A Definitive Analysis of SEO in 2018: The Biggest Changes and Google Upgrades

2018 was undoubtedly an eventful year for search engine optimization or SEO, owing to an almost never-ending list of Google search algorithm upgrades and other similar changes. Webmasters and SEO professionals had to keep with the big changes that were made within the management team of Google. Some of the major active changes that were experienced this year include mobile first indexing and other modifications with Google search console. Besides, the year also witnesses a great amount of transition to Google local, Google maps, and My Business along with the huge shift in terms of voice search, thanks to the Google Assistant.

Here is a detailed review of the SEO year 2018 that will help you understand where Google is going with rankings and how you can maintain the best SEO practices to be on the top of the chart:

Google Algorithm Updates and Search Ranking

The year 2018 has seen a broad spectrum of search engine algorithm changes made by Google out of which, some were confirmed, and some went pre-announced. Check out the major changes made by Google in 2018:

Speed Update:  Released in June after being first announced back in January of 2018, the Speed Update mainly targeted the slowest websites in accordance with their ranking placement in search.

Medic Update: Perhaps the most conclusive search ranking algorithm change that was experienced by the SEO professionals was the Medic Update and it was declared around August. Classified as a “broad core algorithm update” by Google, the update looked to a great range of websites around YMYL and health categories.

Some of the other search engine algorithm changes that were confirmed by Google included the April core update and the March core update.

Mobile-first Indexing

Google first initiated its experiments revolving around the mobile-first indexing back in 2016. The major search engine was in the prospect of starting crawling and indexing the Internet from the perspective of a smartphone rather than that of its desktop counterpart. As a matter of fact, Google also started to roll out notifications through its Search Console whenever a website was conveyed to mobile-first indexing. According to searchengineland.com, Google recently mentioned that almost fifty percent of search results are now based on mobile-first indexing.

Modifications in SEO

Structured Data: In contrast to SEO, 2018 was a year that witnessed a great emphasis by Google over structured data and schema. Allowing speakable markup for queries related to voice search, a fresh indexing API and guidelines related to job posting schema, live stream support, the new Q&A pattern and image search queries and so on.

Other changes in terms of SEO involves the support for the new meta tag along with the standout tag and putting heavy efforts around lazy loading content and dynamic rendering.

Minimal Usage of Personalization: The application of personal data and the fall back on Facebook targeting made Google to drop a statement confirming that they do no put personalization much into use. It is light in manner and is mainly utilized for small things such as understanding when to display the local results.

Google Search Console and Various Tools

Needless to say, the Google Search Console team was pretty much occupied most part of the year as they provided access to the brand new Google Search Console before removing the beta tag from the upgraded version and redirecting some of the past reports of old Search Console to the new version this December. It also started to highlight Search Console snapshots for the webmasters in the search results directly. Moreover, Google also made it convenient to gain access to their Search Console with an automatic verification once you have an account on Google Analytics.

Google Local

Google My Business: Known as the management panel for business owners and local SEOs to monitor their local listings in Google search and Google Maps, the major search engine recently rolled out an update for its Google My Business. It now enables business owners to upgrade and control their listings on the move with additional features such as more query data, and insights data. Google also established an agency dashboard for local SEO companies.

Google Posts: If there is one feature that Google took the most time to fine-tune in the year 2018, it is Google Posts that is now exceptionally intriguing for the online users. They have also modified the Google My Business console to allow Google Posts on the Internet or through the mobile utility.

Voice Assistants and Mobile Search

With the introduction of Google Assistant devices and Google Home features, voice assistants are still a great deal of attraction and upheaval among the SEO community in 2018. The way Google responds to the voice search queries is top on the mind of most SEO professionals and with the features snippets playing the key role in it, SEOs are trying their level best to keep up with these changes. Even though there is a massive competition with Microsoft Cortana, Apple Home, and Amazon Echo, the Google Home devices are generally considered the smartest in the online market.

