3 Ways to Make Your Facebook Fan Page SEO friendly

FacebookSEOfriendlySocial networking has become an essential marketing process for almost all varieties of businesses.

Nowadays, if you do not have a certain degree of presence on the various social networks, you run the risk of losing out on valuable clients.

Other than providing exposure to your brand, a well planned and maintained fan page on Facebook can boost your SEO popularity.

If you have been hosting a Facebook fan page for some time, without much SEO optimization, maybe you are going wrong somewhere in collating the content of such a page.

Here are three solutions, from a leading Orlando internet marketing house, which will help you to resolve this issue of inadequate Facebook marketing.


1. Link Your Facebook Fan Page to Other Sites

If you take a cursory look at some of the most popular eCommerce websites on the internet, then you will most probably come across a link to a Facebook fan page.

Such a link may call you to ‘like’ a product on Facebook, or it may simply claim to be working towards better communication between the company and its clients. Yet, there is a hidden agenda too, that lies behind these links.

Leading search engines, like Google, are more likely to favor a Facebook fan page that has many backlinks attached to it. This makes the search engines recognize a fan page as authentic, and reliable.

Thus, by connecting the content of your Facebook fan page to more and more blogs, websites, and other social network accounts, you will ensure a higher ranking for your page.


2. Plan Your Status Updates To Make Them Popular On Search Engines

It is a little known fact that Facebook treats the first 18 characters of your status updates, and other posts, to be a meta-description. So, take advantage of this fact, when you are composing the substance of these posts on Facebook.

You may include keywords, or even provide links to your allied websites, in such meta-descriptions.

You must also bear in mind that the first word of your status update is the most important, as far as SEO focus is concerned. So, put good thought into it.


3. Don’t Ignore the Power of Facebook Notes

As a Facebook fan page consists of all the important content for marketing a brand, most page administrators choose to overlook the ‘Notes’ section completely.

This alternate page is insignificant, in comparison to the all-important main fan page. This is a mistake, as you can use the ‘Notes’ section to enhance your SEO popularity.

The title of a particular post that you host in this section acts like an SEO title and the initial words of its content double as meta-data.

You can also link a note with other web page, and other important notes, thereby ensuring better communication and stronger backlinks for your overall fan page.

You can follow the above tricks, in addition to including the phone number and address on your Facebook fan page, to ensure that it gets the right kind of attention from SEO devices.

Consequently, you are sure to experience unprecedented business growth, promoting your brand through a Facebook fan page.


Author – this article is written by Brenda Lyttle




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