3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Traffic with Google Analytic


googleanalyticAre you using Google Analytic – well if you are not – you should start using it. It’s free and it will give you tons of information about your website.

Check it out here Google Analytic.

You can check it out here… You can’t really do SEO without knowing something about your visitors right?

Let me show you a simple but effective trick where you can use the information from your Google Analytic to grow your traffic.


1. Step – Find the keywords you are already ranking for
This is what you are going to do.

We will first find out what people are searching for in the organic Google searches to find your website.

Go to Google Analytic – Dashboard – Traffic Sources – Sources – All Traffic. In the right window click on “Google / Organic”. In the next window you are going to click on “Source/Medium” and pick “Traffic Sources” and pick “keywords”.

So now you know what people have written in Google search to find your website. This will be your top-ranking keywords that you got right now.


2. Step – find your website’s ranking position
Now we are going to check your keywords position. So go to Google and write you’re the first keyword you just found.

This can be a little tricky – because if you have a new or relatively new site, you might discover that your website is not showing up on the first page – or maybe not the second page in the Google search results.

The point is that you have discovered a page on your website that have a high ranking for a keyword phrase. And this is what we are looking for.

It’s not so important if its showing up on page 1 or 2 (or 3…).

You can find programs which are showing you your ranking. I have found this ranking tool. This way you don’t have to check too many pages if your keyword is not showing up on the 1. or 2. page.


3. Step – building backlinks
Now the last step is to use your knowledge about your keywords and ranking. You are going to use the keyword phrase as your anchor text.

I would go back to Google and search for “SEO guest post” or “SEO blog guest post” or “SEO comments” and find relevant websites, which could be relevant for a link back to my website here. You will have to search for relevant websites to your blog or website.

Write a comment on the website you just found, or contact the site owner and ask if you could write an article with a backlink.

Then write your article with your keyword and a link (also with your keyword or keyword phrase). If you are commenting a post, again remember to mention your keyword or keyword phrase.

Now repeat this for your other main keywords. Simple right? Yeah I know – it will take some time with articles, but then start by commenting some posts.

After some weeks check out your rank position again.

Well that’s all folks – I better start commenting some articles and write some articles.


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All the best to you as always…



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