Are you a financier or a CEO of a budding business venture? If you’re any of them. Here’s a bit of your interest.

Being at power demands for constant up-gradation teamed up with accurate execution of strategies to achieve the final goal.

Even though a team of individuals works together towards achieving a brand’s specific goal, unfortunately, entrepreneurs still fail to reap optimal results when it comes to downplaying their business tactics.

So what’s that significant lacking, and why overseeing such aspects drives a nail in the coffin of an entrepreneurs’ career? Let’s dig in to identify that concerned area.

Enough raving for now!

Let’s get down to brass tacks and pinpoint which areas really need some working done. As today’s  audience is more prone to digitizing; thus, prowling on healthy and responsive traffic through digital marketing looks like a surefire way to rank higher in a shorter while.

Ever wondered, what could be that actual factor impacting our rankings?

SEO it is!

Even though businesses now are leveraging SEO and possibilities are even, you must be familiar with this multidimensional creature, but do you think you’re implementing it the right way and getting those prospects to convert into regulars?

On the basis of some recognized outcomes, SEO is also said to be the backbone of a corporate structure.

A pivotal point to ingrain in mind is, it only serves as a backbone if conducted and executed the right way.

So let’s get to know SEO and its significance a bit more. Also, learn some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make, which takes a heavy toll on their business activities.

A more in-depth definition of SEO can be portrayed through a relatively similar field with a bit tweaking in its functioning and tasks.

SEO works much similar to that of an expense tracking software. The only difference between them is the former tracks progress and visibility while the latter keeps track of one’s budget and spending practices. 

Here’s what we want you to know on this massive subject with some frequently made SEO mistakes which are hurting your rankings.


If you are a budding entrepreneur making use of SEO and raving what massive traffic it has bring to your site must be your kind of thing – still, you need to know some of the major failures in SEO asap!

Not to mention, SEO is gigantic and covers a lot more than traffic generation. Because what’s a business without active customers.

Most of the time, you may rank higher but merely get any conversions. Using analytics certainly helps keep track of visitors converted into customers.

Doing so, let’s you know which strategies are working for your business and which of them needs to be dropped. Hence resulting in improved optimization.


Many businesses entering the business world use their site name as the title for each page which is quite alarming.

Each page should contain a title that can manage to grab eyeballs. These are further shared in many social sites like tweets or in case people bookmark your site. Thus  titles that captivate at first glance are a key factor to keep in the look.

This way you feasibly make your company name prominent. So while you decide on a title for your site’s pages, be sure to choose on one that seems relevant to that page.

Now coming to a company’s sales pitch meta tags! 

These are descriptions ranging from 100 to 160 characters. Therefore, it’s recommended to craft as enthralling meta tags as possible.

Devoting some reasonable time to compose and craft quality meta’s can actually encourage the visitors to click on to the link. All those efforts further go a level up when relevant keywords are integrated within these descriptions.


What most of the site owners don’t pay much heed to is the optimization of anchor text. 

Continually using the same anchor text leaves your content with a dent of less worthiness. It seems quite funny to the audience visiting your sites, which is the major reason hurting your SEO rankings.

That’s the chief reason why repetition of anchor text is highly discouraged as it looks like you trying to game the system which, obviously, you can’t!

So it’s better to practice a mix and match of phrases as it mimics the feel of a natural-looking sentence rather than a stuffed text. It appears relatively more natural to both the audiences and the crawlers too.


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Websites must use well-crafted content in order to rank higher in minimum time that also by sticking to the conventional entrepreneurial wisdom, which says to value quality over quantity.

Poorly crafted content or spun content is something google crawler does not consider, which consequently impacts the site’s credibility.

Readers can always tell if your content is unique and distinctive, so better not to game your audience as they are the ones making you rank. So be sure to keep it as real as possible.

Outsource your content or hire resources having expertise in content crafting.

Although it may require a considerable chunk of your budget, the end result is all worth it. Possibilities are your site becomes more likely to get conversions.

Sounds like a decent deal! Isn’t it? Now you know why quality content is also dubbed as currency, just because it sells. So it’s crucial to realize the role well-crafted content holds and why we are stressing about entrepreneurs taking a move to invest in it.


An integral aspect that is commonly neglected and is now becoming a fundamental issue is the irrelevancy of the content.

That’s a grim reality and needs to be taken into account even though you are publishing genuine content but still not getting links.You need to realize the problem is not with your content but with its relevancy with that particular niche.

Want us to reveal the concealed secret behind getting more links faster? 

Make your content as genuine and compelling as possible. Either add infographics, reference links, or video illustrations to get your website’s envisioning clear, loud, and visible. 

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emmaEmma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blogs and sales pages.  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons.