In the event that you own a business, then you should already be aware of the immense importance of having a business website which is optimized for search engines. One of the best methods of ensuring that your business website gets proper search engine optimization is through the use of good, original contents. However, it can get really difficult to come up with fresh content every time. You can also use your old blog posts to your advantage for this purpose. In this article, you will be learning about how you should use your old blog posts and contents on your business website.

Why is it important for you to address your older blog posts?

There are a lot of business websites which have a huge number of web pages in them. It is this volume of pages which is a reason for considering scaling the old content back up again. When the former content managers picked quantity over the quality, then a lot of good posts got buried. All of the top topics are written about extensively already, and hence it will be difficult to find a fresh stock of new content.

Also, from the technical point of view, it will depend upon the scale of your old content which you deal with and require you to prune some of the older pages which you must put forward in order to increase your search engine optimization. In case the search engines locate millions of web pages to get at least 100 suitable content pieces, then they will be taking notes and not spending too much time in going through all of your contents in future.

Also, from the marketing point of view, your content will be representing your brand and will improve the amount of content which you have put forward, and this can help in shaping the manner in which the customers will seeing you as an authority figure. You will have to optimize and also curate all the current content which you have in order to provide your collection a better focus on topics and then make it easier to discover and ensure that it can give more value to your users and your business.

Assess what contents you need to keep forward:

1. Go through your inventory: The primary thing which you are required to do as you
assess the older blog posts will be to understand what you currently have got. You should have a total list of your URL and your Metadata for this purpose as it can help to evaluate and document. Based on the system of content management which you are using, you must obtain this list and then export it to a database. You must try to do a complete crawling in your blog and check the particular linking structure that you have running and if it is different from your content management system’s report.

2. Assess your posts: After you have found out what contents you have got, it will become extremely vital for you to now decide what contents are there which would be necessary for you to keep. You can do the following to accomplish this:

a) See if it will benefit your users: The content which is beneficial for your users will be extremely helpful. It will be quite informative and entertaining also. It will answer their questions and will allow them to solve their problems and keep them more interested in your content and your blog. You will be surprised to find that there are hundreds of old topics which would be essential for your users now also in the present.

b) Will the content be beneficial for your company: The types of contents which are beneficial to you are the ones which will help you to earn organic rankings, get more traffic and more backlinks and will help you in providing more business value as it will help in driving conversions. In addition to this, the content will be able to help in establishing your branding and also to effectively generate a topical authority which is good for your website from the SEO point of view.

c) Is your content good: This may seem like some type of question which will generate subjective responses, but you will always know when content is not good by just reading it. You need to ensure that the contents have great information and are authentic. Do not keep contents which are not making sense, or have obsolete information, or have plenty of grammatical errors and are organized in a poor manner.

d) Is your content relevant in the present time: In the event that your content does not have any relevance with your business website, your industry, and your customers then you must not have a reason for keeping it. It will not be meeting any of the essential qualifications that you currently require. Thus, you can probably consider letting them go.

e) Does your content cause any new issues: The problems with contents is that they can have some duplicate content, do duplicate targeting, keep plagiarized texts, contents with some legal liabilities and other issues which you would not want to have on your website. Assessment will help you to screen out such faulty contents.

By following these steps, you should be dividing your older posts into two groups of
segregation regarding the ones that you can keep and the ones you must not keep anymore.

What should you do with your posts that you keep?

You can consider to republish your older posts, add some more value to them by expanding them, updating them, adding improvements or by promoting new contents in them. You can visit Phoenix Somoseo in order to get more detailed information about how you can boost the search engine optimization of your business website.


SEO is essential for your success. You can use your older blog posts to effectively increase your SEO by following the methods mentioned in this article.

Take a look at this great infografhic about how psychology of color can boost your webiste conversions. Really great inspiration right?

