5 Things You Don’t Know About SEO

seo_2016The game of SEO is an exciting one. You need to focus, and be alert to any new changes that happen to SEO. It’s important that you remain updated of the best SEO practices.

Following SEO practices will get you more organic traffic to your website. And that means, more potential customers!

You may already have the basic know-how, but here are 5 things that you don’t know about SEO, and should.

1. You can repost content without fear

There was a time when duplicate content adversely affected your website ranking. Experts cringed at the mere thought of reposting or duplicating content.

Well, now this is ok to do. You will not get a penalty as long as you follow Google’s guidelines on duplicate content. Most websites encourage you to repost the guest posts on your site after a few weeks.

You will need to add a HTML code to your repost. This tag will help Google become aware of where the original content was first published. This tag is enough when you repost a duplicate content on your website.

2. Spending time and money to produce potential viral content is a waste

Although some marketers are good at it, there is no basic algorithm or a formula to teach you how to make your content go viral. Viral Content is almost always random.

It depends on what the audience fancies at the time. And so, considering this, it is not wise to spend your time, money on resources to produce content that may go viral. Original content still reigns supreme.

So direct your resources to great writers who come up with original content for your website.

3. Incoming links can build your ranking, but not always

Having other websites link to your website is a great way to up your site ranking.

Well, this is true for the most part. Yet, it is advisable to get incoming links from website that has a good domain authority – preferably higher than your own.

When you get links incoming from low DA or spammy websites it can hurt your ranking.

4. SEO that is effective, takes time

SEO is important to get more traffic to your website and generate potential leads.

Implementing SEO for your website should be a regular and a constant process.

So, embrace the process keeping in mind that you may not see the effectiveness of it immediately. There are many factors that make SEO successful so it may take more time (than you hoped) to see the results.

5. SEO practices change almost every year

Your SEO resource or team needs to be updated of any changes that may take place. This is important for your website ranking because outdated practices may harm your ranking.

It doesn’t matter how many keywords you have in your content anymore like it did before. What is relevant now, people may work around it to play the game and so, next year may not be as relevant.

The algorithms are changing and you should be on point, each time.

Written by Alicia Clarke