Best Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages

LandingPageThere may be a lot of incoming traffic to your website but does the landing page provide the impetus to convert a visitor into an online customer? 

The landing page is the key factor that enhances conversion rate and improves leads. Optimizing your landing page for the desired effect becomes crucial to sustained profits. Here are some expert tips on how to optimize your page:


# 1: The page title is supreme
In the event of a web search, the search engine tries to locate the title of a web page for keyword match.

So optimization of the title takes precedence over all other aspects.

It must be kept short and must be extremely relevant to the products offered so that it is indexed properly during a web search.


# 2: Don’t overlook the value of the URL
Restrict the URL to 65 characters because that’s all the search engine will try to find.

Using vertical pipes to separate different ideas or subjects will produce the most appropriate landing pages.

For example, when you have structured your website thus: Domainname/menswear| jackets | leatherjackets… Your site will be indexed when someone searches for
• Menswear,
• Jackets,
• Leather apparel,
• Leather jackets.
You are thus increasing the chances of your website being found and listed in the results page. It is imperative to add these keywords in the first 65 characters of the URL.


# 3: Best practices for heading tag
The heading tag of your page. Use the most relevant keywords in the short description that forms the heading.

There should be a perfect match between the web searchers input keywords and those in your heading to make the landing page the best choice for the web user.

Otherwise the person will navigate away from your site and click another link on the results page.

This is tracked by search engines as irrelevancy and misinformation and your ranking goes for a toss!


# 4: Optimization of images
Are you wondering how an image or video on your website can be optimized for the best landing page results? Search engines do not track and index images.

This is how it works – every image or video has a file name, doesn’t it? Optimize the file name for search engines, such that the name contains the most relevant keywords. This will have a dual effect.

The keywords behind the image will improve the search engine ranking of your site. Secondly, visuals have a stronger impact on visitors than text, so the conversion rate improves.

The file names are not seen on the website so you can use combinations and permutations of keywords for better optimization.


# 5: What does rich content really mean?
Rich content does not mean you need a lot of graphics and animation.

The landing page of your site must be rich in information with subtle aesthetics.

Providing links to feedback forms, product reviews, reciprocal sites, query forms, product videos on YouTube, your company’s profiles on social networking sites, etc. will sustain the interest of the visitor.

These tools will improve search engine ranking and conversion rate as well.


# 6: Accurate lead generation
The landing page meant for generating leads has a very specific purpose.

You want people to register with your site and provide contact information that can be later used for online marketing.

The messages and text on this type of landing page must be convincing, reassuring, honest and keyword rich.

It must not be so flowery that it reads like scam. This page will have a greater impact in lead generation if you also display user reviews on the page.

Implementing these tools will definitely optimize each landing page on your website.


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