Bumper Ads: The  Perfect Tact for Your YOUTUBE Ad Campaign

When it comes to video content, Youtube is the mothership. Around one-third of the internet opt Youtube for video content every day. It is estimated that over billions of hours of video are watched every day. This makes it no wonder for the advertisers to Youtube their prime outlet.

A successful Ad means you need to engage the audience with creative content which they are interested in and which could grab their attention. We are filled with so much information every day that it is difficult to digest every content or Ads appear on the internet; This makes it essential for advertisers to see the big picture with a less and catchy content. However, most of the Advertisers spend more time on lengthy advertisement videos for youtube which viewers skip in the 5 seconds.

We might think image Ads can serve the purpose of getting the information through within a short period, but video Ads attract viewers more than anything and results in better engagement or clicks.

This is why Bumper Ads were introduced by Youtube to serve the purpose of many marketers as they look to engage the viewers with their Ads in a short time.

What is a bumper Ad?

Bumper ads are short six-second videos designed around your viewing habits to reach potential customers and increase awareness about your brand with brief, memorable messages.

Can Bumper Ads help in Improving Effective Marketing?

People tend to lose their patience within seconds as many things are going around in the head, so it is essential to make sure that your six-second ad is brief and on point!

Bumper ads, if executed properly, has the potential to create brand awareness. Brands like Samsung and Amazon use Bumper Ads to promote their product launch or services. Bumper Ad makes it easy to convey messages quick and concise without confusing things with too many selling points in one Ad.

Steps to implement a successful Youtube Bumper Ad campaign

  • Know your audience

For any campaign, it is essential to know your audience. Bumper ads can drive brand reach, and so it is essential to keep it on point by focusing on the purpose and advertising it!

  • Keep it Simple.

A striking visual, a celebrity or few funny moments is a great way to capture viewers attention. But try to keep it as simple as possible. Too many visuals or messages in a six-second Ad could be distracting and hard to follow for the viewers.

  • Research is important

To reach your target audience always do a proper research. With this infographic developed by TechWyse, an SEO agency in toronto, you can be clear of all your doubts. The infographic is a complete guide to Youtube ad campaign.

Getting your message through in 6 seconds might look impossible,  But a series of bumper ads with a sense of suspense at the end of each six-second  telling a bigger story is a great way to experiment your objective for your campaign.