), asking the audience to sign-up for your newsletter. This way, you can increase your monthly newsletter subscriber list as well.

Generate website traffic and online conversions

Every email that has a high conversion ratio has one common aspect – A compelling and smart CTA. Irrespective of whether you resort to an email marketing platform, or send all your emails via inbox, make sure to add backlinks to the website. Even though it might appear apparent, sometimes this step gets overlooked.

Just sharing about your new service feature or product, isn’t sufficient! You need to encourage them to land on your website. You can offer a link to them that will reveal the data they are searching for instantly. That will generate online traffic and maximize the conversions as well.

Generate high-end drip campaigns

Drip campaigns, or creating an automated sequence of emails, is an essential way for nurturing quality leads and also motivate them for conversion. Generally, drip campaigns work in the following ways:

  • A user will sign up for a newsletter
  • They will get a welcome email in a few days
  • They will also get one more email that has all the relevant data about your organization, services, and products

Every email needs to link back to the social channels and website, depending on how explicit the CTA is. All the successful drip campaigns usually reward their email subscribers by offering inside data, restricted offers as well as special events. This strategy allows you to develop customer loyalty. It also generates brand ambassadors who positively talk about your brand and encourage others to sign up for your brand. Hence, you can expect the brand ambassadors to provide you with word of mouth publicity. It will increase your brand awareness and recall.

These four tactics are smart ways in which you can make the most of your email campaigns. Once you have understood the potential these tactics carry for you, you can start to optimize your email list. You will find that all these guidelines will fit easily to your entire email marketing strategy. The idea is that you keep on developing the email subscribers list. However, it is essential that you join hands with an ace SEO provider and get professional assistance on this. That way, you will not make mistakes and can also leverage the best email marketing trends that align with the SEO developments.

How can real estate firms and investors get more leads?

The real estate business is a flourishing one. It is a stable industry with several scopes of business expansion. Despite sudden market fluctuations and the drop of property rates in a few areas around the globe, the real estate sector is still going strong. Like every other business, even realtors and real estate investors search for more successful lead conversion. For this, they need to opt-in for online advertising.

A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is essential for real estate investors to promote their business, appeal to the right audience and convert more leads. But there might be a chance that realtors and real estate investors are not able to understand and apply PPC properly. Here they require specialized help to get their business going. To know more on this, you can check out PPC by Get House Deals.

Opting in for a PPC service provider

The best way real estate investors and realtors address the situation is by opting in for a PPC and SEO service provider. This company will have the necessary expertise to create and execute a comprehensive PPC campaign for the real estate brand. The companies undertake a holistic view of the situation and plan accordingly. The service provider helps real estate investors in the following way.

  • Suggests on the correct keyword use

When you want your real estate brand to rank high, it is essential to keep the basic SEO tactics in mind. Targeting the right keyword is essential. Most real estate companies end up using the head keywords which might take time to work in their favor. The service providers emphasize the use of the long-tail keyword, which is more specific. Also, the long-tail keyword is created based on the search query by the users. Hence, targeting these keywords is beneficial.

  • Write a smart ad copy

Your real estate property deal will not sell well if you don’t have a unique ad copy! The objective is to develop a compelling ad copy that the users can’t overlook. It is essential to get your users intrigued by the offer. And it should also get them thinking about your offer. The PPC service provider helps real estate investors to write an attractive ad copy. Here it is essential to highlight the crucial aspects of your offer. You can add discounts that you’re offering and for a limited time. Also, mention if there are no hidden costs or extra charges. It will make people more interested. You can incorporate the long-tail and other relevant keywords in your PPC ad copy.

  • Helps you to promote yourself locally

Real estate companies and investors will take some time to make it to the top ranks in Google. It is a matter of daily, sustained effort. But the PPC and SEO service provider help real estate investors to leverage local listings. It is crucial for the users in your locality who know about you. You need to provide the necessary details about your real estate investment business to make sure you have a maximum brand recall in your region.

These are the three essential ways in which a PPC service provider can benefit the real estate investor or realtor. However, it is crucial to join hands with the best service provider to generate and convert more and better leads.

Digital Marketing – All You Need to Understand!