User Interface Changes

Change is the ultimate constant in the world of Google and SEO and this was once again proved with the many tests and changes in the user interface. Google launched the more results button on the compact devices while rolling out an upgraded design for the search results that take place on the desktop. Besides, the auto-complete predictions were enhanced in 2018 and started to display famous personnel cameos in the search. Speaking of the AMP, Google announced a developer preview of displaying the publisher links in search and not the cache URL laid out by Google AMP.

Other Big Google Reports and Bing

With John Giannandrea being replaced by Ben Gomes and Google+ getting shelved much earlier than predicted, the year was really active for the major search engine. In addition to that, Bing was also highly active with boosting its crawler efficiency and working on the backlogs with the assistance of Webmaster Tools. It also developed a Bing entity search API that can be used by the public.


Finally, this is the recap of what happened in 2018 in terms of SEO and Google, which will pave the way for the best SEO practices in the coming year. Keep these changes in mind and carry forward your SEO campaign accordingly.


Ways to Handle Technical SEO Issues Before Starting with Link Building


Every website associated with thousands of technical SEO issues. If you need to run off a page of website properly, then one has to fix all the issues. You will find broken internal links on the official website which creates the negative effects on the SEO. To your website properly then fix all the issues carefully otherwise Google will automatically reduce the ranking of the official website. In order to boost the rank of the website then the individual has to pay close attention to the on-page SEO. If you are using the website without fixing website issues, then it would be quite difficult to gain the ranking.

For effective results, you have to make a lot of changes on the official website.  If you want to check the off-page SEO works, then the individual has to make the use of SEO audit and find the complicated issues on the official website.  You will find the following complicated issues on the website such as-

  • Irrelevant headings
  • Duplicated articles
  • Improper navigation
  • Poor featuring of the website

To fix the issues of the website then the following steps would be beneficial for you.

Choose a perfect Tool

To find the issues then the individual has to invest time and extra efforts in the research. It would be better to make the use of a perfect application that will able to find the issues on your website.  Following are the vital tools that will find the errors on the official website such as-

  • Screaming Frog
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics.

With the help of these applications, you will able to fix complicated issues with ease.  You can easily access these tools without investing a single penny. If you are using Google Search console, then you can easily figure out the errors on the website. After fixing the errors, the individual has to submit the website for indexing. Make sure that you are fixing all the errors.

Create Top-notch quality Backlinks

Recently Google has updated their rank brain algorithm that totally depends on the quality of backlinks. Most of the people are posting backlinks in a quantity which isn’t beneficial enough. Instead of creating thousands of backlinks you should create a few high-quality links and share on the official website. For great results, you have to fix on page issues on the website. If the performance of your website is good and users are spending a lot of time on the website, then Google will automatically boost the ranking of your website.  Make sure that you are sharing something great and interesting content on the official website.

Consider the Robot.txt

In order to maintain the website properly then the individual has to analyze the robots text file on the official website.  It is really one of the most important root directories of every website. It will automatically provide the instructions to the search engine. After that, Google will crawl and reward you with a small ranking boost.  All you need to create a simpler format of the website. According to 2019 Algorithm, Google is improving the ranking of genuine websites only. If you are facing a lot of issues while fixing the URL structure on the website, then you should take the assistance of Omega SEO best roofing SEO. Following are the important practices-

  • Always make the use of lowercase letters only
  • To create the visibility of a website then always use separate words in URL.
  • Don’t use any unessential characters
  • Always use the main keyword in URL.

After creating the format of link structure then the individual has to optimize the URL of the website on a regular basis.

Navigate the categories

To gain the benefits then it is your responsibility to optimize the category of the website carefully.  With the help of well-design structure, you can easily improve the ranking of a website. Therefore, one has to plan navigation on the basis of the homepage only.  Before creating the structure of the categories then you should read the website structure guidelines carefully. Choosing a perfect website structure can be tempting sometimes because one has to pay attention to the Google algorithm carefully.  

Make the use of Breadcrumb menus

In order to navigate the previous page of the website then makes the use of breadcrumb menus carefully. It is a particular menu which is associated with a set of links. If you are using Breadcrumb on a regular basis, then you can easily navigate the website and will able to create a perfect structure of the website. It has become one of the most important elements. According to professionals, you don’t have to download another tool for the proper schema because Breadcrumbs will fix every issue on the website.

