5 Innovative Tips to Brand Your Business on Twitter

TwitterBlueTwitter is being used by many companies for business – to do market research, for brand advocacy and sometimes reputation management. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and generate new opportunities.

Apart from that to enhance your company’s branding on social platform like Twitter, you got to empower all your employees to be a part of company’s brand online.

You mustn’t force your employees; instead you must provide them such tools, which will encourage them to become a part of your brand online.

But to be more innovative, here are 5 useful tips to brand your business on Twitter:


#1: Expand Your Network

Since you are using Twitter, you can learn valuable information from scanning tweets from influencers and fellow members. Also try the advanced Twitter search for related keywords to your products or services and then follow the influential users.

Moreover, your customers will perceive you as an approachable social personality.


#2: Template Background for Employees

Another major branding factor within the Twitter experience is profile background. As profile backgrounds are the largest piece of visual real estate that you have to share with others.

Since many businesses have a custom Twitter background for their business profiles, you can go a step further by offering your employees a custom company template for use on their Twitter backgrounds.

By creating a Twitter background template, you can offer it to all your employees and provide them with simple instruction on customizing the template and uploading them it on their twitter accounts.


#3: Consistent Profile Images

In a twitter stream profile images are major branding opportunity.

At the same time, there are many people who do not like their own pictures. It’s a high time, now you can take this opportunity, and have someone in your company as a freelancer photographer to take the new profile pictures of current and new employees.

When you do this, you got to make sure that the photographs are taken in the same style and position.

In addition to it, you can use some background, as it will represent your company in some ways.

This background will be as simple as the wall of your office as one company color. Your main aim here is creating a consistent profile image across the country.


#4: Use Custom URL Shortener

Twitter is all about sharing great content. Take advantage of this by making your own URL shortener to help brand your company as people share your links.

You can do this pretty simply by purchasing a short domain name and connecting it to Bitly Pro.


#5: Keep The Salesmanship Down

Though networking and community building are the two prime jobs of social media, it is okay to pepper in some relevant service news. You can announce your offers and discounts in a clear concise manner but be tactful in how you do it.

On the whole, if you put these ideas into action, it will definitely benefit you a lot.


Sourav Saha is the Web Consultant at Webaholic. He blogs about latest SEO trends, Social Media Tips and Updates @Blogaholic.