Digital marketing is one of the popular terms that you should understand properly before starting to promote your business. When you start a new business, then it is important to promote it to reach the target audience and customers.

Well, there are various kinds of digital marketing opportunities available that you can choose according to your business. It is not easy to deal with digital marketing because it is a little tricky. If you are a beginner and do not know anything about digital marketing, then you need to read all the beneficial details related to it. After this, you can make your final decision whether to use it or not.

After starting a new business, you should promote it properly to help your customers to find your website and products. Without promoting a business, you cannot find a good number of customers. It is the main reason why you should look for a reliable option to promote a business. The various types of online efforts in promoting a business are called digital marketing.

It has a lot of aspects that you need to understand to improve your knowledge. The various types of platforms that can be used for digital marketing are listed in the further post. You should check them out to learn everything about them to ease up your task related to promotions.

PPC and Search Engine Marketing

You may all have heard about SEM and PPC that are the main types of digital marketing. Your business can easily reach target customers with the use of ads on a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. if we talk about the uses of SEM, then it may grab your attention. Well, it is mainly used to improve the presence of a brand and the conversions for businesses. This advertising can be paid or unpaid so you should keep this channel of digital marketing in mind before taking your steps forward.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone is familiar with the use of SEO and the benefits associated with it. SEO is also a popular form of digital marketing strategy that can improve the ranking of a website with ease. With the proper use of SEO, you can bring your website to the top pages of the search engines. It can also result in higher leads as well as a good conversion rate. The top ranking on the pages of search engine will drive maximum traffic to your website, and it can also increase the profits as well as revenues of your business.

Email Marketing

It is also one of the best types of digital marketing method that you can choose to increase the customers for your business. It is also a fruitful method that you can choose to get started. With the use of email marketing, you can develop a relationship with potential customers. It is also a good way to make your relationship stronger with the existing customers. It can help you to generate leads for your website, and it also has a high conversion rate. You do not need to spend a lot of money on this form of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

The trend of social media marketing is also increasing dramatically among the millions of people from all around the world. It also helps the individuals to improve the image of their brands or business. There are many social networking sites present that you can use to build the image of your brand. With the use of these websites or networks, you can grab more and more customers for your business. This type of digital marketing strategy will help your business to grow faster in a short time.

Content Marketing

The importance of content marketing cannot be ignored when it comes to digital marketing. The content does not refer to the simple written text, but it also includes the pictures, videos, etc. These are known as multimedia content that should be engaged and impressive for the customers. In this way, you can target maximum traffic for your business with ease. The method of content marketing can also help your business to reach the target audience without making a lot of efforts. It can also make a positive impact on the growth of your business.

After checking all these methods of digital marketing, the next thing you should do is to pick the right one to get started. Make the right use of digital marketing form to promote your business. It can also help your business to get some other amazing benefits.

Hire the professionals

The demand for digital marketing is increasing rapidly, and there are many reasons for it. Most of the people prefer to hire professionals instead of using digital marketing techniques on their own. The professionals have great experience and knowledge in the same field. It is the main reason why people prefer to hire experts to avail the services. These professionals can help your business to grow faster. You do not need to make efforts to use digital marketing strategies. The professionals will manage all marketing related activities on your behalf.

If you are still confused about whether to hire professionals or not, then you should check out the benefits. After knowing the benefits, you can make the right decision with ease. It is also important to consider some important things before hiring these professionals. Many scammers are also out there to loot people, so you need to be aware of them. You should always hire Remnant SEO West Covina for expert services at cost-effective prices.

The final words

With the use of digital marketing, you can reduce the stress related to the promotion of your business. You do not need to waste your time or money on traditional marketing options. You also need to choose the right digital marketing method to take other steps forward. In this way, you can get the best out of it to enhance the overall growth of your business.

Grab Competitive Edge in The Market with Dedicated Inbound Marketing Services!

The online market competition is intense, and with so many players out there in the field, it feels impossible for new business owners to establish their brands and increase lead conversions. Most new businesses do not have the time to follow the latest market trends and create customized digital advertising cum marketing strategies to improve lead generation and sales. This is where they need help. Dedicated professionals with invaluable marketing experience can only help businesses who want to double traffic, lead generation and grab the competitive edge in the market!

