5 Ways to Get Updates to Google Algorithm

GoogleLogoThe most essential SEO factor to keep an eye on when you are working with SEO is the Google search algorithm right?

And as a bonus you will get a  sneak peek inside Google at the end of the article here.

Every year Google changes its search algorithm up to 500-600 times. Check it out here for the history of Google search algorithm changes.

So how do you keep track on the constantly changing algorithm?

Well let me tell you how you can do that. And in the end I will give you a sneak peak inside Google too.

(I just made this Google picture here to the left, I hope you like it)



1. Follow Matt Cutts on Google Plus

Matt Cutt is the head of webspam at Google and lately he has become a kind of spokesperson for the changes in Google organic search.

The easiest way to follow him is to follow him on Google Plus. Over 200.000 people are already following him here.

Sometimes he is writing posts about what is going to happen in the future. So you will get a change to modify your SEO work before Google has implemented it. Great right?



2. Follow the official Google Search Blog

This is essential too. You will get the information about the algorithm from inside Google. So if you only want to follow one website/blog it has to be this one (hmm make it 2, you have to follow SeoCustomer.com of course).

This official google search blog will tell you about the most important changing factors and major issues about the Google search.

This is a must follow.

Ready for more?



3. Follow MozCast

Do you know Mozcast?

With MozCast you can keep track of all the day to day changes in the Google algorithm. We all know the big changes like Panda and Penguin. But Google makes changes every day – it’s a never ending story.

So how does MozCast work?

MozCast has hand picked a set of 1.000 keywords – and they grab the top 10 of all theses keywords.

Each day they will take these top 10 and compare it the previous day’s top 10 and with this they will calculate a rate of change. If there are a lot of changes across the 1.000 keywords they are following, they will get a high change rate – and the weather temperature will rise.

An average day the temperature is 70°F.



4 Run regularly SEO reports

You can run regular reports on your main keywords, I will do that once a month.

I use a program called “IBP Internet Business Promoter”, but there are a lot of different companies out there you can use. A lot of people are using SeoMoz.

With a report like this you will get recommendations about what you need to do to get higher ranking on your keywords.




5 Follow Seocustomer.com

I have to write this one right?  Join our email club here, and follow us our LinkedIn SeoCustomer group and why not like SeoCustomer on Facebook.







And the bonus sneak peek inside Google

Have you ever seen how it looks like inside Google? Well take a sneak peek here and check it out.



Take care out there, Henrik




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