4 pillars for survival of website

what how whyIt has become mandatory for every business to have online presence if it wants to get successful in future. Whether it is a local resort or a million dollar Textile Company a search engine optimized website is must for everyone.

The success of business not only depends on the quality of products but also depends on how you reach your target audience effectively.

Having a strong visibility of your website can bring you more traffic and hence success in your business.

Most of you hire a SEO Company to get your site optimized. Here are some of the SEO rules which you must follow before optimizing your site:


1. Avoid too many web pages: The recent Panda updates have targeted those websites which have too many web pages and these sites are basically the e-commerce sites which contain less content.

You can reduce the web pages by categorizing the similar products under one page. Fill up each of the page with product description so that it consists of enough content.


2. Give unique title to your web pages: Invest some time in searching unique titles for your web pages.

The titles you choose must best describe your web pages and your title must consist of those keywords which most of the users search for and expect to see the results for the same.

In short, you must choose a title which is unique and would insist a visitor to read.


3. Use unique content on every page: Copying and pasting of content on all pages with few changes in keywords was an old SEO technique.

Now, Google flags this type of content and eliminate your website from search results.

Therefore, it is necessary to create unique content for each of the web page.

In a nutshell, unique and high quality content is necessary for every website which wants to rank higher on search results.


4. Write meaningful and useful Meta description: It is necessary to tell the online users about your website, if you really want that user click on your website link.

It can be done by using Meta tag, which must include the description about your company or website and this description should be keyword rich.

Keep the useful description so that the visitor would be compelled and pursue to visit your webpage.


A SEO company offers different SEO Packages which involve different techniques or strategies to boost up the website ranking.

A good and a professional SEO company implements updated and white hat techniques as they understands that organic results are mostly clicked by online users.


I am Deepika Garg working from last 4 years with SEO RANK SMART A SEO Company from last 4 years. It offers Best SEO Rank Smart to it’s worldwide client. I am quite ambitious to learn more about SEO and practicing to improve my skills. I also like to write articles on current topics.


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