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Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2012 Q2 is Ready

I am very happy to show you this Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2012 Q2. And it's still free for all members of SeoCustomer. This guide contains all the post and articles from 2. Quarter 2012 about SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building - 92 pages.

Yahoo Site Explorer Replaced With Bing Link Explorer

Now all those SEO users who wanted to go deep into a website linking and know exactly where the links are coming from can use Bing site explorer. Bing has officially launched the latest update for its webmaster tools which has been named as phoenix (Looks like they are inspired by Google).

High Quality Backlinks - Easy, Free and Instant

I have some good news for you guys out there. Building backlinks can be a very time consuming process. You will have to search for relevant tropic, contact the sit site owner, maybe do some guest blogging, article marketing or do some commenting on blogs. The good news is that I have found some high quality and authoritative websites for you. So no more talk – let’s start doing some serious backlink building – fast, easy, free and instant.

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Traffic with Google Analytic

Are you using Google Analytic – well if you are not - you should start using it. It’s free and it will give you tons of information about your website.

The Bloggers Guide to Practical Link Building

Let's do some practical link building. We all know we have to do link building – but how do we start? Okay let me tell you what to do to get started. Are you ready? I hope you have some coffee in your cup? Okay – 3 2 1 go...

Would you like some juice – yes link juice

Links are very important for your ranking on Google. So you have to know about link juice. Link juice will make you beat your competitors. Because you dont what your competitor to beat you right?

Don’t Use The Black Hat – Link Building

We all know that building backlinks to our website is very important for search engines. Google will base a great part of your sites ranking on analysis of the sites that link to your site. The quality of the rank, the quantity and the anchor text. The analysis will tell Google how important your site is.

6 Shockingly evil things about what to do

Now easy guys – don't be to shocked. Okay maybe you are like me. Maybe you have a website or a blog. Like me you are writing an article and really love your stuff – right? But .. now what. How do you tell people around the world that you have just made this amazing text.

Google Alerts for Link Building

Google Alerts is maybe one of the easiest strategy to use for your link building. Google Alert tells you when somebody write about your product or maybe your website. It will give you opportunities for possible link acquistions though your email. And we all know that Google will love backlinks if they are related to your subject - and Google will give your site higher rank.

Important Link Strategy For A Blogger

I will tell you a secret. Search engines don't really like blogs. I will tell you why and what you can do about it. When you have a blog you are writing a lot of post about your subject - your main keyword. Maybe your subject is "used cars". So one day you write about the prices of used cars. The next day you write about used cars from different countries. And suddenly you have maybe 20 articles about "used cars"....