The perfect SEO page is right here


People has asked me โ€“ how do I make the perfect optimized page. How do I write for web?

How do we put it all together. Well lets take it step by step. Then its not so difficelt.

Remember I love to hear your comments on this ๐Ÿ™‚


HTML head Tags

the title. One of the most important elements on a page. Of couse your keywords has to be in the title. But also remember to the keywords as the number 1 or mabye 2 word in the title.

Meta description. The meta description is not used by the major seach engines. But the better you make the description the higher the click though rate you get. And high click though rate witl get you higher in searches.

Meta keywords. Yahoo used this in the good old days. But now Bing is doing the Yahoo seaches. So dont waste your time with the meta keywords. Well it will not hurt you โ€“ but it will not help you either.



Keyword location. The closer the kewyords are to the domain name, the better. That means if you site is called are much better then Get my point?

Length. Its seams that shorter URLs performs better then the longer ones.
Hyphens are much better then underscores. But remember that are better then

Okay that was the HTML head tags and the URL. Ready for more? Okay grab your coffee and get readyf for the


Body tags

How many time can you write the keyword on a page with Google think you are a spammer. Well โ€“ try with 2 – 3 times on a short page and 4 – 6 times on a long page. Dont be to aggressiv when you write ๐Ÿ™‚

The keyword density. The fewer words you are using compared to you keyword the higher is your keyword density. But again dont be to agressiv.

Variation. Remember to use your keywords in different variations. Dont just say cars โ€“ if cars is your keyword. Write cheap cars, fast cars, quality cars and so on.

H1 headline. Yes you should write your keyword in the H1 headline. And if your headline is short or relative short your will get a higher keyword density in your H1 headline.
H2 to H4 have lower importents then H1 โ€“ so try to make your keywords as high in the headline ranking as posibel.

Image tag.Remember to tag your images. Evidence has shown that this is a very important for the search engines.

Image filenames. Use your keywords in the filenames of your images.
Bold. Bold text show the seach engines (and the reader) what you want them to remember. So remember to bold your keywords (not all of them of course).

Italic. It seems that italic has a higher correlation with high ranking than bold โ€“ so remember to use this tool.

Internal link anchors. When you like to other pages in your own website use your keyword in the anchor text.

Pyhaa… this perfect text will be longer then I first thought. Lol. But well we have to make it perfect right?


Internal links and the site architecture

Your main keyword should be as close as possibly to yourhomepage.  Meaning as few clicks as posibel to get there. So are you selling used cars โ€“ dont do do instead

If a page is important for your keyword rank, you will have to link from as many pages as possible on your site to this page.

Remember that Google only counts the first link to a page that Google see in HTML.


Page Architecture

regarding the keyword location โ€“ you should put the keyword in the first few words. Of a pages text content.

Well show me you are aline โ€“ hit me a comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Did I forget something?

Yours Henrik