Blackhat SEO vs Whitehat SEO: the War that Never Ends

Almost all stable companies with large capital, which already has a strong presence on the Internet, tend to occupy the top-10 of search by as many keywords as possible. Well, there’s nothing strange that they sometimes use gray or even dark SEO for promotion.

But does it make sense? Is black SEO capable of boosting a website to the top of search?

Together with Lucy Adams, a blogger from Buzz Essay, let’s try to compare Blackhat and Whitehat SEO and find out if it’s possible to trick the crawlers.

White SEO

This promotion method lies in applying free-to-use strategies. That is, Whitehat SEO can’t lead to any penalties by search engines. This is permissible and valid method, which includes:

  • Promotion for certain keywords.
  • Prescribing advertising meta tags.
  • Developing the appropriate sitemap and robots.txt files.
  • Configuring “404” error and optimizing the operation of the server.
  • Registration in catalogs to get as many targeted visitors as possible.


Well, white methods are associated with the optimization of website structure to facilitate the perception of the information to both robots and visitors.

Another important SEO strategy is work on keywords, namely with high-frequency and low-frequency ones:

  • To move up by high-frequency keywords, you need to optimize the pages that are related to the keywords. High-frequency keywords are the most popular searches, usually consisting of 1–2 words. Such promotion (for example, it may be a B2B request) is often used by strong companies since it’s very competitive and expensive. Don’t even dream of it if you have a too limited budget.
  • When promoting a website for low-frequency keywords, you need to create a page completely dedicated to the disclosure of the value of one of the keywords. Think kind of promotion will likely attract a professional audience. These may be people studying the specific question or searching for a clearly defined product or service. As a rule, these visitors know what they need, so the queries are specific, long-tailed, and are formulated in a very accurate manner.

Well, although Whitehat SEO is quite effective and looks natural, it won’t let you beat the competition if are using gray and black SEO methods.

Gray SEO

Gray SEO includes:

  • Rewriting.
  • Link purchase.
  • Over-optimization (too many keywords in the text, which makes it less readable).

Actually, this is the most popular and commonly used SEO among webmasters and optimizers. You may be not aware of it, but if you’re promoting your website by increasing the reference mass, you’re applying gray SEO. Yes, you do manipulate the search engines.

If your site is in the middle category of competitiveness, the promotion by high-frequency keywords by the means of only white methods is almost impossible. If your competitors are buying a million of links, you simply can’t do anything else then play according to their rules. Thus, you will have to buy backlinks (although link purchase is the only way to boost website rankings).

Black SEO

These are the ways directed to cheating search engines:

  • Satellites.
  • Doorways that forcibly move visitors to another website
  • Duplicate content
  • Cloaking
  • Invisible text that does affect rankings.


Companies that are engaged in the promotion of websites consider black SEO as inadmissible never offer such a risky method to their clients. Black SEO have been dying for the last years. Search engines become smarter and smarter, so all the secret becomes clear. I don’t recommend you black SEO method until you’re a black guru.

Now you know a little bit about the most popular SEO methods. Well, the main trend of the last years is usability. Google and other search engines highly appreciate websites made for users. Thus, try to organize the content and the navigation in the simplest way to give a new user feeling he’s at home. A solid work on SEO will give you worthy results.

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