4 Ways to Manage Your Company’s Reputation Online

Reputation Management


The internet can help you share useful information and at the same time this same medium can be used to spread negative publicity.

When you start your company, there will come a time when you will have to face an aggrieved customer. This particular customer can spread vile information about your company online.

Various management consultants refuse to accept the full potential of social media, but this attitude is wrong. The sooner you stop these negative talks, the better it is for you.

Here are four tips that your company’s reputation management service should keep in mind.

  1. Keep A Check On Negative and Positive publicity

You should keep a look out for the kind of reputation that your company is getting. When you notice conversation about your company on forums and others, follow it closely. Be prepared to respond and appease the customer if you find that they are dissatisfied.

Enter the conversation at the correct time and offer a solution to repair and curb the damage c. Apologize publicly and offer terms to appease the customer. Publish an apology on all your web pages regarding the issue so that everybody knows what the company’s stand is.

  1. Make Your Company’s Statement Clear

When you see that there is a negative conversation about your company instead of staying aloof and seeing how things unfold, step in. Explain to the customer what went wrong. Get involved in the thread and try to explain clearly. Avoid becoming aggressive. Update all your online channels, like the official website and blogs and clearly define what had happened. Make sure that your official statement on the issue can be clearly found on the internet.

  1. Avoid Being Defensive

When you are interacting with your customers online, do not become defensive. Do not ever deny what has happened. This will further irritate the customer. It is alright if the customer has a different opinion, and it doesn’t mean that they are wrong. When you are defensive on the internet you place your company in a bad position. This will end up showing that you do not care about your aggrieved customers and further damage your reputation. Admit your mistake and try to amend it.

  1. Compensate

When something hasn’t gone well with the customer, accept your fault, apologize for it and compensate. It is not possible to be in the good books of the customer always, but it always easy to take responsibility for the mistake and compensate the customer for the hassle. If you readily compensate a customer, you will see that the customer will become a loyal customer of your brand and will remember the compensation more than the trouble he had to go through.

You never have any control over how your company will be perceived. However, if you know how to manage your company’s reputation online, the search engine marketing company will ensure your company a good ranking.


Author – this article is written by Brenda Lyttle




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