Find the right marketing specialists for your organization

Most businesses, especially new ones do not have a dedicated inbound marketing team for creating defined marketing strategies for the growth and development of their businesses. They need to focus on many core areas like finance, capital, operations, branding, etc. Even if they do have capital resources to afford an inbound marketing team, they often fail to create the correct digital marketing strategy to achieve the desired results. The solution here is to contact professional inbound marketing agencies that have proven track records and positive client testimonials when it comes to their quality of services in the market!

Why should you hire a professional inbound marketing agency?

A professional inbound marketing agency has a rich and valuable experience in the field of online digital marketing tools. Esteemed companies focus on individual clients and tailor-made their services for consistent growth and progress. These companies have knowledge of the market, and they are trained in the latest SEO tools and strategies to bring you desired results and a competitive edge in the market. A good inbound marketing agency will ensure you get the best growth strategies for the development of your business. The dedicated team will analyze business needs, their timeline, challenges and other factors that are indispensable for their growth and success. Reaching out to new customers and retaining old ones should be an integral part of every inbound marketing strategy. The right professionals will strive to keep the interests of their clients in mind when it comes to the creation of effective online marketing strategies that establish your presence in the intensely competitive market and convert visitors into loyal customers with success.

No two clients are the same

These dedicated marketing specialists know no two clients are the same. They focus on individual portfolios to give you the best strategies that will work for your business alone. They will evaluate each strategy carefully and implement changes as and when required for improved traffic, growth and better returns on investment. They keep the interests of their clients in mind before every step, and this is why they are highly reliable and trustworthy for bringing new businesses the rewards and recognition they deserve!

Therefore, if you are a new business and trying to establish your brand and presence in the market with success, contact dedicated inbound marketing agencies for consultation and entrust them with the responsibility of creating winning online digital marketing and SEO strategies for your business. The provide you several packages that are budget-friendly and affordable for all new business owners wishing to grab a competitive edge in the market with success!

How can digital marketing help you to derive genuine results?

Eventually, digital marketing directly connects the term “advertising” that is conveyed to viewers through digital mediums, for instance, search engines, emails, various websites, mobile phone apps or any means of social media. Well, this statement covers a variety of marketing undertakings that are easily accessible by millions of customers very shortly.

Why is Digital Marketing Ruling the World?

Digital marketing can be defined as the promotion and sale of various services or products with the help of online marketing strategies.

Digital mass media is so universal that maximum clients can gather product or service information at any time or place that they need. Customers can know about the product details by checking the details that are available on the web. Digital source is a never-ending way of entertainment, newscast, supermarket run, and social communication, and most clients are not only aware of the company’s given details on the product, but also know what the social media, family or friends are discussing about the product. They trust their loved ones before choosing any product. Customers look for reputed and reliable brands or companies that are preferred by many people. They opt for those companies that fit their needs or preferences.

Every company struggles a lot to proceed forward and come in the eyes of all clients in a short period. But, attracting customers is very difficult as today’s people believe in proper window dressing which means businessmen must efficiently portray their product details. Hence, a businessperson can show the product information in an organized way to make their customers know about the product easily without any difficulty. In the modern world, customers trust on those selling that have maximum client reviews. Simply, the loyalty of the business can only be seen by their past clients’ reviews.

Digital Marketing Is Simply Marketing

In the modern world, businesses are viewed on the basis of their customers’ reviews or forecasts.

Marketing is the dealing of a product with a proper offer, at a convenient place and at the right time. Recently, many customers visit the web when they need information about any product or service.

Digital marketing puts stress on the online data available for your required product all over the internet sources so that you can learn more about the product.

When you are new to the term digital marketing, then you might feel great to understand the web marketing strategies used in digital marketing. Businessmen use various marketing tactics to attract their customers, and some of their tactics are building relationships with clients, providing various offers, and so on.

The Working of Digital Marketing

In several ways, the term digital marketing is more or less similar to ancient marketing. As in both terms, businessmen prefer building positive relationships with clients or dealers.

Digital marketing is replaced the old marketing strategies by designing its schemes in such a manner that it reaches all the customers in the modern world.

Here is an example.

Assume the last purchase made by you. Well, it might be at home, by a salesperson or any outside reference.

