Understanding The Concept Of Copywriting For A Better SEO

Creating content is an art but simply being artistic will not produce the best results given the fact that users want much more from you. Moreover, their needs and wants are ever changing which means you will need to abide by it to produce and provide them with exactly what they want. This means that you will need to know the technical aspects of SEO and the best way to ensure that is to know the concept of copywriting and follow it in your content creation process. 

Typically, copywriting is the process in which the art of content writing and the science behind creating content is perfectly blended. Proper copywriting will produce a lot of significant benefits that includes:

  • It will prompt and encourage the reader or the end-user to go through the entire content and 
  • It will thereby raise the chances of converting the visitors into prospective sales leads.

Proper copywriting will also encourage the readers and the end users to do a lot of actions that are desirable to you such as:

  • It will encourage them to buy your product 
  • They may also subscribe to your newsletter or a list
  • They may want to take a test drive and lots of other action according to the product you deal with.

All these will eventually help you to increase your sales volume and business revenue. Therefore, it can be rightfully said that copywriting is the broader sense of salesmanship. Why? Several experts define copywriting in a lot of different ways, some of which will really make you smile! 

Job of the copywriters

The experts say that better copywriting drives the users to take the desired action. It is the job of the skilled copywriter to write to write copies for:

  • Ads
  • Promotions 
  • Offers and 
  • Customer engagement. 

In this modern world of business where digital marketing is in vogue and indispensible, it is essential to make a better impact online and ensure a better presence with higher SEO. It is for this reason that modern business owners hire the best SEO services, content writing services, digital marketing services so that they can be very creative, unique and effective with their digital marketing strategies. 

Hiring an SEO copywriter

When you hire an SEO copywriter you can rest assured that the content will tailor your online content depending on several factor that will influence the end results as well as the end users such as:

  • The needs and demands of the people
  • The likes and dislikes along with the type of the audience 
  • The correct choice of words that will appeal to and encourage them to take the desired action
  • The use of right keywords that will help in their search and
  • Craft a catchy and attractive headline.

With proper demarcation of sentences and paragraphs in the content it will persuade the readers to take a specific desired action. 

In addition to that, there is another significant benefit in investing in an SEO copywriter. 

  • They will know and follow the requirements of Google. 
  • They will deliver an exact content that Google will like considering the use of certain words and phrases especially the long tail phrases.

That means, when you hire a SEO copywriter, or a blogger or even a freelance writer, just as all other online business entrepreneurs you must look for the creativity and writing skills of the writer. 

Keep up with the changing world of SEO

The world of SEO today is fast changing and if you want to survive in it and build a thriving online business you must keep up with these changes. The primary aim of yours should be creating contents for your website that are:

This however, is not a onetime process. You will have to do it on a consistent basis. This is the most important part of modern SEO requirements and digital marketing: to keep your content fresh as per the demand and provide better user experience.

Get the people to act

SEO copywriting is all about getting the people to act just as your desire them to. It is also about following the Goggle updates to rank well in its SERP. This will guarantee that is funnels paying customers simultaneously to your online business.

According to the experts, if you want to have better SEO copywriting you will need to keep a few things in mind such as:

  • The components of the ranking algorithm of Google
  • About creating useful, valuable and compelling content
  • Target specific keywords as per your targeted audience who will be encouraged to promote it gladly on the social media platforms. 

This will increase the relevance of the content and at the same time increase its authority. This will not only improve your site ranking in Google SERP for the selected keywords but will also enable you to make a better impression with brand awareness created. 

With a strategically designed and created SEO copywriting, you will be able to recommend things something highly which Google will consider as relevant according to your business and product. This eventually will help you to achieve a greater SEO content result.

Persuasion is the key

SEO copywriting will help you to target your specific customers with more dynamic solutions that will solve their specific problems. Ideally, the most important piece in the puzzle is ‘persuasion.’ This is the element that will drive people to take an action. This however is not difficult because many different high quality tools and resources available that you can use for that matter. A persuasive content is that:

  • Begins with selling yourself
  • Then the product, service or your idea. 

But the most significant thing is that for all this you have barely a maximum of 30 seconds to yourself. If your content can provide results within that small time window it will leave people wanting for more, or the people will leave you looking for more elsewhere.

7 Tips to Creating Engaging Content for Social Media Sharing

Marketing a business or brand online is possible by using a variety of methods that are optimal for startups, small local businesses, and even mega-corporations. Knowing how to effectively market to your target audience is essential while building your online presence and maximizing your online reach.

One of the best and most reliable forms of digital marketing still remains content marketing. With engaging content, boost the number of shares you receive on social media while driving more traffic and sales to your website.

Use A/B Testing to Create Successful Headlines

Creating headlines that grab the attention of users online is one of the biggest challenges you are likely to encounter while developing your content marketing strategy. If the headline does not appeal to your target audience, they will find an alternative source or seek a source that they are familiar with personally. Successful headlines should evoke emotions and thought, prompting users to learn more about the topic or issue you are presenting.

Using A/B testing is possible with platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and even Instagram Ads. Launching multiple campaigns simultaneously while shifting only minor details such as the imagery, headlines, and CTA (call-to-action) used is a way to gain valuable insight about your current audience.

Discover which type of imagery triggers the most engagement and which keywords drive the most traffic to your website. Use A/B testing to avoid overspending with your marketing budget, especially if you are launching your content marketing strategy for the first time.

Diversify Your Content

Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing strategies. With engaging content, building a brand, a positive reputation, and a thriving following becomes much easier, even in saturated markets. Diversifying your content is key to building a following while also showcasing your own knowledge and dedication to the industry you represent.

If you sell electronics, consider writing articles about future technologies currently in development, recalls of electronics, and even DIY articles that assist readers with fixing or repairing their electronics. The more diversified your content appears to new visitors, the easier it is to gain their trust and loyalty.

Offer Unique and In-Depth Content

When working on your content marketing strategy, research topics and ideas that are most relevant to your own business. Avoid writing generic articles and instead, produce in-depth pieces that are unique, informative, and truly helpful for your audience. Write content that is not easy to find, even on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Use catchy headlines and implement hooks that will entice the reader to learn more about the topic you are covering.

Ask Your Audience a Question

When you want to create truly engaging content that is also ideal for social media sharing, ask your audience a question in the headline of your new article. Asking a question allows you to directly connect with any reader who stumbles upon the content you have created, whether they are doing so on your official website, your blog, within their email, or even on social media. When you ask the audience a question within a headline, the thought of a conversation or an ongoing dialogue may help to motivate them to view the content.

Choose the Right Voice

Crafting popular and engaging content requires the ability to choose the right voice to best represent you as an individual or your business and brand. Consider how you want your audience to view and interpret the content you share. Do you want to appear corporate and extremely professional, or casual and open to a friendly conversation? How your articles are written directly affects how readers will view and interpret your content.

Keep the demographics of the users you want to reach in mind when choosing a voice for your content marketing strategy. If you are targeting white-collar professionals who are in their 50’s, a professional and formal tone may be the best option. However, if you want to reach a younger audience such as millennials or gen z, consider using a casual tone that is welcoming and less pretentious.

Solve a Problem

Always solve a problem with each new piece of content you generate to maximize the engagement you receive. Users want to discover content that is not just interesting, but also useful, informative, and relevant. Solving a problem for your users can be as simple as providing local resources to offering an in-depth guide on how to repair a section of your computer.

It becomes much less challenging to establish your business or brand as an authoritative entity if you consistently provide users online with high-quality informative content that is difficult to find anywhere else on the web.

Put Social Media to Work for You

Social media is one of the greatest tools to put to work for you once you have a content marketing strategy in place. Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Pinterest to create pages for your business, brand, or official website.

Once you have established yourself on social media, begin uploading your brand’s logo and implementing your brand colors to decorate and streamline your online presence. Create a posting schedule that ensures you remain consistent when producing new content and sharing updates to your current followers.

Use A/B testing on social media to gauge the best methods of reaching your current target audience and any extended demographics you want to appeal to with your content. Promote your content using social media on a regular basis to determine which headlines and type of content receive the most engagement, shares, and interactions.

Crafting engaging content is one of the quickest ways to build a brand’s online reputation from the ground up. Providing users with informative, useful, and relevant content shows users that you are committed to your business and delivering satisfaction to your visitors and customers. With the right content marketing strategy from Joel House SEO, garner a loyal and trusting following as you continue to scale and expand your business.

Why You Need to Be On Facebook in 2019

Is your business on Facebook yet? 

If the answer is no, then you could be missing out on a vast selection of potential customers. 

After all, social media marketing has become the easiest way for today’s companies to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. Through the right social media connections, you can improve brand loyalty, create advocates for your company, and even increase sales. 

While there are plenty of social channels to choose from on the market today, Facebook is the largest of them all, with 2.23 billion people visiting the platform every month. There’s a good chance that your audience and your competitors are already active on Facebook. 

Why Is Facebook the Best Place to Start with Social Media Marketing?

Facebook is far from the only option for your social media marketing campaign. Instagram offers a much better place to connect with younger customers interested in visual content, for instance. Pinterest is perfect for reaching out to mothers in search of new products to invest in online. Even LinkedIn has a unique appeal for companies that want to sell to other businesses. 

However, Facebook is usually the first channel you’ll explore when you start to invest in social media marketing. There’s a reason for that. The revenue per user on Facebook has doubled in the last 3 years, thanks to the growing levels of engagement on this platform. Ultimately, no matter whether you’re posting live videos, polls, or standard image-rich content on Facebook, you’ve got a great chance to earn your customer’s attention. 

Additionally, a massive 68% of Americans use Facebook regularly. If you’re interested in building an audience in the USA, then it only makes sense to be active on Facebook. While many social channels appeal to a specific niche, Facebook seems to be able to reach just about anyone. That’s why it’s miles ahead of other competitors like Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter when it comes to global reach. 

Facebook Helps You to Connect with your Audience

One of the things that makes Facebook so compelling as a platform for marketing is that it’s not just great at reaching the largest number of customers – it can also help you to connect with a specific range of audience members too. That’s because Facebook offers one of the most valuable targeting tools in the industry. With Facebook, you can target your audience based on their location, hobbies, interest, job title, and so much more. 

Unlike many other social media marketing platforms, Facebook goes above and beyond to give marketers the tools they need to speak to their audience on a deeper level. This also means giving everything you need to reach the audience that’s best for you. That’s probably why Facebook has 80 million small and mid-sized business pages active online today. 

Are You Ready to Excel on Facebook?

Creating the ultimate social media marketing strategy isn’t easy. 

Most companies will need to spend some time figuring out which channel is right for their audience by creating in-depth user personas and conducting comprehensive analytics. However, it’s safe to say that most companies, no matter what they sell, will be able to gain some traction on Facebook. 

Facebook is the most diverse and compelling social media marketing channel available today – reaching the broadest range of audience members out of any social solution. If you’re ready to start experimenting with Facebook in your marketing campaign, check out the infographic below for insights into the reality of Facebook marketing.  

Microblogging for better web traffic – A Bird’s eye view

Microblogging, as the name suggests, is writing smaller posts as compared to articles and lengthy blogs. You can see them on microblogging sites like Facebook and Twitter. And these posts are the micro-posts that have the capability of attracting web traffic to your website successfully.

In this article, let us find out more about the following topics related to microblogging, namely,

  • How can you use microblogging for your business?
  • SEO for microblogging.

Let us take one sub-topic at a time

How can you use microblogging for your business?

You will be able to enjoy many benefits if you are using a microblogging website for enhancing web presence and drawing more traffic to your site. Read on for more information-

Speed and Frequency

The research group Nielsen Norman reveals that it is even less than a minute when visitors stay on a web page if we take it on average time. That is because, throughout the day, individuals remain busy with their routine work, and it is only during their spare time when they browse and want to take in as much information as they can. It can be rightly called “imbibing the burst of information.”

According to another study by Pew Research Center in 2013, approximately 63% of the individuals use their hand-held devices to access the virtual world. As such, if the posts on the microblogging sites are short and informative, it adds better value to visitors. 

As far as frequency is concerned, you will be able to post your messages at regular intervals depending on the requirement and what new message you want to convey. 

Short messages for better insight

It is also a well-known fact that Twitter, one of the most popular microblogging websites, offers users to convey their messages in 140 characters. One of the main benefits of short posts is that you can retweet them. It also enhances your chances of drawing more traffic to your website.

These days, you can also transfer files in the form of.PDF, texts, and images over Twitter with the help of Twileshare. You can try out Twileshare by Kick Media SEOto find out the effectiveness of this new Twitter tool for file sharing.

Twileshare is a Twitter-based service that comes for free. One of the main benefits that you can enjoy by using this tool is that aside from sharing files in various formats likePDF, word doc,GIF, PNG, JPG, and excel, your followers will be able to see all the information that you share. 

In this way, you can send much useful or promotional material to your target audience.

Interaction with followers

When you resort to any microblogging site like Twitter, you have better chances of developing your business. It is because it is quite likely that the majority of your followers will be interested in your business and will be prospective leads. 

With the help of Twileshare, you can share business information in the form of visuals and texts that will offer better insight into them.  

As such, these websites are a two-way communication platform that is of immense help if you have plans to market your products and services online.

Keep the brand image in mind

Whenever you send any short post before that make sure that it is per your company or brand image. You must not send any such post that will tarnish the image of your company.

SEO for microblogging

Regardless of whether you are blogging or using a microblogging site for promoting your brand image, SEO is indispensable. How will you make use of search engine optimisation in this regard? Let us find out.

Selecting SEO-friendly CMS

First of all, you must choose a platform that is search-friendly. It is crucial when you choose the CMS or Content Management System. When you opt for the publishing platform, make sure it is user-friendly.  is because not all CMSs are of the same type. You will come across a few platforms that are optimised for search engines or are search engine friendly. In this case, applying your SEO strategies will be much easier.   

Optimising permalink

Writing content for your website means that you will have to keep search engines in mind. The permalink structure should be such that Google or any other search engine can understand what the particular web page is related to.

Also, since Google uses the structure of the permalink for ranking websites, it must be relevant and easy to understand not just for the search engines but also for the readers. 

Titles and meta tags

These are one of the most critical components when it comes to getting noticed by Google. The titles must be related closest to the targeted keyword or key phrase for better optimisation. 

Hiring a reliable SEO company for improved web traffic

Your success and website ranking also depend on the quality of services you avail from the SEO company.  There are a few aspects that you must take into account for better website performance and visibility. These are- 

  • The company must be practising the latest strategies in SEO, keeping in mind the updates introduced and implemented by Google, the search engine giant.
  • It must have the expertise to use the latest tools, regardless of whether they are optimising a blogging site or microblogging website.
  • They must be reliable and have a good track record for offering quality services and within the time they specify.
  • The SEO company must not suggest any unethical ways of ranking because shortcuts usually do not help. They might manifest a temporary spike in ranking but usually nosedives in the long run.

Last but not least, it is vital that you convey your requirement to the SEO company if you want optimum results.  Unless there is clarity, it is challenging to promote the theory into a phenomenon.

So, before signing on the dotted line, make a note of your company objectives and what you expect out of your business at least 5 years from now.

Are you hurting your SEO efforts by ignoring CTR? 

Often CTR or click-through-rates don’t get the much-deserved attention because some digital marketers don’t think they can be as crucial as inbound links in the context of SEO metrics. But if you wish to improve the rankings of your web property, then ignoring this parameter can hurt your efforts.

According to some industry experts, a 3% improvement in organic CTR can increase your page rank by one spot. It could be challenging to accept it whole-heartedly, but what is undeniable is the fact that you have to work on CTR for the sake of attracting traffic to your website. The more CTR may mean higher conversion rate also. 

However, to arrive at that point, you must first get the concept of CTR clear. Here are a few points that can help you in this area.

Understanding CTR

Click Through Rate shows you the performance of a paid search, email campaign, and display ad in terms of how many times users clicked them compared to how many times they viewed them. It indicates the effectiveness of the content you used, such as ads, titles and descriptions, and email subject. You can know what your click-through rate is through analyzing the performance of call-to-action features on your website or links in an email, search result page on the search engine, Facebook ad, pay-per-click ad on Google, etc.

From this, you can contemplate that CTR signals the performance of your ad or content. Higher click-through rate indicates the relevancy of the information for your users, and lower ones hint at its ineffectiveness.

Whenever you launch a marketing promotion, you intend to get targeted audience to your website so that they buy your product or service, fill the form, or indulge in an activity that can create an impact in your business. With CTR, you can measure and enhance the productiveness of your ad campaign and lead visitors to the desired actions.

In this context, you may wish to know when you can say that the click-through rate is good. It is difficult to pinpoint anything definitively as its performance depends on multiple factors, such as target keywords, individual PPC campaigns, etc. Having said that, sometimes the value of CTR can be in double digits in case searches relate to your brand and other times, it may not be even 1% in case of generic keywords.

Anyway, you can calculate the CTR of a campaign by taking into account the total number of impressions and clicks. Divide impressions by clicks and multiply the obtained number by 100.

Significance of CTR

As evident, CTR lets you have an idea of the success or failure of the marketing promotion. The higher number of user engagement reflects the strength of the copy, keywords, images, and ad placements. If your click-through rates are strong, you can see its impact on conversions and sales. You can compare the performance of your email marketing, paid ads, and searches as part of your SEO practices with average CTR by industry. For example, if you look at search ads’ click-through rates by industry, you will realize e-commerce sites register about 2.69% and B2B, 2.4%. Similarly, display ads get 0.46% CTR in B2B and 0.51% in e-commerce. The averages vary from industry to industry and from one marketing campaign to another.

Additionally, CTR is also critical from the perspective of Google ads ranking and quality score. If your ads get lesser than the required or expected click-through-rates, Google Ad Rank will most likely reduce its rankings. As far as the search engine’s quality score goes, it depends on the strength of content relevancy, CTR, and landing page performance. With good CTR, you can make a difference in this area also.

Ways to improve CTR

An overall successful SEO effort is impossible without a good organic CTR, and there are a few tricks that you can employ to benefit from it. Let’s have a look.

  • Check search data analytics in the Google console to identify the lowest performing content. Change those to make them click-worthy.
  • Don’t make your title tags heavy with keywords.
  • Add emotional hooks to SEO-based titles by tapping into fears, surprise, sadness, anger, anticipation, etc.
  • Address the different personalities through the titles, such as hero or villain, good friend, comedian, and so on.
  • Include numbers in the titles to increase their appeal. This hack can boost CTR by 36%.
  • Choose your words wisely in the description tags, which people find difficult to ignore.
  • Use descriptive URLs over generic ones to generate 25% more CTR.
  • Vary the headlines as much as possible.
  • Run Facebook ads to see how headlines perform. 
  • Avoid using common phrases like ‘click here’ in email marketing campaigns.

An important consideration for CTR

In this context, it is essential to note that you have to have clarity about your business goal. Whether you are looking for traffic or sales? CTR becomes a prime factor when your emphasis is on traffic or lead generation. 

So, are you worried about your low click-through rates? If that is so, then it’s time you get in touch with an expert, such as JJEXC SEO, for help. Generally, agency people have a profound knowledge of the subject because of their specialization and exposure in the field. Also, it is their primary job, just like your business is for you. So leaving this task to specialists is not a wrong decision.

In Ohio, you can come across many digital and SEO companies that promise to deliver results faster. Don’t opt for the desperate ones. They look at it as a money minting opportunity, and hence lack focus in the actual task. Choose someone experienced as well as well-established. When you meet them, you can ask them SEO specific questions to test their knowledge and expertise. The confident professionals will not have cold sweat. Also, they will not try to charge you unfairly high amount because they give more importance to the opportunity and the work they can do for you.


Critical factors that make an SEO professional the best in business


SEO professionals can be from different backgrounds. If truth be told, some are programmers, entrepreneurs, traditional advertisement, or marketing professionals. If you are looking for an SEO expert, here are the top qualities that you need to search for in your professional. And, before you start searching, make sure you narrow your searches locally. Make sure you search online for your local SEO Toronto expert today. 

Look for critical thinking in your expert

Yes, we understand that it might be challenging for you to measure the critical thinking ability for your expert. But it is incredibly vital for your expert to possess an astute mind and analytical capabilities to understand your requirements and plan/implement strategies better accordingly. 

Ask your questions according to the requirements of your venture and make sure that the professional has your best interests in heart. Judge your expert on the ability to solve problems. 

Keep in mind the speaking/writing ability

Generally, an expert SEO professional is quite capable of performing the keyword researches required and the framing of the content. Such an SEO professional proves to be extremely valuable in terms of returns for the investment. 

Your SEO professional is also responsible for heading the internal team meeting and getting the job done. This requires a certain level of competence and confidence. Make sure your expert excels in speech and writing abilities to make the relationship a success. 

About the technical and programming skills

Yes, you can find SEO professionals with no programming knowledge. But the truth is an expert who understands the technicalities and speaks the programming language the best option for your venture needs. 

There are technical problems to deal with in case of optimizing a site that includes page speed, server-side ad insertions, and redirects along with the micro-data that needs to be tagged. If your SEO expert is also a keen developer, then he/she will prove to be the best fit possible. 

Your SEO expert doesn’t need to write code, but he/she does need to understand the implications and how they are some of the vital but overlooked factors for page ranking and SERPs. If you make sure of the technical abilities of your expert before hiring, you will avoid making the common mistakes and objectionable practices for search engine optimization. 

Social skills

Your SEO expert also needs to be able to hang out with other professionals of your team and the workforce in general. Informal conferences and bar side conversations can be brainstorming sessions as well. This means your professional needs to have a certain level of social skills. 

Many SEO professionals are incredibly social and are great around parties and bars. Sharing of ideas and newer strategies to rank your site higher can be all a part of a party conversation if your expert is social enough to strike a balance between the work life and the personal life. 

Observe the analytical skills before making a choice

SEO professionals need to save time. The online advertising world is a rapidly ever-changing and dynamic field. The more competent your expert is at pulling analytical data without external help, the better it is for your venture. A personal Google Analytics or such online performance analysis accounts are a hallmark of a professional. 

The analytics data offers up specific insights into the strategies and how they are working that are used by most of the successful professional and adequately optimized domains. Make sure you don’t miss out on these pointers to make your site better. 

Your professional needs to have Excel skills

The buck doesn’t stop rolling with only pulling of the analysis data. Some aspects require the manipulation and better understanding of the data. This data analysis requires mathematical tools like the IF statements and the Concatenates. The performance becomes efficient if your expert can organize data and utilize the necessary tools for data manipulation and presentation. 

Ask your professional about the data manipulation methods for creating the XML sitemap, measure the algorithm changes and the impact of the same of the ranking of the site, creating custom CTRs or even grouping high-value keywords. If your expert has all the required knowledge, then rest assured that the partnership will prove to be invaluable. 

Look for the drive and motivation

Every successful professional is, by nature, a highly driven and motivated individual. Expert SEO managers are always glued to their tasks. When you are working in marketing, your job doesn’t leave you when you leave the office. Brainstorming sessions are frequent, and most successful professionals remain attached to their handhelds for telecommunication. This requires an internal driving force that makes the expert a valued addition to your team. It is extremely crucial to look for the drive and motivation factors in your expert before signing up the contract. 

With SEO and the evolution of digital marketing, there is always something new to learn every day. Modern programming languages are implemented, new framework changes are brought in, and algorithm changes are frequent in this day and age. Look for additional qualities in your expert like adaptability to more modern platforms and proficiency in webmaster tools and API skills. 

The presence of such skills will ensure that the expert will always retain the best interests for your venture and employ his/her technical skill set to improve traffic redirection and the audience retention for your site which ultimately will lead to higher page views and consequently higher SERP ratings. 

Lastly, look for a sense of humor

The SEO industry has many pitfalls, and there are frequent ups and downs. All the changes happen at a breakneck pace, and it requires a certain kind of personality to deal with failures and get on with devising newer and better strategies for the domain. 

A step back and an objective look will find out most of the trouble areas, and this needs a sense of humor and positive outlook towards life in general. The job is quite stressful, but an expert professional will know how to rewind and de-stress to plan the future better.

Keep in mind these facts about a real SEO expert and look for the qualities before hiring the expert just by his/her C.V. Make sure you take your time in judging the character and as always all the very best to you.  


Tips to help you strategize SEO of your website like a pro


By now, it is quite the common knowledge that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is similar to a reverse engineering method of strategizing to rank your domain higher at the SERPs or the Search Engine results page. 

SEO is highly technical and crucial to enable your venture to stand out in the cut-throat competition of digital marketing. The better SEO strategies you implement, the higher is the chance of driving organic traffic into your site without paying a handful of dollars as seen for Google AdWords or the Facebook ads. 

All you need to keep in mind is that the ranking is for creating awareness and putting the spotlight on your venture. So, in the case, your domain is consistently being ranked past the first page of the search results, you need expert help. For more information, please log in to http://snipetraffic.com/.  

Factors affecting SEO

If truth be told, the SEO strategies and the results after implementation of the same are affected by a plethora of factors. These include the authority of the root domain, the sub-domain as well as the URL. There are additional factors like the user experience, user retention, bounce rates, and social shares that play a role as well. Moreover, with the latest Google Core updates, most of the webpage owners are in a fix about necessary changes, if at all. 

The scene after the Google Core update

Expert analysis through painstaking research has found conclusive evidence as to what to expect after the Google Core updates. Though there are no significant patterns, it can be concluded that the update has targeted a specific tactic and a category of websites. Our experts would like to point out that there are no fixes that are recommended after the Core update; instead, you need to try and make the site better in general. Read more about Digital Marketing Agency in India

Are recoveries from previous core updates possible?

Yes and no! According to the research results, recoveries from previous updates have shown mixed outcomes. The majority, however, claims that recovery is possible from previous updates, but the numbers of test subjects showing negative as well unaffected results are quite high as well. However, most of the websites and domain landing pages were negatively impacted with respect to SERP rankings after the latest Google Core updates.

Any general fixes that worked?

According to the research results, several fixes worked to improve the rankings for the sites affected negatively after the latest algorithm update. These include technical SEO changes, removal of outdated and broken links, the addition of newer authority links, improvement of the UX, and quality of content. So, it can be safely concluded that to counteract the effects of the update, all you need to do is increase the overall quality of the page. 

So, if you are reading this article, it can be safely assumed that you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your domain. Here are some of the tips for you, keeping the latest Google algorithm updates in mind. 

The strategies have been broadly categorized into two sub-categories. The first one being the on-page optimization, and the second is the off-page optimization. 

On-page optimization

The on-page optimization deals explicitly with the strategies that you need to implement to better the structure of the domain. Here are the ways to improve the on-page optimization. 

Optimizing the meta-tag, title, and description

You can make sure of the optimization of the meta-tags, titles, and descriptions by using various free to use online/offline tools. All you need is a title and description that has specific keywords which have been implemented correctly. There is a list of proven and valuable keywords that you need to use consistently. The use of numbers in the title as well as easy to punch in URL is also essential. 

Keep in mind to link in authority sites

External links are a handy SEO tool, and the more you link to highly authoritative websites, the better are your chances at a high search result ranking. At least a couple of authority outbound links are essential to increase the traffic for your site. 

Improve the site loading speed

The slower it takes your site to load, the more the audience loses interest. This leads to low audience retention and lower bounce rates. Here are some tricks to improve the site loading speed.

  • Install a caching tool with complete access to help site load faster for repeat visitors.
  • Use a photo editor tool to optimize and reduce image sizes.
  • Compress the HTML, CSS, and other files before posting.
  • Invest in and use a CDN or Content Distribution Network.

 Legitimize your site

You need an SSL certificate (https link) to legitimize your site. Also, perfect the art of writing the content within the word limit and keeping in mind the industry standards. Use multimedia and videos to make the site informative and engaging for the customers. This will also improve the UX or the User Experience of your domain. 

Off-page optimization

Off-page SEO is equally important, though most seem to forget about it. Here are the tricks you need to learn.

About social signals

Google pays a lot of importance to social cues. This means the social traffic, likes, and shares and comments your posts get. You can start by leveraging your social media accounts. Every time you create a new post for your domain, share it on the social networking sites. 

This will increase your visibility through likes, shares, and comments. The only trick is to be consistent with the posting. If posting personally to all the groups and pages becomes repetitive, you can even use a virtual assistant to schedule the assignment. 

About links

Build up a network of strong back-links from various authority sites and keep in mind that it is all about quality and not the quantity. Invite writers, bloggers, influencers, and writers to collaborate on your project.

That concludes our list of all the necessary but basic SEO strategies following the latest Google Core update. Invest in a third-party SEO expert to help you deal with the technicalities of this dynamic digital marketing skill.