7 Social Bookmarking Mistakes Everyone Makes


7SocialBookmarkingMistakesSocial Bookmarking is a method website owners use to promote their site. It sounds rather simple at first, but you would be surprised when there are people who make mistakes as they are doing this.

This article will talk about the mistakes people make in social bookmarking. Hopefully it will teach others to avoid them.


1) Not using the right title

A lot of webmasters use SEO companies to carry out their social bookmarking campaigns for their website. However, some webmasters make the mistake of choosing the less experienced SEO companies; these providers end up adding in titles that have little or nothing to do with the content. The proper solution here would be to hire SEO providers with experience and skill in creating the right titles for search engines.


2) Using irrelevant keywords

In social bookmarking sites, usage of tags and keywords will help get your website attention. The mistake here is that people use keywords that are too general, probably keywords that others are already using. Avoid this by using keywords and tags that relate to your site.


3) Spamming

Spamming sites is bad. As you are trying to build up links to your site through social bookmarking, it is a very bad idea to sell products in your messages. Doing so would only serve to ruin your website’s name, also ruining your chances of getting views.


4) Bookmarking only the main page

Another common mistake webmasters make is that they only bookmark the URL of the main page. Avoid this by bookmarking other pages in your site. You need to show that you have plenty of content, and bookmarking the other pages in your site can save potential followers the trouble of having to search for content themselves.


5) Bookmarking pages with low quality content

In your website, you might have a page that doesn’t show much except for pictures and maybe prices of what you are selling. The content on these kinds of pages are considered low quality. Avoid bookmarking these kinds of pages. People that browse social bookmarking sites will want to see sites that are relevant to their interests; showing people low quality pages will have them think negatively of your site.


6) Using software

Yet another mistake webmasters use in social bookmarking. Using software to automatically submit your pages for bookmarking can net you some problems, like search engine and approval issues. Doing it manually can help you to ensure that your pages will be search engine friend. And will help you get past a whole bunch of other issues. It’s not even that hard to do, either.


7) Choosing irrelevant categories

The last top mistake many people do in social bookmarking. Not choosing a category that is related to the site’s content can lead to problems. For example, people might see your social bookmarks in sites that aren’t really linked to your site. This will cause people to distrust you and what you are promoting. To avoid this, pick a category that is relevant to your content; do not submit your sites on a random basis.


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