Boost your conversion rate NOW

When you are using Google Adwords ads its very important to have relevant landing pages for your ad. But maybe you have 100 or 500 keywords or Adgroups.

And creating so many unique pages can be a challenge. You have a life outside of Google Adwords right?

But there are a lot you can do to make it work and improve the conversion rate. Many companies only have one standard landing page – and it could even be your normal homepage.

Well let me tell you about this 4 step strategy.

Step 1 Review your landing pages best practices

First get to know the best practice of landing page design. Remember to check out

  • Minimal navigation
  • Picture use
  • Clear headline
  • Great compelling copy
  • Use the search keywords
  • Minimum number of fields to enter
  • Call to action

Remember you only have one purpose – to get your conversion.

Step 2 build a template

For each product or subject build a unique landing page.

If people are looking for used cars Toyota – remember to take them to a landing page about Toyota right?

This will give a stronger connection between what the people are searching and what they will be seeing on your landing page.

You can use the same layout – like where are the image, how big is the headline, how much compelling copy. And the same kind of call to action.

So when you have the template ready – you can handle the many landing pages much quicker and better.

Step 3 Optimize the single landing page

Like you should always use A/B testing in your Google Adwords – you should always use A/B testing on your landing pages. You can use a free program like Google Website Optimizer.

Test on selected pages – normally I would use the ones that get most hits – so you can run the test faster.

Test the following:

  • Headline and remember to included the visitors search keyword (great tip)
  • Different sale arguments
  • Different image

Step 4 Chance all the other pages of your findings

So if you find that a image of a woman salesperson is better than of a man salesperson – use it on all pages.

If you find that you sell much more when you write – time limited offer – use that call to action on all pages and so on.

And the result

You will be amazed.  Let me give you an example.

You are selling books with Google Adwords. Here lets say you only sell one book and your selling price is 25 dollars. The cost for you is 5 dollars. So you earn 20 dollars for each book.

Your hit rate in Google Adwords is 5 percent.  And your conversion rate right now is 2 percent.

So lets say you have 1000 customers on your website from Google Adwords. So 20 people will buy the book. There for you will earn 400 dollars.

Now you are working with the conversion rate and you manage to get it to 2,5 percent. Now you will have 25 people buying your book. And you will earn 500 dollars.

So just a little increase in your conversion rate from 2 to 2,5 percent will here get you 100 dollars more. Amazing right?

And by the way 2,5 percent is still a low conversion rate. You can bring it much higher 🙂