Source: Designadvisor  

colour final

I just found this great infographic about how to create clickable social cards in a few seconds. Have a look at it. Source: Anyimage

anyimage infographic

Most business houses jump into the world of social media however they do not know how to play the game. The result is they sink into oblivion in no time. Social media platforms do seem simple in the beginning. However, if you wish to boost social media presence for your business site, it is high time for you to chalk out a plan.

Social media and search engine optimization

Many business owners ask themselves this question- does social media have an impact on search engine optimization? Experts in the field say that social media itself does not impact your search engine optimization directly. However, it does play a vital role in boosting the visibility of your business site. For instance, if you have a social media business page for your product or service, you can promote your business page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. More and more people will share your page if you share engaging and informative content. The more shares, likes and comments you get for your social media posts will boost your brand. In this way, people will click on your site’s URL. The traffic flow to your website will increase!

Before you create a social media marketing plan, know what your marketing goals are

Before creating any social media marketing plan, you must know what your marketing goals are. It is easy for you to enter the competition. However, you should be aware of what your destination is. When you are working with customers and clients, you first need to establish what your goals are. How are you willing to expose the face of your business? Are you searching for better sales leads? These are just some of the questions that you will ask yourself. There are more questions for you to create and ask. Once you have thought about these questions, list all of them on paper. It is prudent to have a written list of questions to help you.

A better understanding of the goals you wish to achieve

Once you have listed the goals you have for your business on paper, you get a better understanding of them, and the destination becomes clearer. The next step is to know who your targeted audience is. For this, you need to research well. You need to know who you wish to target selling your goods and services. You have to know what their tastes and preferences are. Knowing the needs and the interests of your customers help you in a large way to target your goods and services to the right audience. Hire a qualified and professional social media manager to help you.

The importance of a content strategy

It is vital for you to engage your customer. This can be done with the help of a content strategy. You need to engage your customer in such a way that is meaningful. This is where a content strategy comes in useful. Here, you can know what your customers are looking for. What are they interested in? You should know the features of your product they really like. How can you innovate them so that your customer becomes delighted? The content strategy for your business needs to keep the above considerations in mind.

Once the content strategy is developed, the next step is to create a content plan. This step needs more time and research, so here you need to be tactical. The content plan is a framework that will give you the actual structure of what your tweets, shares, and posts should be to attract the targeted audience.

Insert a call-to-action in all your social media posts

With each of your posts, you need to create a call-to-action that will invoke your customers to bring in more business value to your company. This call-to-action will ask your customers to either buy the product, share information, provide feedback, etc to your business. When you are creating a social media post, you should keep the call-to-action in mind.

Execute and evaluate the posts and the results you receive

This might seem like a tedious task however it is worth it. You need to incorporate the social media plan for your business and wait for results. Here, you should execute and review the posts that are shared with your fans and followers. Always remember that every post might not work as expected for your business so do not get disappointed.

Therefore, with the above tips, you can incorporate a successful social media plan for the success of your business. In this way, you effectively can connect and reach out to your targeted audience without hassles at all. Experiment and evaluate the social media marketing goals, strategies, and posts you create for your targeted audience. This will pave the way to success and largely help you to get the brand presence for your goods and services as expected!

Written by Charlie Brown

Google SEO Statistics for 2018 and How They Can Help Your Business

Although SEO is constantly changing and causing troubles for marketers to keep up with the latest updates on the matter, the one thing that remains constant is the value of your buyers finding you through organic search. The thing is, Google updates its algorithm so many times a year which makes it hard to keep track of all the changes and to know what to focus your attention on.

Let’s put it this way – Google is the gatekeeper to enormous amounts of leads and traffic, and it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help you open the door. SEO has become a great part of inbound marketing and it loves quality content. There are so many aspects of it, but probably the most important part of SEO is making your website user-friendly as well as easy for search engines to understand it.

However, in order to create pieces of content that will impact the SERPs, you will first need to understand the numbers in this game. I am sure that you have tons of SEO-related questions, but worry not – we got the answers, and the stats to back them up! Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

infographic SEO