5 Things an SEO Expert Won’t Tell You

ThingAnSEOExpertWontTellYouNo matter what kind of website you have lingering in cyberspace, you may not be happy with the traffic that it’s receiving.

You could have the best website in the world but if you’re not doing the appropriate SEO work, your website is just going to sit there and collect cyber dust.

Now while you may not have the time to learn about SEO, and that’s understandable, I wanted to let you know of some things that an SEO pro may do that they won’t tell you:


#1 SEO May Not Be Worth It

There are millions of websites out there that are trying to sell you something.

Now, what you may find is that your SEO efforts may not be worth it if you’re selling something that doesn’t have a lot of demand. For example, let’s say that you’re selling pink scarves and that’s it.

According to the Google Keyword Estimator, pink scarves get around 8,000 broad hits in a month. To play it safe, let’s say that you can dominate 5% of that market share, which would be 400 hits a month. At a 2% conversion rate, that would be 8 sales a month.

Now, let’s say that each one of your sales is worth $15 profit to you. If you’re paying more than $120 per month for the pink scarves keyword, you’re probably paying too much!

This is why it’s so important to crunch your numbers before hiring a company to make sure that it’s worth it. Remember, all results will vary.


#2 Our Links May be a Temporary Fix

Backlinks are a huge part of any SEO efforts. After the recent Penguin and Panda updates, it’s so important that you know how these experts are gathering your links. Are they posting useless comments on 1,000 blogs?

Are they using sleezy services that may get you banned? You have to make sure that you know exactly how they are going to get links. If this company is using shady tactics, they could put your virtual future at risk!


#3 Yes, We’ve Done Some Damage in the Past!

With any service out there, you may find that some companies have a very bad reputation but they do a good job at hiding it.

While it may be hard to find out what they have done in the past, it doesn’t hurt to search for reviews.

So let’s say that you wanted to sign up with “ABC SEO Company.” A simple search such as, “ABC SEO Company reviews” could bring up some potential results.


#4 We’re Focusing on Fast Results and Money

We all know that most of us out there have no patience and since the SEO game is a rather slow one, some companies will do whatever it takes for you to see great results.

With those fast results will come fast money, but what happens when the results disappear and you get banned?

Well! The company will ask for more money, of course! You have to understand that building a website and SEO empire is going to take months, if not years.

If any company states that they can show you results in days, it’s probably best to second guess their tactics.


#5 Let’s Go For the Big Keywords

Taking that pink scarf example above, let’s say that you do decide to sell your scarves. Well, what most SEO companies will see is that, “Wow! Building keywords for pink scarves will be relatively easy.”

Once you rank, you probably won’t want to spend more money. Well, what you have to understand is that some companies may want you to target larger keywords that would cost more money such as, “scarves” or “scarves for sale.” Again, make sure that these keywords make sense!

By asking questions and knowing the company you’re working with, there’s no reason you can’t find a legitimate SEO company. There are a lot of great ones out there, so make an effort to interview a few before signing the dotted line.


Hannah was one of the co-creators of the website, howmuchisit.org. This massive resource has a collection of more than 2,000 cost helping guides.


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