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I have made theses guidelines so all the article will look good on this site.

  • Images: An image must be used at the beginning of the post using center alignment. Use a maximum width of 500px. If your post is featured on the front page then it will use this image.
  • Headings: You should use tags for sub headings and tags for smaller headings.
  • Tags: A maximum of 4 tags can be used. (Entering more than 4 tags, is too taxing to the system when trying to find related posts)
  • Links: You are allowed a maximum of 1 external link to your own site and 2 external links to references that are not on your own site. No affiliate links thx.
  • Format: Please use paragraphs to break up your post into sections that are easily readable
  • Language: The language of this blog is English. Please use only English language. Submitted articles must not be religious in nature. No sex word
  • Exclusivity: You agree not to publish an article that has already been published or to publish your article again on another site in the future. This is to prevent any duplicate content penalties from arising. You could use the article spin 🙂 see one of my articles on this site.
  • Proof reading: You should always proof read your own article.
  • Spelling: I am not good at spelling (I know – you are probably much better than me) but please take your time reading your article carefully. I can’t make your spelling better.
  • Do not advertise!

I look forward to read your article. I can’t promise to publish it on this site. But I will promise to read it. And if I think it will give our readers a value I will publish it. Send it to [email protected].

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