4 Essential Pages That Every Blogger Should Have On Their Blog

cranialThere is a remarkable reason why blogging platforms such as WordPress allow for the creation of static pages. They are not the most visited pages but could turn into gems by getting a visitor to the site for the first time to try a product or subscribe.

As you consider these crucial pages, it is very important to step into the reader’s shoes and ask yourself what you would like to see; helpful content that inspires them to return or recommend the site to others.

These could be pages to know a little more about the owner of the site, contacts, subscribing to an opt-in offer or list, subscribing to future posts or simply accessing resources needed to understand the niche better. 


The essential four pages each new blog requires include the Home, About, Archives and Contact.

1. Home Page

WordPress bloggers should not worry about the creation of this page. It is the front page with all the latest content on the blog in a reverse kind of chronological order and usually automatically selected as the Home page.

You will also find a link created in the navigational bar to make sure visitors have found their way right back to the home page, no matter where they might be in the site.

In case you would like to have a static page, perhaps to introduce the blog to the visitors and let them discover what is in the blog later, you should create a new page right away.

This will make the blog look like websites with secondary content in blogs. If you decide to go for the static front page, include in the main menu a link to the blog so that it can be visible and to let every visitor know the blog is active.


2. About Page

After you have made up your mind on where you want the home page to be, visitors to the blog would like to know more about the owner or the blog.

Thus, an about us page is important, a popular page that will be clicked by visitors from social networks, search engine and other blogs. In the ‘about’ page, the visitor is told about the face behind the work on the blog.

This can be done through the creation of very short introductions to say who you are, the objective of the blog such as connecting with people of similar interest and sharing ideas. If you are an artist, it is the best place to have your statement, accomplishments and biography.

You might also want to add a number of links to a social profile you might be using to associate with your audience.


3. Archives Page

The archives page appears very dull as a garage shelf but plays a very crucial roll of having content at a central place.

Remember not every visitor to the site is human since search engine spiders will crawl the site to index the content, gathering information usually fed into a specific algorithm.

They evaluate the content of the blog and its popularity, before having it indexed the in the right way.

Archives page is the best place for a blogger to practice SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. This is done in the simplest way possible by making it easier for search engines to access the site and content.

For WordPress users, there are themes that come with archive formats. Other plugins make organization of content in terms of category or month possible, or pretty much the way you would like it.


4. Contact Page

Through the contact page, visitors are provided with various formats of getting in touch with the blog owner.

You can provide visitors with an actual email or contact form that cuts down spammy mail considerably as well as the place to socially connect with the blog or you, such as through Facebook or Twitter.

Once a reader had read something on your site and likes it, he or she might want to stay in touch or peruse more about you on Twitter or Facebook. After successfully starting the blog, you will find a number of things that should be done right before publishing the first post. This consideration is on the four pages any blog needs to have, which are extremely necessary.


Author Bio – Jason Smith is an online manager for SEO company. He likes to blog about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.
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