Markup of Structure data

These days, the algorithm of Google totally depends on the Structure data of markup. It is one of the most important codes that you need to add on the official website. With the help of Codes, Google will understand the content on your website. All you need to create perfect structure data because it will describe everything to search engine. Before creating a link, one has to configure the structure data carefully. If you have created perfect structure data, then it will automatically add to the CMS.  

Pay close attention to Canonical URLs

You will find canonical URL on every website. It is associated with a tag that will index your website properly.  It means you will able to access a particular page via thousands of URLs. To avoid the duplicate content issue then you have to add genuine content on the website only. Most of the people are posting a single article on the multiple pages which isn’t good.

Final saying

Lastly, before starting link building, you have to fix the Technical issues on the website.  Make sure that you are using a perfect tool that will able to solve the issues of your website with ease.

How to Get the Best Traffic and Conversion Through Cross Media Marketing?


How are consumers and visitors reaching your page? Which search media is guiding visitors or directing them to your page? These are questions that you must find the answer to so that you can utilize your maximum marketing efforts to harness the power of those search media. Search engines and mobile surfing have their contributions in bringing visitors to your pages. However, they only contribute to one portion of the visitors coming to your site.

There are many more ways of searching, and social media, review sites, directories, and blogging, all have their contributions in bringing targeted visitors to your landing page. You must find out which one works the best for you so that you utilize more marketing efforts on using those mediums the best for attracting clients.

Traffic does not ensure great conversion rates

Two things are there that you must understand as soon as possible. One is that, when you get heavy traffic on the page, then this does not ensure great sales and great conversion rates of the viewers to customers. The next thing is when your site ranks the number one or has a good rank or position in search engine results pages, then this also in no way guarantees good conversion rates or good business.

However working on marketing with a closer overview of how and where things are clicking, and building landing and product pages with the best features and looks helps boost sales and utilize all the traffic that you are getting. Hence the focus should be more on discovering the best marketing techniques where you get targeted consumers than to rank higher. Again you must also focus on developing better landing pages so that your traffic stays on the page, explores the page, and gets converted into consumers or members.

Fragmented audience behaves differently

Another important point to realize is that there are so many search media out there on the web, which are being used by diverse people in diverse ways that each media contributes to traffic to your site in some way lesser or greater. And this means you are getting traffic from various and diverse channels. And the people using one sort of media falls into one category, which is completely different from the mass using another form of media. For example, those who are coming to your site via review sites are different from them who are coming to the search via Instagram. Hence, you will find prominent behavioral and psychologicaldifference in the way the traffic reacts to the site, explores, navigates and operates the site, and uses the site.

The amount of time a user gives to the site and spends on the page would also vary depending on which channel or source the user came through to the site. All these things matter highly in scrutinizing the best channels for getting traffic to your site. If you discover from the analysis, that your site is getting more traffic through source where conversion rates are feeble, and on the other side fewer traffic it’s getting via another source is showing the best and highest conversion rates, then it’s sensible to focus on getting more traffic from the latter search media source.

However such analysis and reacting upon that makes the whole job quite tough which you may not be able to handle all on your own. This requires much in-depth analysis and calculations. And such jobs are best handled by Online Impact Search Marketing experts.

Search engines are not the end of the story

Search engine results do dominate the traffic gaining efforts and marketing, but they are not everything. Investing time, effort, and strategy into reviews social media sites, social sharing of things, podcasts, guest posting, directory submissions, etc., all have their role individually besides search engines to bring traffic to your site.

Cross-media marketing is the next big leap

You need the power of cross-media search marketing to capture the audience from diverse sectors and bring them to your site. Cross-media search marketing is an effective technique, where you exert your marketing efforts into all possible media, and see which is yielding a good result. This way you will not concentrate on only SEO and only search engine marketing, and would rather utilize the time and effort on other things also which may turn out to be a big factor for success.