Without thinking much on the seller’s approach, you directly start your research on the product by surfing over the internet and reviewing all the past clients’ responses about the product. This will help you conclude either buying the product or reject the approach. Online surfing will get you to get the best option that has been running in today’s market. Your final decision depends on all the response of family, relatives or friends.

Maximum Buying Decisions Starts On the Web

Online marketing is preferred as a priority for most customers. Most customers opt to check the product description over the web before buying it.

The main factor to grow an online marketing tactic that will place you in front of most followers and you can succeed in the academic world. Businessmen provide content for the products that most customers can understand it properly. You can even take references from known people like family or relatives. Advertising a product show the very description of the product that a businessman want their clients to be aware of.

Customers find it safe when they come to know the good views about the product by various closed ones. The best way to promote your product is to place it in the various social site by which more customers can know about your product and can discuss it with their known ones.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Digital Marketing:

A proper digital pace will help you in the following ways:

  • People in business can create awareness and understanding of the product not only before the sale but also after the sale.

  • Companies can get new clients along with some loyal and permanent buyers.

  • It shares all the advantages that you can get from the selected product by social sharing.

  • It will save the time of buyers by showing the information in the correct time and at the right place.

The above-mentioned benefits are enough to show why customers prefer digital marketing for purchasing a product. Digital marketing is very fruitful for both the buyers and sellers. Therefore, online tactics are safe if inspected properly.

Study the Tactics That Bring Genuine Results

You need to cautious as the digital marketing scenario changes day by day. Today, most articles portray the face of recent digital marketing. The ever-changing scene is to be followed properly to rule the digital world. The actual reality is, digital media is all about marketing that has been ruling the world since ages and all its basics have already been recognized.

At Digital Dynasty, the main focus is to clarify the confusion about all the marketing tactics that are to be used properly to grow the business. Digital advertising is the truth behind all the efforts of the businessmen in today’s competitive world. If you are still undecided about digital marketing you must put to rest all apprehensions and adopt this for your business. Never miss an opportunity to set up your online business!

Social media influence on the sphere of e-commerce and marketing

Social media is a huge space. Multiple social sites are functioning on the online platform. Social sites have many subscribers, and the account holders on a social platform are allowed to have their social page on the site. Keeping a social account is no longer restricted for connecting with known individuals. With time, social accounts are also created for business purposes. Many individuals who conduct business turn their social profiles into business accounts and conduct business through that account.

The rising popularity of social media has also enabled individuals to use this platform for marketing their talent and ideas. Awareness and social campaigns are also often propagated through social media.

The powerful business field offered by social media

People subscribe to social sites and engage in posting, commenting and sharing. A huge amount of content is generated on social media daily. The business owners are attempting to harness the influence of Social media for enriching their respective business. There are millions of pages on a social site; achieving popularity in this field is not that easy. Profiles that trend on social media are known to attract the highest amount of traffic. All business profile holders want to achieve that trending position for their business brand by successfully promoting their business. Promotion of business through social media sites might seem easy.

The basic action required for making a social business profile is to sign up on a social site. After account creation and authentication, the business page will be created, and the profile holder can post content on that page. In this regard it should be noted that there are millions of profiles present on social sites and garnering popularity is a huge task. It is an open and free zone, and it offers huge exposure to business profile holders. With a good follower count and a huge number of likes the profile can surely become popular but getting to that peak of popularity is a monumental task.

The actions required for harnessing the potential of social media profiles

There is no doubt about the fact that social media is almost synonymous with popularity. For business holders having a social profile is somewhat mandatory. People who search online businesses often look for social profiles of business enterprises which have websites or are featured in the e-commerce platform. Building a social profile is not limited to regular posting but also involve intelligent representation of information, promotion of products and services, acquisition and utilization of customer feedback, increasing client base, etc. Therefore a social profile has to be well maintained and updated from time to time so that the business develops positively. A few tasks can be conducted for boosting the business through social media profiles. These tasks are discussed below:

Using the popular social sites:

It is known that there are multiple social sites available on the internet. However, all social sites are not the same when it comes to popularity or subscriber count. As a business owner, it is important to target the social sites that are trending. It is best to include all the social sites, but in that case, it also becomes important to maintain all the profiles created in different sites. Usually targeting the most popular social sites will serve the business purpose adequately. However, keeping the website and social profiles user-friendly is essential. In this regard, user experience design should be followed so that people don’t have any problem while navigating through the website.

