Capture Your Instagram Audience And Engage With Them Through Gleam

If you want to organize powerful and pervading Instagram giveaways and contests, you know you’re on the right track of engaging your audience. Gleam helps you run syncopated campaigns that attract viewers, engage them and grow your brand. 

  • There are 10 ways to enter the groove. These are logging in or entering using Instagram, telling them about your idea of IG contest, see over 40 gleam tips and tricks for your next contest, and visiting Nike on IG and viewing the photo on Instagram.
  • You can also view the same video on the platform, select video or image from Instagram, see or set an example from UGC Instagram Gallery, and refer pals for additional entries and signup to build a similar campaign. 
  • So, why should you use Gleam for your IG contests? The app has been around since its very advent. 
  • It has been working closely with a large following to bring the best features.
  • It has powerful and pro-active Instagram options. By building exposure, you can reward your followers, invariably growing your base with compelling IG-entry actions.
  • You can track entries and select the winners. You can run smooth campaigns with an automated process of entry selection and validation.
  • It has a manual or random winner assortment. You can collect entries devoid of friction. 
  • Collect them from comments, mentions and hashtags sans users having to leave the section.
  • You can also present your submissions by using the stylish and compact galleries, and displaying a variety of contest entries. 

The business growth engine

Gleam provides a more engaging and robust content. The app features sweepstakes, which you will not find in Rafflecopter. 

  • Gleam ensures each customer that in every contest you participate in, it will result in the growth and cultivation of your prospects. 
  • You can launch a contest with this tool to achieve your objectives, regardless of it having anything to do with your social media followers or email list. Many users pay for Instagram views by registering as active members in sites like stormlikes.
  • It’s easy to add entry methods. The method is quick and simple. The drag-to-drop functionality is very quick. 
  • You can select the type of entries you seek. They offer an assortment of entry modalities. You can then order them as your preference.
  • One of its unique features is that, unlike most other platforms, Gleam entails a verification for each action. The app tracks you on the basis of your completion of giveaway actions.
  • It helps you obtain qualified and real data, saving you time. You don’t need to dig through the avalanche of entries that are yet to fulfill their requirements.
  • If you want, you can set certain entry actions as repeatable stuff each day. You can reward your active viewers by allowing them to share or tweet on FB regularly for more points.
  • Gleam also helps you to embed or mark a YouTube video to develop its interactive features. It shows your visitors what they can clinch or how they can step into your giveaway.

Entering Gleam giveaways

If you have seen numerous online competitions, you probably know about Gleam tools and widgets. You use them on websites, blogs, and FB pages. 

  • Gleam giveaways entail 1-20 entry tasks, which can be both optional and mandatory.
  • When a giveaway ends, it randomly chooses a winner from its entries. The concerned promoter connects the person via email. 
  • The promoter can also display the name and picture of the winner on Gleam widget.
  • Gleam giveaways are comparatively a lot quicker because you can perform tweeting tasks with just one click. 
  • You don’t need to copy and paste links for that matter. 
  • As an entrant, although it’s for you, it also makes things harder for the concerned promoter to evaluate entries after the procedure.
  • That’s precisely why bloggers who want to run multi-tasking giveaways, generally prefer Rafflecopter. 
  • However, the majority of promoters and compers prefer the feel and look of Gleam. 

Know the viability

You can find many marketers using giveaways as a primetime tool for building their lists. Although it’s good and reliable strategy, it doesn’t guarantee high ROI because these lists also comprise individuals with zero interest in your product/niche.

They only participated because of the free nature of the giveaway. Considering this backdrop, experts ask you to use Gleam contests to grow and sustain your social media following. 

  • If your contest is getting sponsors, you can also use it as an incentive to give more social media space and exposure to those sponsors.
  • In addition to creating an email list, Gleam also provides you with an option to expand your social media engagement or/and following. 
  • It supports every major social networking domain, which include Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, and others.
  • You need to remember that Bleam is not just a blogging tool. It’s the perfect choice for internet marketers and entrepreneurs, who are either promoting a product (SaaS) or launching a tool/product.
  • The best part is it has numerous sample contests that can give you a good idea of possible components for your next and first giveaway.
  • With the superb Gleam features, you have endless possibilities. 
  • A contest starts by creating a Gleam account. After entering the dashboard, you can start giving a giveaway in two main ways.
  • You can copy a proper giveaway idea from underlying competitions. You can also create a brand-new contest from scratch. 

It only takes a few steps to set up a giveaway. Use the locations and language bar to confine your giveaway to a specific area or geo-location. It can really be useful for you in certain scenarios.

Accelerating interactions on social media

If you do a market survey, you’ll find that Gleam is the most common software for budding entrepreneurs on Instagram. The thriving giveaway platform engages your current followers, propelling them to post about your giveaway. 

It also causes new followers and customers to interact with the process and share the product. It’s share entry option is truly viral. It’s an option that drives your followers or customers to invite their pals to join in on your giveaway. 

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Karen Anthony is an Instagram and social media marketing analyst having years of experience and knowledge. She is passionate about new gadgets & technology.