About Me

I am the founder of SEO, SEM, Link Building and Social Media – it’s all about tips and tricks to get easy traffic for your website.

I was living in New York City (Well it was New Jersey) from 2008 – 2011. Now I am back in Denmark. My passion is search engine optimization (and coffee).

I have a marketing bachelor’s and a master’s in marketing HD (A) from Aarhus University. While I lived in the USA I studied the Internet and marketing at New York University.

At New York University I was studying Internet Marketing Strategies, Digital Strategy Strategies, Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies, Google Advertising Professional (GAP) certification (Google AdWords) and Analyzing Consumer Behavior.

Since 1995 I have been working in various marketing department in Danish and US companies.

I hope you will enjoy the blog.
All the best to you,

I have written well over 100 articles on SEO, Link Building, SEM and Social Media Traffic:

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You can find the articles here on this blog.