You need professional help here

Cross-media marketing is not that easy for the beginner, and also not for everyone whoever wants to try hands-on marketing as a DIYer. It needs a lot of calculations, focus, awareness of diverse media, and utilization of the same. That is why you would need professional assistance here.

The secret lies in targeting the right users

When you surf through and try the various available media options for your website’s marketing, then you also try contacting the various types of web users. This exposes you to people of various preferences. And hence you increase your chances of being seen. And the secret of marketing lies in understanding who is your customer, who can be your customer, and what a customer wants. If you can crack these things gradually by experimenting and using the diverse forms of search media options, then soon you will know where you are getting your best customers and visitors from. This will lead you to use those platforms even creatively and better.


The best search marketing is no that which brings you rank or shows your site on the number one of a listing. The best search marketing is that which brings you business through targeted traffic. And to get that kind of response from your marketing you need collaboration with experts who have proved their expertise in search marketing with deep impact in every media and arena. The best search marketing team can bring you extreme success by generating leads for you, increasing your revenue, increasing your subscribers, and helping you stay ahead of rivals in ranking and product sales both.



Content marketing and search engine optimization are two essential tools that are available to modern marketers. In most cases, it is rare to hear these two tactics being talked about together. However, the right SEO content marketing strategy will help to take your business’s marketing to a whole new level. If you want the best results from your internet marketing campaigns, it is crucial for you to develop a well-integrated marketing strategy. To achieve this, you should get SEO and content marketing working together so that they can help boost your advertising campaigns.

By now, most businesses big and small understand the significance of developing and publishing quality and engaging content. According to HubSpot, companies that blog regularly get 97% more inbound links and will also get 55% more visitors than websites that do not. However, creating regular content still poses challenges for many businesses because most of them do not know how to do it right. This is why hiring an SEO Rochester NY expert is crucial for the success of your business on the internet. Here are a few tips that that will guarantee effective content management strategy.

1 Produce engaging content

The content that you produce should reflect on your brand voice. This is important because you are doing content marketing because you want to take your business to the next level. Many website visitors will want to know more about your brand, products, and services and you must ensure that your web content helps to address the issues and questions that your clients may have. If you are creating and publishing content that does not represent your brand, then it will not help you to fulfill your ultimate goals. Therefore, hire an SEO expert to help you produce content that will help your brand to stand out from the crowd.

2 Use video content

Video content has become quite popular over the years because it helps to increase engagement. Incorporating video on your web pages, landing pages, emails, and marketing messages will have a huge impact on the outcome. You will enjoy increased traffic to your website and improved conversion rates. Be creative and make sure that your videos are relevant to your business if you want to achieve the desired results.

3 Research your target market

It is important for you to research your target market as it will guarantee a successful content marketing strategy. Your content should focus on reaching the consumers that are best suited for your services or products. You can achieve this by researching the types of concerns or questions that your audience have when looking for the products or services you offer. By knowing the challenges of your customers, you will have a better idea about the topics that they will be searching for on the internet.

4 It is never about quantity

It is essential for you to be consistent when publishing your articles to give your audience a reason to keep checking your website and give the search engines fresh content to crawl. However, this should never be at the expense of quality. Always look at available resources and adjust accordingly. If you have a small team of SEO experts, it is better to produce smaller amounts of high-quality content instead of trying to produce a set number of articles every day.

5 Back Up Arguments with Data

Trust is hard to come by in the digital media environment that exists today. This is mainly because nowadays journalistic due diligence and fact-checking seems to be at an all-time low. As a result, many readers are reluctant to accept anything unless it is the hard truth. This is why you must ensure that all your assertions are backed up by data. Your SEO strategist will help out to ensure that your arguments are true and convincing to your readers.

6 Publish lengthy content

Studies show that lengthy content above 1000 words ranks better on the search engines and are more likable on social media platforms. This means that it is better to publish a longer and more detailed post that covers all aspects of your topic instead of publishing 2 or 3 smaller articles. With lengthy content being more shareable in social media, you will be giving your users what they really want and this will help you rank higher on the search engines.

Content marketing is the holy grain of every internet marketing campaign. A website that has good content is likely to succeed even without social media promotion or SEO. However, by combining premium quality, relevant content and digital marketing, you will be assured of better and faster results in terms of rankings, more traffic, and increased conversion rates. A successful content management strategy will create happier internet users and more actual customers.

Want to outshine the online competition?

Today, several businesses and entrepreneurs have opted in for online marketing. However, they are still incapable of leveraging their online marketing campaigns to their favor. Even though internet marketing is an essential task in today’s world, the truth is not many companies get it correct.

There are many differences between the internet and traditional marketing tactics! And it takes time for several companies and entrepreneurs to understand the difference and respond accordingly. It is essential for a brand to understand that there’s a huge difference in attracting traffic to your blog, site and also to sell your products online. Getting traffic is the first step and selling the products online is the next step. And it is essential to understand and address the missing link that exists between these two. Most often than not, it is human interaction. The moment an online customer browses through your blog or website, they should feel engaged. And that would help to generate a sale considerably!

Three crucial internet marketing strategy to use

You can always reach out for an expert agency, such as Atomic Design SEO Company and the others to get your internet marketing sorted. According to experts, the three important internet marketing strategy that helps to increase business awareness and make profits are as follows:

1. Content marketing

When you develop good content, you contribute to the need for data that is essential for any media to attract its audience. Today, the customers who depend on online media and marketing are all cyber-savvy and conscious buyers. You can’t just sell a product to these customers. You will have to convince them. And this is where the concept of content marketing comes to use. So, whether you are updating your web content, blogging or posting in social media accounts you have to add meaningful content for it to get marketed well.

Content marketing is all about curating high-quality content that would address all the queries the modern-day customer has. The process of content creation and distribution also welcomes audience feedback and opinion. Hence, you could be in any industry, with a good quality content you can draw in the right set of audience. When you post engaging content, your viewers will stay more on your website or blog and that would result in sales.

If you want to ensure that this happens, the best content on your website should be very engaging. Also, keep a check on the feedback from customers and online readers. It is a valuable source of information that offers you possible ways to better your content and product as well. And when customers sense that you are listening to them, they will be keener on your blogs and products both.

2. Email marketing

You should be regular to send the planned follow-up emails to all your online visitors who have subscribed to your blog or registered to the website. Appreciate these people and also inform them about your service as well. Though this is a simple tactic, not many companies follow the same. Hence, make sure that you follow this and go ahead of the competition.

To be on a safe side, it’s a smart call to create an “Opt-in email” system on your blog and website! Have a mailing list in order and follow all the adverts and newsletters. Your email is looked upon as an unsolicited bulk email as it gets to send promptly, but without permission.

The opt-in email is available in various forms based on the industry vertical you belong as well as your online marketing requirements. It’s a smart call to integrate your CRM systems that help in staying in touch with the online consumers and your potential clients.

3. Social media marketing

Are you planning to make adequate use of social media? If yes, then you have to understand your business, the industry domain that you cater to as well as your target client list. Only then can you make an informed choice for your social media. Facebook today is considered is the most extensive social media network and a versatile one.

Furthermore, Facebook has low maintenance requirements in comparison to other types of social media platforms. You can locate your target audience in many ways on Facebook. Also, you can depend on Facebook demographics to make necessary decisions regarding age, gender, income as well as education.

When it comes to Twitter, you can communicate with your audience easily by mentioning their Twitter names. Furthermore, Twitter is one of the best platforms to connect with customers from all around the globe. However, it’s not a smart tactic to use Twitter to market your service or product. However, it is a great platform to make your content go viral. The hashtags, retweets, and shares are easy tools that you can use if you want your content to go viral. Another, favorable social media platform to use is Instagram.

Today, the online world is both dynamic and competitive! Many brands are walking in with an aim to make the most of their online presence. If you resonate with this, then you can use these three internet marketing medium discussed above to your advantage and expect the best outcome.

Know the Top 7 Technical Facts For SEO!

SEO is one of the most amazing fields. SEO professionals are people who come from various backgrounds; some are entrepreneurs, Journalists, Rapper, technicians and programmers. These professionals have diverse skills. Some fewer people have succeeded without these skills. Many things make it even more exciting, the professionals of this field are with the mindsets of solving many problems related to the same simultaneously.

