6 Best SEO Practices Reviewed!

SEO practices are a moving target, and all digital marketers are endless chasers. There are many updates in the Google search algorithm, and it is hard to keep up with the latest developments. Even though we trust your research, and we know you are staying at the top of your SERP game, let’s go through the SEO practices for the sake of us all.

Here are a few and essential SEO rules that we all tend to take for granted, but they are crucial. Here they are!

1. Keywords are Early

We do not mean the title; we suggest that try and use the primary keyword in the first paragraph and best if you use it in the first line. For example; for Bird of Paradise linen clothing brand; you will put the keywords in the first few sentences. You will see that it will focus on your content as well. Your content will become clear-headed, and your point will be apparent to your readers.

In an extension of that point, also make sure that you are using the secondary and other variations of your keywords in the first line of every news headline. First of all, you will see that your client and your reader both will see your point of focus being continuously reiterated. Secondly, you will also be able to remind your scanning readers about the point of focus. YOu will see that it makes your content attractive and straightforward to understand. 

2. Catchy, Catchy, Catchy

The best elaboration is through example, and so the heading is the example. Use catchy lines everywhere, from titles to subtitles to headings. Make sure that even if they are not clickbait, they are intuitive.

Click baits are not a good idea to use in professional content, but we will advise you to review clickbait content. These kinds of content are a great way to make sure that you understand how exciting and catchy content works. 

Meta–descriptions are read more commonly then you think, so always try to take the most exciting point or paragraph from your content and paste it into the meta- descriptions. That will allow you to get the audience hooked before they even open the content.

The reason is that they will scroll through the content to get to the point where the information is, and that will keep them on the page for a considerable duration of time. 

3. Titles Tags Count

SEO algorithm reads the titles and makes the categorization of the content. If you add title tags to your content and put them in the correct category of the keyword that you focused on then, the content will rank much higher.

Always make the categories for major topics on your blog and always put your content in categories. It will also allow you to see how much material you have produced in all the major sections.

4. Loading Speed Matters

There is endless research on the topic, and we would instead not bore you with it. But if the website takes more than four seconds to load on an android device, then half of the users will most likely leave. 

The other 25% will leave if the website does not load in seven seconds, and the rest of them will go if it doesn’t open in one minute. So make sure that you regularly speed test your website. Also, make sure that you put eye-catching content on your loading page.

A good sale promotion or a good piece of knowledge on the topic of choice is a great way to keep the user engaged while the page loads. It is also an excellent way to show that the website is not dead. 

5. SEO Friendly Images

This point is pretty simple to go to your image and put your keyword in the alt images. That way, your pictures rank on Google in your keyword. It does not do anything for the ranking of your website.

It merely allows the user to see your image-based content when they put the keyword on the Google search engine. The simple fact is that no one is exclusively looking in the web section of Google SERP. 

People look into images, videos, and news sections as well; that is why it is a good idea to rank in these sections as well so that you will have a better time getting your result. You will get a more robust ranking online because these sections have reduced competition.

These contents, like graphics and videos, are also excellent for social media pages so that you can develop a strong social media campaign to compliment your online efforts as well. 

6. Internal Linking in Great

Every time you develop a blog, link it back to other content on your website, from products to other blogs on the topic. Firstly, it allows your content to rank higher online, and secondly, it will also allow you to present your other content to the user. 

It is a great way to develop rapport about your content. Another way to see it is to create social media content and link it back to your website in every post. That is also a simple and effective way to ensure that your audience understands the material, 

All in all, SEO practices evolve all the time, but there are a few significant tricks shown in the graphics above that stay the same. If you are accurate to the basic principles of SEO, then you will see that you are getting the best SEO results and very effectively. 

Your SEO results that are attained organically will surprise you. If a person is running an effective SEO campaign, they do not have to spend any money on digital marketing and paid campaigns. Instead, they can use their domain for advertisement and gain a considerable revenue stream from the process. 

There is a strong need to master SEO as a digital marketer that will lead to success in the long run. So try until you succeed because the reward is certainly worth the hard work. 

Author Bio 

emmaEmma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blogs and sales pages.  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons