3 Simple SEO Steps to Double Your Traffic

blackYou might know this situation – you have a website but you need more traffic.

Well I think every website owner knows about this. I found this strategy – and people told me that this strategy has doubled their organic traffic overnight. So it might work for you also.

The strategy is to take your most viewed pages and give them an update.

You don’t have to work for weeks to get backlinks – it’s all done on-page.

In fact it’s like going back to the basic SEO. A lot of pages and website don’t have the basic SEO for their pages. So working with the basic will help your traffic. You do remember the SEO pyramid too?

But no more talk – get some coffee in your cup and put your favorite music on (I think I will listen to Earth Wind and Fire… Or maybe Paul McCartney).

1. Step – check up your meta tag
First you pick up the 10 pages of your website with the most page views. You can go to your Google Analytic and check that out.

Take the standard Report and choose the last month. Go to Content / Site Content / Pages. Here you will find your 10 most viewed pages.

Here you can see my top 10 pages.

When you focus on the top 10 pages you will pick the pages with the most effect for your traffic. But later on you can do the same with the rest of your pages.

Now for each of your top 10 pages you will need to find your URL, Title Tag, Meta Description and Header.




Let me give you an example here:

  Current Version New Version
URL www.used-cars.com/34tpo/d www.used-cars.com/Ford/2010
Title Tag Home – used-cars.com Used Ford cars, best quality cars, cheap used cars in town at used-cars.com
Meta Description Home page – Contact Us – Products – information Get updated information about our quality used Ford cars with a certification guaranty. Check out our great deals.
Header 2010 cars Used Ford Cars 2010


You get the idea. You might find that many of your old pages have “URL” with no keywords but only some strange number or letters.

The “Title Tag” might never have been checked before and your keyword should be mentioned in the title tag.

The “Meta Description” should tell the people searching what your page is all about and why they just have to go and check it out.

And of course your header should contain your keyword.



2. Step – On-page optimization

Now go and do a normal SEO report on your pages for your keywords.

For each of your top 10 pages you will make a report. In most of the SEO software you will write your URL, your keyword and the search engine – and it will tell what you need to do on-page to optimize your page.

IBPI use “Internet Business Promoter” but you can also use the software from SeoMoz or a lot of other software.

Most of the software will give you some advices about what to do to optimize your page for your keyword.

Okay – you still have your coffee? We are almost done now.






3. Step – submit your sitemap and RSS feed to the Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster ToolYou can submit your site, sitemap and RSS feed to the Google Webmaster Tools. After you have submitted it – Google will find any errors or other issues your site might have. And you will have to correct the mistakes.

Well that was it.

I think it will take you around a day to make this work. And when you do it with your top 10 pages you will get the most effect out of your work.

Now check up on your traffic… Some people have doubled their traffic using these easy basic SEO steps.



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