These professionals should have a good sense of humour as it will help them in many ways, it makes their job more exciting, productive and enjoyable. Sometimes you may feel that the work is full of pressure but then you need to keep in mind that you are not saving lives, you are here for work, and it should be done with a minimum of anxiety.
Below mentioned are some of the skills that you need to keep in mind if you as a professional SEO wants to succeed:

1. Thinking

Being a professional SEO you have to be adverse thinking, and you need to think the stuff with all different angles. You should know these three what’s:

  • What has happened
  • Why did it happen
  • What could be done for that

Your mind should be capable of thinking in different ways; you have the problem-solving ability in you. You need to figure out the problems and the solutions to those problems. You need to understand the problems and must think from different angles. See the things from all different logics and use those logics in making the decisions.

2. Speaking and Writing Skills

Speaking and writing here doesn’t mean writing articles or something or speaking on phone calls, speaking means to convince the people of the team to do the right things at the right time. Convincing power is must in an SEO. Speaking means to give a speech in meetings, SEO needs to be confident and should be of a mind where different ideas take place. SEO should be able to make decisions in favour of its company, and the decisions should be beneficial to their company.

3. Programming and technical skills

There are a lot of SEO pros who are doing their work without programming skills. They can even do more with a little programming knowledge.SEO professional is a person who should know to manage page speed, Lazy loadings, basic HTML tags, etc. The SEO is amazingly helpful to boost up and to reconcile the differences. They need to take care for whatsoever the developers are creating and what impacts will it have. After checking all the stuff, they need to go through the problems and then finding the solutions to those problems. They need to be sure how the problem could be solved.

Things are good with technical knowledge, but they are better with the programming skills. So, having programming knowledge is as important as having technical. Technical knowledge makes your life easier as it provides a quick python script, XML Sitemap, etc.

4. Social skills

Being a professional, you need to take care of many things, as many of the SEO loves to drink but when you are in a meeting, you should have less consumption of alcohol. You better respectfully decline it, and the conference bar is not a place to find a new boyfriend or a girlfriend, it’s a safe place to learn and discuss the new tactics and theories related to SEO.

5. Analytical Skills

SEO pro should have the ability to pull their data. For proper SEO strategy, a basic knowledge of business is also required. A person who is into SEO must be able to solve analytical skills and problem-solving skills. There are many SEO’s who have solved a lot of analytical problems. Excel templates help to solve countless problems.

6. Motivation and Adaptability

The thing about SEO is that it’s never a 9-5 job. It’s something that will be in your mind after you leave the office the next day you come back to work. SEO always get so much to learn. SEO get so much to learn, they need to be updated in terms of their work and knowledge, be it a new framework (Angular, React, Word press, etc. There’s always something to learn. SEO needs to be adaptable so that he/she could live and work in any environment. You need to keep in mind the goals of the client.

7. A good sense of humour

Having a good sense of humour must be a priority. It helps in making the job or work more interesting and productive; a person with a good sense of humour is always able to get special treatment from other people. The Internet is a big competition and with the help of the point above a person could be a master in the same field.

If you are thinking to be an SEO you need to go through everything about SEO. We would recommend you to read the full guide on the same topic, and we tried to provide you with the best skills that an SEO should have. Practice is the only way of becoming a guru of SEO. Firms that practice may vary from each other because some of them are highly focused.

The word SEO is a bit complex, but people can easily understand the basics of the same. The big difference could be made with small knowledge. You need the combine the knowledge with practice, and you are all set to be a guru. SEO helps to improve the quality and numbers of visitors on the website. Google is having a large team of professional SEO’S. Offsite SEO’S work is to improve the website from outside.

Bottom Line

By considering all the above-given details and choosing a reputed service provider on the basis of quality and services, everything is done. You can try it out now and gain all the benefit for your business. Hope, you will gain all the benefits without spending excessive amount. With Redtail SEO, you can enjoy all the possible benefits at best.