5 Modern SEO Practices for Online Entrepreneurs

Modern SEO Practices for Online EntrepreneursKeyword Content for People
If you’re trying to think of keyword content, don’t use keywords that you would think might be the most efficient or well rounded. Use keywords that you could actually see real people using.

Think about when it would be most logical for your website to come up in search results and what the search entry would be. If your website is a large dry cleaning chain, then a search term might be, “Where to get clothes dry cleaned near”.

At the end of that particular term, there would probably be a location indicator such as zip code or city. This example works for service related websites, but if your website offers something else, then the keyword content would be different.

The idea here is that you need to anticipate the search term and incorporate it effectively into your content.


Local SEO
In many different search terms, even ones that don’t necessarily indicate a location, local results will be used. Having an entry on Google Places is one of the best ways to make sure that your business is getting exposure from local searches.

After you are listed on Google Places, you should make sure that your website’s business information is correct on both your webpage and on Google Pages.

This means that you should have consistent information. For example if your business is on 73rd street, but you abbreviated street as St. in your Google Places entry, make sure that you abbreviate the address on your website as well.


Unique Content
It cannot be stated enough how important having unique and original content is for your website.

It is the best way to ensure that after a website has its high page rank it maintains it. Google is smart, if you do manage to achieve a high page by recycling the same content or using an article spinner, Google will find out.

After Google finds out they will penalize your website and make sure that it cannot achieve a high page rank. Google may even remove your website from their results.

It may take longer and may be harder to achieve overall, but the best way to get a high page rank and keep it is with unique high quality content.


Create New Content Frequently
The internet is constantly changing and new things always appear. Having fresh new content frequently added to your site is not only important for increasing your page rank but also maintaining it.

Remember that when you make new content that it is unique and original. Don’t rewrite the same thing over and over again. All of the best SEO practices are geared towards helping users.

So before you publish a new piece of content ask yourself, “Will this content help or serve people in some way?”


Website Monitoring Tools
By using Google Webmaster Tools you are able to view any communications that Google attempts to have with your website.

The tools will allow you to figure out how many links are coming to your website from outside sources and the keywords that are most relevant when searching for your site.

Many people keep their marketing in house while others may utilize tools like the HirePulse directory to find the right agency for the job.


Brendan Mitchell is a contributing writer for Hire Pulse and has an extensive background in Internet marketing.



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