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Link building is done for the sake of Google, since if you are doing it for the Bing/Yahoo alliance then they may as well join the rebel alliance and await a daring rescue by Ewoks. The tips you are about to read on this article are also for Google.


Google wants something to be useful

The buzzword for the decade is “useful” and Google are still on that useful trip. First your website had to be useful, then its content did, then your exterior content did, then your URLs did, then your anchor text, and now your backlinks have to be useful.

Google don’t seem to realize that we create websites because they are supposed to be useful for us. Still, Google now wants your backlinks to be useful. They are well aware that you create backlinks in order to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but now they are saying they are sick of people just putting backlinks anywhere and they want them in places where they are useful.


Link-BuildingCreate a long-term benefit from your backlinks

This is the cheesy carrot way for Google to say they want you to pander to your target audience instead of just anybody. The notion is fair enough, but they sound pretentious when they say it. They want you to create a backlink profile and they want you to have long term goals in mind. The long term goal should be to attract your target audience and yours alone.


The theme of the website linking to you does not matter as much

This is the snippet of information that had to be checked twice. Now Google are saying that the theme of the website you link from is of no consequence. No doubt some time in the future one of the engineers will post something clarifying the process.

One assumes that what they meant was that if you run a pork lovers website aimed at people who actually have souls, then it is okay if you link from a website about shoes, if that website happens to have a sub section on how bacon is simply delicious and how it makes you live longer despite Jewish propaganda that it does not.

So, do not take it as a swipe saying that the theme of the page you link from is not important. Take it as a sign that the overall theme does not matter but the pages you link from do.


Get links from authority sites

This is not a new thing. We all know it is better to get a link from a site that is established and well attended instead of from a new website that is scarcely attended at all.


Get links from websites in your niche

This is older school advice that is still relevant in the year 2014. It is better to get links from websites that have your niche audience in mind. It is more a matter of common sense in the same way you know that picking your teeth with a live parrot’s beak is not a great idea. If you can get links from websites that attract the same type of viewer as your website, then you are in a better position to attract said target audience. This also plays into the long-term backlink profile stuff too.


Use social media to gain attention

They don’t want you to do it for social media links because Google says they are not worth anything, but Google are friendly but vague so don’t trust that little snippet. They say you should use social media in order to draw attention to your content so that other people will willingly link to it. That way you get your links but you get them from people who are interested in your website (organically).

This concept has never really reconciled with real life. For example, if a fan of your gardening website decides to link from his website about matchboxes, then how does that help your SEO in any way? The most unpredictable backlinks are the ones that come from complete strangers and yet for years Google has said the organic links are the best ones.


Get backlinks from “real” sites

Yes, somebody in the Google stratosphere won 100 points in the game called “Google vague” by saying we should get links from real websites. Vagueness aside, the mind boggling way that the tip may be interpreted is enough to give a nun a nose bleed.

One can only assume that they meant get links from websites that have long term goals and are maintained instead of from websites that were content management system built in a day and that are soon to be forgotten until their domains expire.


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The search engines don’t like the link building tools. They want our website to look natural right? I have been searching and searching for some magic link building tool. But I never find any magic tools out there. Let me present a really great way to get your backlinks from sites relevant to your keywords. You are going to use Google (or one of the other search engines) – so no magic. It’s all manual work no link building tool.

whitehatSEOLet us start with a few definitions. Firstly you have SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of making your website more search engine friendly.

If you use SEO techniques and apply if you optimize your website, then your website will become more search engine friendly as a result. This will make your website more likely to feature highly on the search engine results page.

SEO that is done according to the advice given by Google is going to make your site more search engine friendly. Doing this is often called White Hat SEO, as it is the opposite method to Black Hat SEO.

Google set out a bunch of guidelines for making your website more search engine friendly, and set out a different set of rules for the things you should not do. If you purposefully break these rules or try to manipulate the search engine, then you are using Black Hat methods.

There are quite a few Black Hat link building methods that Google does not like. The ones that are left over are White Hat SEO methods (even though Google has never been too candid about the best link building methods).


Submit articles to article sites

This is the most efficient and search engine friendly way of getting links via white-hat methods.

There was a bit of concern that linking from such websites would cause problems because Google was punishing them, but this was a misunderstanding.

Google only punished the sites that were content farms, where there were lots of poor quality articles that were there just to create links. Legitimate article sites such as Squidoo, are very search engine friendly, and are a great place to get legitimate and followed links.

You can also write your articles so that they are relevant to your website. This will make your links from the articles more powerful.


You can try guest blog posting

This is the second best method of getting backlinks via a white hat method. This is because blogs have the potential to create some very useable and very powerful links to your website. These links will also help your website SEO.

There are however a few downsides to guest blog posting.

For example, you need to upload articles that are relevant to your website, but that then means finding a blog that is relevant to your articles. Many blogs will reject your guest posts or will just plain ignore you.

Getting someone to agree is time consuming, plus once it is posted, you will have no control over it at all. This means that the link may be removed without notice, and that the blog may take a big downward slide which may passively affect your blog or its SEO (as your link becomes dirty).


Submit to paid link directories

Link directories are pretty much bad things, but there are still a few kicking around that are not punished by the search engines.

These are link directories that people are supposed to use.

So, you will be expected to give a link (or more) and a description of your business or service.

The links you buy from these sites are usually followed by Google, and are not seen as Black Hat SEO, since you are not technically paying for the link, you are paying for the advertising, and the link is acting as your contact information, the same as if you had left a phone number or address (which many will also allow you to do).


Link from your own websites and blogs

There is nothing stopping you from linking from any other your other websites or blogs. And, why not ask your friends if they will link to you too, and you can link back to them.

There are rules against asking other people to link to you as a favor, but so long as you ask in private and do not declare it on your website, then you will be fine.

Google does not like it when you solicit links, but if you arrange a few reciprocal links through personal contact with people, then how is Google ever going to find out.

Reciprocal links are not bad things, and Google will not suspect that you are arranging them unless most of your links come from reciprocal links.


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