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googlelogoGoogle is constantly making changes and evolving its algorithm. So a challenge for all working with SEO is to keep up with Google. Let me tell you what happened in January. The biggest change was the “search plus your world” so you will have to take Google+ much more serious now.

But there have been other changes too that will affect your search ranking on Google. Let me give you a short summaries of the other changes here.

Improve detection of recurrent event pages
. Google made several improvement to how they determine the date of a document. Google wanna show fresher and more timely results, specially for pages discussing recurring events.Fresher results – Google made several adjustments to the freshness algorithm that was first released in November. Google want to show the user the freshest, most relevant results.

Auto-complete spelling corrections and better spelling full-page replacement. Google are trying to improve its corrections used in auto-complete. So when I am searching for SeoCustomer Google will show me the results for “Seo Customer”, because Google is sure I am spelling it wrong. Most of the time its a great thing. So Google will automatic show the results for what Google things is the right search.

High-quality sites algorithm improvements with Panda updates. Google is still trying to improve its Panda update that is launched in 2011. So again this is a way to show fresher content.

Cross-language refinements. Google will do a better attempt to auto-detect the language of the original display language. If a user is typing a query in Danish he or she might see Danish query refinements, even if the user language is set to Danish.

English on Google Saudi Arabia. Now the users in Saudi Arabia can more easily choose an English interface to search on google.com.sa.


Ready for more ? I will just get me another cup of coffee here.

Okay back..


Imporved image search quality. This is a smaller improvement to Google’s image search ranking algorithm. This improvement will help high-quality landing pages to get higher in images searches.
So remember to tag your pictures with your relevant keywords – right?

More relevant related searches. When you are making a search on Google you will see a section called “Searches related to” at the bottom of the screen. Google has now updates its algorithm for showing more relevant website to the user.


So as you can see Google is focusing a lot of its attention on freshness. So why not make sure you get comments on your page and remember the product reviews from your customer.

And you did read my post about Google+… maybe the biggest change in the history of Google?

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Have a great day out there… and as always wishing you all the best


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