Introducing the social profile:

For any social profile, the most important part is the introduction. This has to be adequately framed. Some people tend to ignore the descriptive section as graphical content is given preference. However, this bio section provides profile holders the chance to acquaint virtual visitors with the business product in a suitable manner. Engaging content is indispensable for composing the profile bio. It is important to ensure that there are no grammatical errors in the written content of the bio. The business should be adequately delineated in this section and links to sites should also be included so that people can easily find the business website. A strong introduction makes a lasting impression so care should be taken to frame the bio suitably.

Promotion through communication and conversation:

Banners and advertisements are extensively used for promotional purposes. Virtual visitors often tend to ignore banners due to the overt use of such promotional tactics online. Hence when social media profile is to be used for promotion then staying away from blatant banners is a good idea. The social space is meant for communication, and so advertising should be done conversationally. Being creative with adverts is necessary, but it should be made in such a way so that it evokes a response from the viewers. Adverts, therefore, have to be imbued with meaning and purpose. The audience should be able to understand the message conveyed through the promotional campaign. Hence it is best to be emotive when it comes to making advertisements for social profiles.

Keeping content crisp and precise:

Routine posts are often encouraged so that the profile does not become obsolete in the social site. The time gap is also taken into consideration to ensure that maximum views are obtained for posts. However, if the posted content is not precise, then there is no point in posting such content. Virtual visitors who search the page for new content will slowly stop viewing the page if the content is not up to the mark. The content has to be crisp and neatly displayed. Offensive content should never be used in any manner whatsoever. Content that hurts religious sentiments should also be avoided. Hence business profile holders should be careful that no type of negative content gets posted on the profile even in the comment section.

Thus, it is important to use social media profiles responsibly so that business is properly marketed on the online platform without any hassles. Remember the profiles are the face of your brand, so you must use it responsibly.

Google Display Ad Dimensions 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google Display Ad Dimensions: The Most Definitive Cheat Sheet

As a marketing professional, have you ever considered promoting your brand to internet users when they’re going about their daily activities? It may seem counterproductive to target people when they’re not in ‘shopping mode’. But Google Display Ads are an effective way to catch people early in the buying process — before they even knew themselves that they wanted your product or service.

Display ads are the visual banners and box ads you see on advertising-supported sites. You’ll surely have encountered them while reading your favourite blog, showing your friends a funny YouTube clip, or simply checking your morning emails. Google Display Ads are so effective because they are strategically placed in non-intrusive locations throughout a webpage.

Why you want to make sure the dimensions of your Google Ads are correct?

To ensure your Google ad campaign is a successful one, choosing the correct dimensions for your ad is key. According to Google, its Display Network is seen by more than 90% of global internet users across 2 million sites. With such an expansive reach, it’s crucial to select the appropriate ad size for your content and message.

From the ‘Large Leaderboard’ to the ‘Mobile Banner’, it can be difficult to know which dimension is best for your marketing needs. What you require is a visual guide to truly understand where your ad will be placed on a webpage. Will your ad look best in a tall skinny box along the right side of the page? Or will a ‘Panorama’ sprawled along the bottom portion work better?

The attached infographic is an excellent tool to educate yourself on the various dimensions available. It is also a tip sheet on size limits and acceptable file formats, as Google has very specific requirements for its Display Ads. That’s why it’s so important to follow these guidelines if you want to leverage the power of the Google Display Network.

Each and Every Dimension in a single Infographic

Depending on which ad dimension you choose, the way in which you present your information will differ. Wider ad sizes tend to outperform their taller counterparts due to their reader-friendly formats. These wider dimensions allow people to comfortably read more text at a time, rather than having to return to the left margin every few words, as with a narrower ad.

If you already have an ad design in place, take a look at the infographic to determine which dimensions would be best suited for your content. The ‘Large Leaderboard’, for example, is excellent for HD materials such as animations, videos and other applications. The ‘Portrait’, on the other hand, is perfect for advertisers who want enough space for rich, engaging content. And then of course, there are times when the simple 250×250 ‘Square’ is adequate for a design with simple text and images.


