Your small business or startup is gaining momentum. Your precise target audience seems to be online looking for an organization like yours. What is the best way of ensuring that they are able to find you? Some experts believe that organic search is the way to go while still others feel paid search is the key and would be getting faster results. However, most experts agree that you require both.

This article is meant to concentrate on the productive relationship between SEO and PPC, and how SEO could assist you in getting the most of the organic search efforts you are already putting in. First, we would separate the two before demonstrating exactly how you could make them work together hand in hand, to enjoy the maximum reward.


We have always discussed PPC and SEO together. We have talked about how SEO and PPC are working hand in hand. For many people, one is the alternative to the other. Before SEO and PPC are brought closer to each other, you must see how they differ from one another because their differences let them work together so effectively.

SEO is the organic search or the method of driving more traffic to a specific website by utilizing a broad spectrum of methodologies and techniques for improving or maintaining its ranking or position on SERP.

PPC or the paid search has the same objective of driving more traffic to a website but this needs to be achieved by using strategically placed advertisements on other websites, social networks, or search engines. The marketer is supposed to pay off the site’s owner when the ad is clicked on that site.

Both Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization are immensely powerful. Both boast of their advantages. PPC could be yielding positive outcomes almost instantly with very little monetary and time investment, however, the rewards of a successful SEO campaign would be taking longer to appear but could be relatively permanent in nature and much bigger in proportion. Seek professional SEO assistance from reputed agencies such as

Insight Is the Key

Insight is the fundamental pillar of digital marketing. Knowledge is power; even a single piece of information can be worth a goldmine to a specialist who knows how to turn it into actionable insight. In fact, the data from one SEO or PPC campaign can actually benefit your efforts in another, so you should definitely use it to drive your future efforts.

Testing Is Integral

Testing is integral to the paid search. If you wish to get the desired outcomes, you need to constantly try out diverse approaches. You need to consider opting for massive testing and trialing including trialing diverse keywords and even some search terms in order to understand what is working and what is just not working.

The short-term A/B testing relating to the advertisements is often regarded as the most effective way for any PPC professional to find out exactly what would be worth spending funds on, on a long-term basis. Moreover, it could allow for far more informed Search Engine Optimization decisions.

Boosting Visibility by Using SEO and PPC

Irrespective of whatever you are intending to sell, one of your major marketing goals is gaining maximum visibility. It is practically impossible to establish a solid customer base unless you are being seen all the time by new people or by your potential target audience.

SEO is the most obvious way of achieving this while PPC is also another great and effective way of attaining the marketing goal. If you are unfailingly doing both PPC and SEO, you seem to be on the correct path. Combine the two i.e. PPC and SEO and you would be witnessing your visibility reach new horizons.


Everyone has limitations as far as budgets are concerned. PPC could be the most cost-effective method of achieving results. However, there would be times, when the search terms and keywords that have proven to be the most effective and productive in testing, are not always financially favorable or feasible on a long-term basis.

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Your business is still very young, and you want to make use of all available mediums to increase your customer base and profit gradually.

You admit that these aspects of your business are still small, that’s why you’re willing to take chances. You’ve been paying for billboards to be posted all over your city, and you’ve been offering discounts and freebies to first-time customers as well.


But you think your efforts are still not enough – you’re not seeing any improvement in your business. Because of this, you’ve decided to create a website as an attempt to boost your marketing.

You think that since everyone is online now, it’s best that you reach out to them through a platform convenient to them. Sure, a website can be useful, but maximizing your SEO can help you reach your business goals faster.

What is SEO and how can it boost your marketing?

Everything is done through the internet, and this includes the online users (which can be your customers in the future) searching for businesses they would want to work with. For example, if an online user would want to eat grilled chicken for dinner, he would immediately use the internet to search for nearby restaurants which serve grilled chicken.

And most of the time, users will choose to do business with the website which is suggested on top of the search engine page. Some users would think that the websites ranked on top are the ones which are more credible while some just don’t have the time to browse through the next page.

Whatever the reason is, this example clearly affirms the fact that your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings are essential. If your website is placed on top of the SEO rankings, more and more people will know your business exists – and this is good news for your marketing.

So how can you maximize SEO to boost your marketing?

Undeniably, SEO is vital to any business regardless of the industry in which it’s operating. Once users click your website through the SEO rankings, your business now has leverage against other businesses – users will know your business exists, your business is reliable and that you offer excellent products and services.

You’re marketing your business through SEO! But before you’d arrive at that point, you first have to maximize your SEO by:

1. Approaching keywords strategically: When users search anything online, they use keywords. And for your business to be chosen by the users as the answer to the queries, your keywords should match what users type in.

Your keywords shouldn’t be too generic because you’ll end up promoting other businesses. Instead, you should use keywords which are specific to your business’ niche. Don’t be scared to use long-tail keywords either.

Put yourself in the users’ shoes and think of the possible keywords they’d use to look for your business. Think outside of the box and be creative with your keywords.


2. Posting original contents: There are many businesses out there which post the same content as your website. For example, just because your business is about selling the most advanced baking tools, doesn’t mean that no other business is posting content which is similar to yours.

They might change their writing approach, but the point of the gist is still similar. For you to stand out from situations like these, make sure that your website is posting original content, and doing so regularly. Search engines, especially Google, reward websites which post informative content by placing them on top of the rankings page.

3. Allowing users to access your website through handheld devices: It’s hard to look for an individual who doesn’t have a tablet or a mobile everyone because, obviously, everyone has one.

And to be able to gain a larger market, you should guarantee that you can give the same “experience” to whoever will visit your website whether they’ve accessed it through their desktop computers or smartphones.

Your website should run smoothly and should be navigated easily by the users. And yes, Google will recognize websites who have adapted to the needs of online users. If your website can be accessed in whatever mediums available to users, your SEO rankings should gradually improve.

4. Eliminating pop-ups on your website: You’re a business owner, but at the same time, you’re still someone who uses the internet to look for resources of all sorts.

And of course, you don’t want your screen to be filled-up with unnecessary pop-ups going all at once the moment you browse through a website. The same goes for online users who are visiting your website. They don’t want to be flooded with pop-ups when all they want is to read through your page without distractions.

Not only will this be irritating to the online users but to search engine websites as well. Once search engine websites determine too many pop-ups from your website, it’ll be placed at the bottom of the SEO rankings.

Most of the competition your business has might have already been in the online world for years now. They might have the most interactive and professionally-made website, but you know what will make yours different?

Your ability to understand SEO and use it to your business’ advantage. Once you’ve successfully changed your business’ processes to ensure that your website is on top of the SEO rankings, you’re a step closer to achieving your business goals. You just have to be patient to learn which processes are involved.

Take the time to be familiar with SEO and apply all of your knowledge to your website. Sure, doing all of these now might seem burdensome, but in time, you’ll be able to reap what you sow – and your customer base and profit will increase too! We hope you like this article from U-Thrive Marketing.

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