Are Your Targeted Keywords Still Working?


Keep the traffic coming to your website with fresh keywords.

Do you know this situation – you are writing great content for your website or blog, you are posting new articles every week and you have optimized your website for your keywords and do social media sharing – your traffic is going down and your traffic doesn’t stay a long time on your site.

At least once a year you have to check out your targeted keywords. This is a way to really blast your targeted traffic with fresh keywords.

The Internet and the way people are searching keep changing all the time.

So remember to stay on your toes.

So how should you check it and fix your target keywords?


KeywordStrategyCheck out your keywords
The success of your keywords is depending on your own website, how people are searching on the internet and the competition for the word.

So let’s check it out.


Your website

What do you want to be found on?

What kind of product do you offer and what are your values? This is not so easy as it sounds. When you know your values and products try to read your copy.

Do you communicate your values and product offers?

You will never get found on your targeted keywords if your website doesn’t have original great content about you’re your main subject.

So be sure your keywords are relevant for your business.


Searching on the Internet
Next step is to check if people are searching for the keywords you are picking.

Let’s say your main keyword phrase is “high quality cars”. (Yes a wired example but it’s the best I could find).

Go to Google Keyword Tool and check out the traffic for your local or global market.

QualityCarsI just found that there were only 5.400 searches for this phrase every month.

But if you pick “quality cars” you will have 60.500 searches. So you can get in touch with many more potential customers using this keyword phrase.






Competition for the keyword

Okay you might have the perfect keyword for your website and a lot of potential traffic – but what about the competition?

If all the pages showing on page 1 on Google or the other search engines are difficult to beat you still have a problem getting the traffic your great content deserve.

There is a lot of great software around where you can check the competition. Google Keyword Tool. It’s a great tool. With Google Keyword Tool you can see if a competition is high, medium or low – but it’s not the competition for the PPC and not the SEO words (I just learned that 🙂 ).

But you can check it out using software like “Market Samurai”. It’s not a free program, but it can help you save a lot of time. (they have a 12 day free trial program – and some of the features are still working after the 12 days).

In general the programs help you to check out theses elements.

• PageRank
• Age of the domain in years
• Number of backlinks of the page
• Number of backlinks of the entire domain/site
• Number of backlinks coming from .edu and .gov domains
• If listed in DMOZ
• If listed in the Yahoo Directory
• If a keyword is included on the Title page
• If the keyword is mentioned on the site/page description
• If the H1 tag on the page contains the keyword
• Age in days of Google’s cached version of the page
• Number of sites linking to domain from country (TLD) of the initial search



Remember to check out your keywords at least once a year. Maybe it’s time to rethink them and the some fresh keywords for your site. Remember that the traffic is constantly changing on the Internet.

Keywords that were good last year might not work anymore.


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