Google Display Ads are designed to help you find the right audience — at the right place, and at the right time. By showing your message strategically to potential customers, you’ll be able to engage new audiences and grow your business. Although ad dimensions may seem like a frivolous detail, they are actually key to leveraging Google’s powerful targeting abilities.

Spend some time educating yourself on the various Google Display Ad Sizes available, and understanding the purpose that each one serves. This comprehensive infographic allows you to view every dimension all at once, so you can easily compare the advantages of each. Whether your ad will appear at the bottom of a blog article or alongside a list of YouTube videos, tailor your content accordingly to ensure maximum appeal.

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How to Get the Best Traffic and Conversion Through Cross Media Marketing?


How are consumers and visitors reaching your page? Which search media is guiding visitors or directing them to your page? These are questions that you must find the answer to so that you can utilize your maximum marketing efforts to harness the power of those search media. Search engines and mobile surfing have their contributions in bringing visitors to your pages. However, they only contribute to one portion of the visitors coming to your site.

There are many more ways of searching, and social media, review sites, directories, and blogging, all have their contributions in bringing targeted visitors to your landing page. You must find out which one works the best for you so that you utilize more marketing efforts on using those mediums the best for attracting clients.

Traffic does not ensure great conversion rates

Two things are there that you must understand as soon as possible. One is that, when you get heavy traffic on the page, then this does not ensure great sales and great conversion rates of the viewers to customers. The next thing is when your site ranks the number one or has a good rank or position in search engine results pages, then this also in no way guarantees good conversion rates or good business.

However working on marketing with a closer overview of how and where things are clicking, and building landing and product pages with the best features and looks helps boost sales and utilize all the traffic that you are getting. Hence the focus should be more on discovering the best marketing techniques where you get targeted consumers than to rank higher. Again you must also focus on developing better landing pages so that your traffic stays on the page, explores the page, and gets converted into consumers or members.

Fragmented audience behaves differently

Another important point to realize is that there are so many search media out there on the web, which are being used by diverse people in diverse ways that each media contributes to traffic to your site in some way lesser or greater. And this means you are getting traffic from various and diverse channels. And the people using one sort of media falls into one category, which is completely different from the mass using another form of media. For example, those who are coming to your site via review sites are different from them who are coming to the search via Instagram. Hence, you will find prominent behavioral and psychologicaldifference in the way the traffic reacts to the site, explores, navigates and operates the site, and uses the site.

The amount of time a user gives to the site and spends on the page would also vary depending on which channel or source the user came through to the site. All these things matter highly in scrutinizing the best channels for getting traffic to your site. If you discover from the analysis, that your site is getting more traffic through source where conversion rates are feeble, and on the other side fewer traffic it’s getting via another source is showing the best and highest conversion rates, then it’s sensible to focus on getting more traffic from the latter search media source.

However such analysis and reacting upon that makes the whole job quite tough which you may not be able to handle all on your own. This requires much in-depth analysis and calculations. And such jobs are best handled by Online Impact Search Marketing experts.

Search engines are not the end of the story

Search engine results do dominate the traffic gaining efforts and marketing, but they are not everything. Investing time, effort, and strategy into reviews social media sites, social sharing of things, podcasts, guest posting, directory submissions, etc., all have their role individually besides search engines to bring traffic to your site.

Cross-media marketing is the next big leap

You need the power of cross-media search marketing to capture the audience from diverse sectors and bring them to your site. Cross-media search marketing is an effective technique, where you exert your marketing efforts into all possible media, and see which is yielding a good result. This way you will not concentrate on only SEO and only search engine marketing, and would rather utilize the time and effort on other things also which may turn out to be a big factor for success.

You need professional help here

Cross-media marketing is not that easy for the beginner, and also not for everyone whoever wants to try hands-on marketing as a DIYer. It needs a lot of calculations, focus, awareness of diverse media, and utilization of the same. That is why you would need professional assistance here.

The secret lies in targeting the right users

When you surf through and try the various available media options for your website’s marketing, then you also try contacting the various types of web users. This exposes you to people of various preferences. And hence you increase your chances of being seen. And the secret of marketing lies in understanding who is your customer, who can be your customer, and what a customer wants. If you can crack these things gradually by experimenting and using the diverse forms of search media options, then soon you will know where you are getting your best customers and visitors from. This will lead you to use those platforms even creatively and better.


