Boost your conversion rate with dynamic keywords on your landingsite

landingOkay this time I will tell you something really awesome. I will show you have you can boost your conversion rate using dynamic keywords insertion. Hope you have a cup of coffee – cause you have to read this really carefully.

If you are doing pay per click like Google Adwords. You are maybe aware that you can use keyword insertion in your ad. You can read more about it in this article here. Keyword insertion in a Google AdWords has really helped me when I do AdWords. It will boost your click through rate on your ads.


Let me give you an example of a Google AdWords with dynamic keywords insertion.

Here is how your ad could look like

  • Headline:   {Keyword: Used cars} – Quality
  • Description line 1:  Buy our super {keyword: Used cars}
  • Description line 2:  5 free car checks

Notice that use of the {KeyWord: Default} in the Headline and Description line 1. So the user who are searching for used cars will see the headline exactly matching his or her search. In the second line he will see the search term in bold. He will think that this ad will get him to the page he is looking for. This is why it works.

So if somebody is searching for “used cars” the ad will look like this:

  • Used cars – Quality
  • Buy our super Used cars
  • 5 free car checks

If somebody is searching for “used blue cars” the ad will look like this (you have different keywords for the same ad)

  • Used blue cars – Quality
  • Buy our super Used blue cars
  • 5 Free car checks

This is the best kept secret of Google AdWords.


Now we will go a step further

Take the dynamic keyword insertion beyond the ad.

Now this is what this article here is all about. Use your dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page too.

So if your customer is searching for “used cars” he will see “Used Cars” as the headline on your landing page. If your customer is searching for “used blue cars” he will see used blue cars as the headline.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Well I know you could create a different landing page for each keyword you have, as well as a separate ad and ad group. But if I have 100 keywords I think I will use this technique.


The Benefits with this technique

You will have more benefits using dynamic keywords insertion on your landing pages.

First of all it will make your page much more compelling. Your customer will see your page customized just for him. So if you want a quicker conversion rate improvement – dynamic keyword insertion is one way to get it.

The second benefit is that it will improve your quality score. When you have the same keyword as the headline on the landing page as in the Google Adwords your quality score will improve. I have seen examples where the quality score jumped from 5 to 7 on every keyword in their ad group.


So how do you do it

In order to use dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page, you will just need to make one change on your Google Adwords text ad.

The change is made in your destination URL. If your display URL is:{KeyWord:Blue-Car}

And your destination URL is:

Now change the destination URL to{keyword}

This “?kw={keyword}” code passes whatever search keyword was used to enter your landing page.

Now on your landing page, simply place “<? echo $_GET[‘kw’] ?>” wherever you want to keyword to be placed.

There is more than one way to do all this. And your landing page would need to allow PHP. So check out how you can make it work. It’s really worth checking out.

Play around with this until it works for you. You will be amazed with the result.


Wishing you all a great day out there. And remember to get the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011.



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