7 steps away from having your social media plan done

I know what you all want – and what I want. I want a big huge button that I can press on. Then I am on all the social media with a lot of traffic and a big social media success.

I want 50.000 followers on Facebook (please go and check out www.facebook.com/SeoCustomer and like it lol). Then my business will grow and everything is great … yes yes yes.

Well I have to tell you. It’s not that easy on the social media. So lets take first thing first… Let’s make a plan so you can have the success you deserve in the social media.

It’s not all just about getting a tool and automatic followers.

It’s really not that different from a marketing plan. You have to have a goal, check out your resources, make activities right? You do have a marketing plan… Pyhaa good don’t scare me like that. Lol.

Okay ready? Let’s make a game plan.

1) Resources
How much time to you have? How much time do you want to spend on the social media? Do you have staff who has experience writing to the social media? Do you have industry knowledge and expertise?

2) Your market
Do some research on how you are doing right now. You can try websites like www.SocialMention.com or www.Search.Twitter.com. This will tell you about your company, your brand, what people are talking about.

3) Goals
Why are you on the social media? What is your goal? Is it a high ranking on Google, to take care of your brand? To involve your customers and make them more loyal? Define your goals.

4) Explore the social networks
Time for you to get to know some of the social media networks. Which ones could work for you? The business kind of social media networks or the fun and relaxing ones? Do you want to be involve every day? Do you want to share pictures and videos?

5) Make the plan
Your plan should include the network you want to start with, who should do most of the work, how often and on what subjects. What is your main message on the social networks? Be ready to change your plan – because things can happen fast on the social networks. Suddenly a new player is in the game.

6) Get going
Give it a try, make some errors, see what is working for you and what is not working for you. Try, try and retry…

7) Use your ears – and eyes
Remember to listen to what the people are saying about you, about your brand, about the market.

So I am afraid you have to forget the social media on autopilot 🙂 But it’s still the place to be. The marketing of tomorrow is on the social media networks. So get in touch with your potential buyers NOW 🙂

Wishing you all a great day – enjoy.