The best search marketing is no that which brings you rank or shows your site on the number one of a listing. The best search marketing is that which brings you business through targeted traffic. And to get that kind of response from your marketing you need collaboration with experts who have proved their expertise in search marketing with deep impact in every media and arena. The best search marketing team can bring you extreme success by generating leads for you, increasing your revenue, increasing your subscribers, and helping you stay ahead of rivals in ranking and product sales both.

Want to outshine the online competition?

Today, several businesses and entrepreneurs have opted in for online marketing. However, they are still incapable of leveraging their online marketing campaigns to their favor. Even though internet marketing is an essential task in today’s world, the truth is not many companies get it correct.

There are many differences between the internet and traditional marketing tactics! And it takes time for several companies and entrepreneurs to understand the difference and respond accordingly. It is essential for a brand to understand that there’s a huge difference in attracting traffic to your blog, site and also to sell your products online. Getting traffic is the first step and selling the products online is the next step. And it is essential to understand and address the missing link that exists between these two. Most often than not, it is human interaction. The moment an online customer browses through your blog or website, they should feel engaged. And that would help to generate a sale considerably!

Three crucial internet marketing strategy to use

You can always reach out for an expert agency, such as Atomic Design SEO Company and the others to get your internet marketing sorted. According to experts, the three important internet marketing strategy that helps to increase business awareness and make profits are as follows:

1. Content marketing

When you develop good content, you contribute to the need for data that is essential for any media to attract its audience. Today, the customers who depend on online media and marketing are all cyber-savvy and conscious buyers. You can’t just sell a product to these customers. You will have to convince them. And this is where the concept of content marketing comes to use. So, whether you are updating your web content, blogging or posting in social media accounts you have to add meaningful content for it to get marketed well.

Content marketing is all about curating high-quality content that would address all the queries the modern-day customer has. The process of content creation and distribution also welcomes audience feedback and opinion. Hence, you could be in any industry, with a good quality content you can draw in the right set of audience. When you post engaging content, your viewers will stay more on your website or blog and that would result in sales.

If you want to ensure that this happens, the best content on your website should be very engaging. Also, keep a check on the feedback from customers and online readers. It is a valuable source of information that offers you possible ways to better your content and product as well. And when customers sense that you are listening to them, they will be keener on your blogs and products both.

2. Email marketing

You should be regular to send the planned follow-up emails to all your online visitors who have subscribed to your blog or registered to the website. Appreciate these people and also inform them about your service as well. Though this is a simple tactic, not many companies follow the same. Hence, make sure that you follow this and go ahead of the competition.

To be on a safe side, it’s a smart call to create an “Opt-in email” system on your blog and website! Have a mailing list in order and follow all the adverts and newsletters. Your email is looked upon as an unsolicited bulk email as it gets to send promptly, but without permission.

The opt-in email is available in various forms based on the industry vertical you belong as well as your online marketing requirements. It’s a smart call to integrate your CRM systems that help in staying in touch with the online consumers and your potential clients.

3. Social media marketing

Are you planning to make adequate use of social media? If yes, then you have to understand your business, the industry domain that you cater to as well as your target client list. Only then can you make an informed choice for your social media. Facebook today is considered is the most extensive social media network and a versatile one.

Furthermore, Facebook has low maintenance requirements in comparison to other types of social media platforms. You can locate your target audience in many ways on Facebook. Also, you can depend on Facebook demographics to make necessary decisions regarding age, gender, income as well as education.

When it comes to Twitter, you can communicate with your audience easily by mentioning their Twitter names. Furthermore, Twitter is one of the best platforms to connect with customers from all around the globe. However, it’s not a smart tactic to use Twitter to market your service or product. However, it is a great platform to make your content go viral. The hashtags, retweets, and shares are easy tools that you can use if you want your content to go viral. Another, favorable social media platform to use is Instagram.

Today, the online world is both dynamic and competitive! Many brands are walking in with an aim to make the most of their online presence. If you resonate with this, then you can use these three internet marketing medium discussed above to your advantage and expect the best outcome.