6 Shockingly evil things about what to do


Now easy guys – don’t be to shocked.


Okay maybe you are like me. Maybe you have a website or a blog. Like me you are writing an article and really love your stuff – right?

But .. now what. How do you tell people around the world that you have just made this amazing text.

Well I will tell you what I am doing. (and by the way I will keep this article updated – so if you have any good ideas for me let me know :))

But remember writing your article is just half the job. If nobody is reading your post its not so funny – right?


Writing the post

Write something awesome. Something interesting. I am using www.LinkBaitGenerator.com. It gives me a great headline. Something that will make the people curious (I hope).


Tell the world

Okay first use the social media. I am using groups that are interesting in SEO on www.linkedin.com. So join some groups on LinkedIn.

Then I go to twitter. Post you article on www.twitter.com. Let people know you have made a new post. Of course you have to get a lot of followers and get into some lists. Go to my article about the piratical stuff called “Lets get practical – no more talk” where you can get some good advice.

Also remember Facebook.

By the way I hope you have a share bar on your blog or post. If you don’t have that – make it NOW.

Do you know other social groups then use them to tell about your new post 🙂


Article Marketing

Submit your article to directories like E-zine Articles http://ezinearticles.com and Go Articles http://goarticles.com. I will do a longer post about Article marketing later on. Its a great way to get your messages out and to get backlinks 🙂

I have found this list – please let me know if you know other great directories. Thx. Choose the ones you like. But get your post out 🙂 Don’t spend all your energy submitting to directories – but pick out 4 or 5 of them and send your article to them. Remember to send to both do follow direcctories and no follow directories.

Do follow directories:

www.evancarmichael.com ‪
www.articledirectory.com ‪
www.sooperarticles.com ‪
www.abcarticledirectory.com ‪
www.articlecompilation.com ‪
www.articlewheel.com ‪
www.thefreelibrary.com ‪
www.selfgrowth.com ‪
www.amazines.com ‪
www.guidemegreen.com ‪
www.ideamarketers.com ‪
No follow directories:

www.associatedcontent.com ‪
www.seekingalpha.com ‪
www.articlemonkeys.com ‪

That should give you work for an hour or two 🙂 But again don’t spend all your time on directories. In the good old days (read 3 years ago) it was a little more important then now. But on the other hand don’t forget to do it – right?


Guest Blogging

Go to other websites like yours. Make comments. Get into some discussion about your tropic. Remember to link back to your article where it is relevant.


Guys I need help here… Give me some advices did I forget something? If you know any good directoriees for article submissions let me know – thx..

Wishing you a great day.

Best regards Henrik

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