3 Most Important Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Whether you are trying to rank for a specific word such as “B2B”, or for the a specific phrase like “best real estate website”, utilizing keyword research will give you a competitive boost in whatever niche you are in.

When you do not incorporate the correct keywords at the correct buying stage targeted towards your customers you end up with less leads, less traffic, clients/customers and less earnings.

That saying you get what you pay for is true in regards to the best tools for keyword research and planning. There are many articles on the internet with top 10, 20 and 30 lists of the best seo tools. There are three main tools that seem to be the most effective and popular among the professionals.

No, not one of them is Google Keyword Planner. However, there is one free tool that Google provides- a great alternative to paid tools on the market.



Any SEO professional has many tasks they need to complete in order to do their job correctly. Blanks, auditing, position tracking are only a few. The data, reports, and projects SEMrush provides you an edge and a leg up against your competition. If you need to improve your visibility organically, EMrush is an investment that pays for itself.



Keywordtool.io is great for long-tail versions of keyword research. You can use a paid keyword tool and then use this one that is free to come up with secondary, long-form, keywords to incorporate into your content.

There is more to SEO these days than targeting an exact word match. Utilizing any keyword tool that offers long tail variations that you can develop your content and web pages around. Aside from keyword variations, keywordtool.io offers the search volume for your keywords.

Search Console


If you need a free tool that costs no money to use, consider Google Search Console. The search console is apart of your webmaster tools. SEOs and site owners can learn a lot about your keywords and the people, or customers, that are using them.

The search console can show you which words you are not currently ranking for, which gives you insights that allow you to plan your content around words that are beneficial. A lot of people disregard this tool because it is offered for free from Google, but using it will help guide you to create an optimized and efficient SEO strategy.